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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 33: Let Them Come

The Master didn’t believe that a restaurant manager could subdue the ferocious monster. He said he must go and have a look.

Such a man is definitely not a normal man!

So, the next morning, it was sunny, Qin Yi had just opened the restaurant door, was moving the wine jar, and sorted out his own shop, he saw the four Taoists who had met before coming in with an old whitebeard man.

The five looked at him and said.

“good morning, we’re here to celebrate again.” The Taoists were smiling.

Qin Yi smiled back.

Sun Li bowed with a serious face: “Thank you for your help.”

Qin Yi waved his hand, indicating that he doesn’t have to be polite.

The old Taoist was silent. He stared at the yellow dog in the restaurant, immediately, His eyes sharpened.

“Evil spirit!”

There is no doubt that this yellow dog is what his disciple was talking about.


At the same time, the bell hanging on the waist of the Master trembled sharply, and a bell sound came out, he pressed against his waist to calm the bell.

“When the bells feel demons, it will make a sound on its own.”

The Master woke up, stared directly at Qin Yi, and said lightly.

“Sit down, please!”

Qin Yi smiled.

Turning around, he headed to the wine jar and kicked the yellow dog softly, who jumped a few times and went away.

“What are you drinking this time?”

Qin Yi asked.

“wine like the last time will be great!” Sun Lijing said.

At this time, the Master stared at the yellow dog and said.

“This visit is to thank you for saving my apprentice’s life.”

Qin Yi held the wine jar with a smile on his face: “no need, this is the right thing to do.”

“After all, your four apprentices also helped me a lot!”

The four Taoists looked at each other and did not know what Qin Yi meant.

The restaurant fell into silence, and after a short while, the Master said.

“according to Sun Li, you used a secret sword technique that seems to be owned by the Shushan School? I wonder if you have something to do with the Shushan School?”

The latter just smiled and said nothing, obviously not wanting to answer this sentence.

The Master was angry, and his eyes gradually sharpened.

“Since you are a senior disciple of Shushan school, I don’t know why you let such a fierce demon alive who hurt civilians and almost killed the poor apprentice!” He said with a heavy tone.

The four apprentices’ faces changed slightly, realizing that their Master was angry.

But if you think about it, the monsters are the enemies of the Taoists. Their duty is to eliminate monsters and kill demons, not to mention facing a demon who hurt his apprentice!

Qin Yi slowly raised his head and stared at the Master.

His eyes were dull, and a sarcasm smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

The Master was angry with this smile, and his eyes were sharper, but because this man saved his disciple’s life, he was not impulsive.

Just then.


The sharp bell rang again, and the Master’smaster’s face changed.

“There is another demon here!”

For a moment, he was looking at the interior door of the restaurant.

There, the curtain suddenly lifted, and a figure was stepping in.

“How dare you! you hide two demons!”

The Master was furious, turned his head to stare at Qin Yi, and suddenly stood up.

The four apprentices looked nervously at the inside door, and found that the person who came in was the lady of the restaurant!

“She, is she a demon?”

For a while, they were shocked.

The alarm demon bell can’t be wrong, and the Master can’t be wrong; that is to say, this manager is crazy enough to hide demons!

When Anyi saw the old Taoist standing up in a rage, hesitated slightly, and for a moment, did not understand the situation in the restaurant.

She looked to Qin Yi, and when she saw Qin Yi, her expression had suddenly changed.

“Get out!”

Qin Yi said with a smile. Inside the restaurant, all the tables and wine jars were buzzing at this moment.


Suddenly, all the wine jars cracked, and the wine floated out, they were overwhelmed by his aura and inner sword.

This inner sword connected the countless wine drops together. It gathered into transparent but extremely condensed sword-shaped wine swords, aiming straight at the old Taoist.

“This is?!”

“Shushan, ten thousand swords!” The Master was shocked.

He had seen Shu Shan’s sword skills once, but this person in front of him had far more mastered this skill than any Shu Shan disciple he had ever seen. Moreover, it has been out of the framework of Shu Shan and has his style!


The alarm demon’s bell tinkled more and louder.

“What are you going to do? As a cultivator, do you want to fight me now because of demons?

The Master shouted a golden light line appeared in his right hand, forming a golden rune.

The sword of wine made by the inner sword was still, but the invisible swords Qi was buzzing and shaking.

Qin Yi slowly raised her head. his face was as cold as winter, and his eyes were shining from the sword flicker.

“it’s no secret, it’s just none of your business!”

“Get out of here!”

Said Qin Yi, the sword of wine hit the golden rune.

The golden light shone all over the sky, and countless swords locked the Master, The golden runes that were hit get erased. The Master’sMaster’s face was red from anger.

“imperial runes!”

“release!” The Master shouted.

Qin Yi smirked.


The sword spirit erupted, and the power rose to the limit in a flash. The Master’smaster’s runes were torn open almost in a flash, and his face was even redder at that moment, his mouth was full of blood, and immediately he was already flying out with the broken tables and chairs.

“You dare to attack me!”

The Master fell outside. He leaped up and shouted.

“Dare to protect the demons; even Shushan will not let you go!”

Qi swords were pointed toward him, which made the Master shivered.

“It’s my business, and no one can do anything.”

“Even Shushan!”

He stepped out step by step and blinked. He was already standing in front of the Master, facing his face to face.

“That beautiful lady you called a demon, is my wife.”

“and the demon dog is my mount.”

“Want to hurt them? I was supposed to kill you, but.”

“My wife didn’t like blood.”

“Now, you can go!”

The indifferent words made the Master tremble.

“Okay, I will tell Shushan leader, and let’s see what he will do for a disciple like you!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were even colder.

“Tell them; I’m waiting!”

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