The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 34: Sword Forging

“calm down, guys!”

The four Taoists were looking at the cold and horrible Qin Yi at this moment; they were full of horror.

Just before a minute, he was gentle and kind. After feeling the killing intent from their master, he turned into a vicious demon in a blink of an eye; even their master could not stand a second before such a mighty guy.

“Leave now!”

The cold words shook the four Taoist; they left quietly.

The master stared angrily, but he knew from the bottom of his heart that the strength of the man in front of him had been reached a certain level far from him.

Also, his horrible intent sword made him sure that it is suicide to fight him at this time.

Turning around, the old Taoist shook his sleeves.

“let’s go!”

In the next second, the five men quickly left the restaurant door.


Anyi came over-worried and held Qin Yi’s hand.

The sword Intent dissipated slowly, Qin Yi’s cold face calmed down, and he exhaled.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“This stinky old Taoist dares to say bad things about you and shows his intention to kill you.”

Qin Yi doesn’t care about the demon wolf. What made him angry is that the old Taoist dared to show his intention to kill Anyi. He saw it in his eyes; it completely enraged Qin Yi.

“Why do you get angry? I am a demon!”

Anyi shook her head with a smile and looked indifferent.

Over the years, the two have been together, and she has completely faded away from the fierceness of the demon, she is more like humans.

“At this time, you are making such a fuss like this, he went to Shushan, I’m afraid that trouble is coming.”

Anyi said with a sigh.

“no problem, I’m here, no one can hurt you!”

“Even if Chang Hao, the head of Shushan in one of them!”

Qin Yi said with a confident smile.

As a king, he has a unique talent of learning; In a short period, he has reached the Ninth level of cultivation. To achieve such a realm, even for a genius in this field, will have to practice for decades; Qin Yi already had the qualification to be a leader of any school.

Of course, as the leader of the mortal world, Shushan’s leader should be more powerful than any other school leader.

As Xu Changqing, when he was in office, he reached immortality. And Chang Hao, although he is not in touch with him, is hesitant to be more than the ninth.

Qin Yi was not afraid. He has cultivated for more than ten years, not only to improve his realm, but also to integrate the sword skills of Shushan and Qionghua into one, and has initially created his own sword skills.

Because of Qin Yi’s inner sword aura, the restaurant ruined into pieces.

“Look at the restaurant is ruined.”

Anyi clenched Qin Yi’s hand and complained.

People often say that the demon is different, but in Qin Yi’s eyes, she is as beautiful as Galadriel.

“Haha, oops!”

Qin Yi laughed.

“after all, I’m not going to stay here any longer.” He said.

“Are you leaving?”

Anyi wondered.

“It’s time to go. I had mastered the Qionghua art and cultivation for more than ten years, and I still have no weapon.”

Qin Yi sighed.

Anyi understood, she nodded.

On the second day, Qin Yi and Anyi were sitting on the Silver Moon wolf, and they left.

In the Qionghua School site, Qin Yi had obtained many broken swords and metal materials. It is not difficult to make a sword, but that’s different from the sword he was thinking about.

“The sword I want is a sword that could refine his own Qi!”

“I could refine Qi because of my Essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen).”

“Then the sword should have its own Jin-Qi-Shen. What I need is a living sword!”

Yes, what Qin Yi wanted to build is a living sword. A sword with a spirit, just like people! In Qionghua school, there have been records in this field for a long time, and there are also secret arts. If you could master it, you can create a Spirit Sword!!

For example, the magic sword in the third part of the Chinese paladins is a sword with spirit!

Such a sword is mighty, sharp, and difficult to use, and it has unimaginable magic; he could even absorb spirits.

From this day on, Qin Yi, with An Yi, rode on his wolf and traveled all over the rivers and mountains.

He needs too many materials to make his masterpiece.

When he left Chenzhou, Sun Li’s master and his disciples strode to Shushan in anger.

“Master, are we really going to Shushan?” Sun Li was worried.

Their school is a bunch of homeless compared to Shushan.

“Of course, such an evil man was a disciple in Shushan. It may even be an elder who pampers demons and hurts the poor. How could I stay quiet?” The master roared.

The cultivators in this world are noble people with honor and obsession, the obsession of eliminating demons!

Finally, the master and his disciples reached Shushan!

Facing other cultivators and schools, Shushan people have always been courteous.

“Fu Ze, what are you doing here in Shushan? Hehe, it’s been a long time?”

He was greeted by an elder in Shushan, who laughed loudly.

“I have something important here in Shushan!”

Fu Ze growled.

“I’m here to ask your leader, Chang Hao, what do you do for a Shushan disciple who protects demons!”

“and he even attacked me!”

Hearing these words, the Shushan elder suddenly stunned.

“protecting demons and hurt you? Fu Ze, stop joking, no one in Shushan could hurt you except elders, I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding?”

Fu Ze was still angry; he waved his sleeves.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Call Chang Hao!”

In the end, the cultivators are a unified community. All sects and schools deal with each other. Especially these people who have been wandering for many years like Fu Ze.

Shushan’s elder was stunned and waved to the little Taoist behind him: “go to inform the leader.”

He saw the expression of Fu Ze He was not joking.

The five of them were welcomed in the living room, and a Taoist came up to fill the tea. In the incense burner at the door, the light smoke rose, making the people inside feel peaceful.

“what happened?” After serving tea, the Elder of Shushan asked solemnly.

“The day before yesterday in Chenzhou, I met a disciple of Shushan!”

Fu Ze told the story one by one without exaggeration or concealment.

“Do we have such a disciple in Shushan?”

After hearing this, the leader was surprised.

It’s not an ordinary disciple who can defeat Fu Zu by one move just by his inner sword.

At this time, Chang Hao stood up, his expression was serious, and his appearance gave a sense of solemn old-fashioned master.

Xu Changqing chose Chang Hao because of his character. He knew that because of him, Shushan’s strength soared, which led to the imbalance between the two realms, the turmoil and the collapse of the immortal realm. Next, what they need is stability, not progress.

The better choice in his mind was Qin Yi. With great perseverance and talent, he was the complete leader.

You can’t always get what you want!

“We might have such a disciple in Shushan!”

Chang Hao sat down and said in a deep tone.

Chang Hao’s identity at this moment is unusual. He is the leader of Shu Shan. The level of his cultivation realm is the first in all the mortal realm; he reached the eleventh level! With Shushan’s refining Qi and techniques, he is mighty, and it can be called a peerless figure!

It is precise because of his high achievements and his prestige and deeds that Shushan is obedient, and no one dares to contradict.

“Fu Ze, show me his picture to know is he a Shushan disciple or not.”

Chang Hao said lightly.

Fu Ze didn’t talk nonsense either. With a wave of his hand, a scene of fighting in the restaurant appeared in front of the three. It was Qin Yi’s face.


When elder Shushan saw the familiar face, he was surprised and stunned.

“It’s Chang Yi!”

“Hum! I guess it’s him. I didn’t expect he get hidden all these years and disobey the orders of the leader.”

“to live with a demon girl!”

“you are a shame to our school!”

Chang Hao was furious.