The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 35: The Sword King

“so, he is from Shushan!”

Fu Ze stared, his face became cold.

“Head Chang Hao, I’m afraid you have to give me a reasonable explanation!”

Although there may be some conflicts and frictions among various sects in the cultivation world, they are all small matters. They would unite encountering demons anytime; Qin Yi has already committed a taboo in helping and dealing with demons.

If this matter is not resolved, it will inevitably affect the reputation of Shushan for hundreds of years.

“I will naturally give you an explanation!”

Chang Hao looked cold and solemn.

“He is Chang Yi. He was the Elder of morals appointed by Xu Changqing, the previous leader of the Shushan sect, but he disappeared ten years ago.”

“I used to send my disciples to look around for him, but there is no trace.”

“I didn’t expect to see him here.” Chang Hao said.

“Fu Ze, don’t worry; I will take care of it as the leader of Shushan.”

He turned his head and headed directly to the nearby Shushan Elder.

“Changyi has completely violated the rules of the Shushan sect!.”

“send all the elders to chase him!”

“he is a shame for Shushan!”

Chang Hao has an old-fashioned personality, adheres to the old rules naturally. He will not allow such a sinner person as Qin Yi to exist.

“If so, what if Chang Yi doesn’t listen to the leader’s order?”

The Elder near him hesitated and said.

“Get him back by force then!”

Chang Hao.

Chang Hao took the responsibility of Shushan and the disciples; Chang Yi, after all, is a disciple of Shushan.

Chang Hao knew very well that Chang Yi was close to Xu Changqing before, and the latter paid much attention to him if Chang Yi didn’t leave Shushan, the leader’s position would not fall on him.

Although Chang Yi hasn’t fluctuated for 50 years, his talent is extreme.

Such a person must be arrogant and unbound!

The two of them were born to be the opposite!

Only a final battle could solve such a problem!

When the leader’s order was issued, the school, Shushan, immediately took action.

A series of elders descended the mountain, carrying dozens of disciples, scattered around searching for Qin Yi’s location. Such a lineup can be said to be extremely powerful, 

one group is enough to compare to a small school.

Fu Zu couldn’t say anything after these actions!

In the Zhenwu Hall, Dugu Yuyun sat cross-legged in the hall.

“Brother Dugu!”

Situ Zhong came over, and the strong smell of wine came along.

“Situ Zhong, you’re drinking again!”

Frowning, Dugu Yu said sternly.

“Hey, the Elder of morals is not here! “

Situ Zhong smiled.

“I’m here to bring you good news.”

Dugu Yuyun closed his eyes and didn’t care: “say it!”

“There’s news from Grand Uncle Chang Yi!”

Situ Zhong said.

Dugu Yuyun suddenly opened his eyes.

“where is he?”

Du Gu Yuyun asked.

“Humph! The ninth realm! You’re doing really great!”

“If Uncle Chang Yi doesn’t come back, the next head will be between you and Brother Jiang Qing.”

Situ Zhong smiled.

“Don’t talk nonsense, where is Uncle Chang Yi?”

Dugu Yuyun coldly.

“I don’t know, but I just got the news that he hurt Fu Ze. Now the leader is sending many elders and disciples down the mountain to catch him.”

“This time, I’m afraid that Uncle Chang Yi will face a bog problem.”

Situ Zhong sighed.

As the Elder of morals, he could not escape from such a sin.

“This is what Chang Hao wanted from the beginning; everyone is against him now!”

Dugu Yu Yun frowned: “there are still many people in Shushan who have a good impression on the grand uncle Chang Yi.”

“If he wants to come back, even Chang Hao can’t stop him.”

The disciples cultivated by Xu Changqing are the top pillars of this session of Shushan, among which some are friends of Qin Yi. Among them, Dugu Yuyun, Situ Zhong, and Jiang Qing are the Kohai and friends of Qin Yi.

“I’m afraid that uncle Chang Yi won’t come back. You know, the man looks plain, but he is arrogant, overbearing, and unwilling to do anything he doesn’t want it.”

Situ Zhong sighed.

Du Gu Yu’s eyes flashed.

“Tell elder brother Jiang Qing about this, and ask him to go find uncle Chang Yi before them.”

Situ Zhong said: “It’s okay, but do you want to know about the beautiful demon of Uncle Chang Yi?”

Dugu Yuyun stared at him: “of course!”

Situ Zhong smiled and ran down.

After Situ Zhong left, Dugu Yuyun sighed.

“Great uncle, I hope you can come back as soon as possible. Shushan has been much weaker, and needs you!”

Compared with Xu Changqing’s time, the current strength of Shushan is 30% to 40% weaker, which is the time when talent is urgently needed.

At the same time, a city in the Central Plains.

Qin Yi and Anyi, were walking in the streets.

“Swords also have Jin-Qi-Shen, which is its blade, its handle, and its backbone, which is the material that is smelted, This is its backbone.”

“The Sword’s refining Qi needs to gather spirit, concentrates spirit, transports spirit. and a seal formula to lock it.”

The first two are easy, but the last one is the most difficult for Qin Yi.

The Magic Sword took the soul of its maker; it is a demonic sword -no offense- It carries the magic power, and it is a cursed sword.

Qin Yi doesn’t want such a sword. What he wants is a sword of his way! You can guess it; it’s a King Sword!

The Sword has its meaning, and as a king, this Sword, of course, should be the king of swords, just in line with his identity.

Qin Yi and Anyi have traveled thousands of miles, collected enough materials, and arranged and combined the required pattern methods to make impressions according to the most scientific order and then only wait for forging sword tools and introducing spirit into the Sword, can they succeed?

However, Qin Yi didn’t want to make a standard sword. He tried to find the most suitable spirit for his Sword before he was willing to forge a sword.

Otherwise, he will always feel imperfect.

As dusk approached, the two walk hand in hand on the street.

“Husband, look.”

Anyi suddenly tugged Qin Yi’s right hand and pointed to the sky.

Qin Yi then looked up and saw the scenery, which made him slightly stunned.

The clouds were colored gold!

“So lovely!”

Anyi sighed with a smile.

At the moment, she was dressed in a white dress, beautiful as an elf. With a smile, the dark aura around her seemed to light up.

“It looks great!”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

His eyes were fixed on the clouds; just then, his eyes flashed.

Anyi was looking to the clouds, but what Qin Yi saw was his king sword!

The location of the golden cloud is precisely where this ancient Royal City. 

“I can put ordinary spirits and demons successfully into my sword.”

“But, they will not make my sword a King Sword!”

“But this king Qi, or dragon Qi, has the spirit of the king! if I absorb it, seal it, it is enough to give birth to the king spirit in my Sword! “

Qin Yi smirked; he was happy.

After a day’s rest with Anyi, the next day, they went to the royal City.

Three days later, the two were in front of Royal City Palace Hall, such a vast, opulence masterpiece!

“That’s it!” Immediately, Qin Yi decided what they will do

On the fifth day, Qin Yi and Anyi stepped into the City and found a place.

This place is not bustling, or hidden even protected! The terrain is a bit protruding compared to the flat bottom of the City. But Qin Yi knew that this was where the dragon head located, which can also be called the Dragon Cave.

It is the place where the dragon spirit was born. The Dragon spirit is the spirit of the country. If it is damaged, it will hurt a country’s transport…

However, who cares this is not Qin Yi’s business. He is not a person from this world, after all. He naturally does not care about the rise and fall of the dynasty.

Sitting cross-legged on the dragon’s cave, Qin Yi waved his right hand, and pieces of material emerged.

“Dragon Flame is burning!”

With a shout, the void in front of Qin Yi fluctuated, and the red flames burned.

This flame, with the help of the cave terrain, the temperature was terrible.

“spirit stone, Fengling stone, black blood, ten-thousand-year-old black wood, Ancient pulps, malachite, and scarlet woodblock.”

Qin Yi threw them into the flames.

Within the flames, the material melted rapidly and became liquid. It became gradually pure.

Anyi watched quietly. She knew that Qin Yi was refining his Sword. When he succeeded, the Sword would shake the whole world.

Pieces of material were thrown into the fire, and the liquids were attracted to each other, gradually changing into a sword body.

Then one by one, the materials were mixed, and they were quickly added in the order and brought together to form the body.

Just like the birth of a baby, in the process of growing up in the mother’s body, the Sword was growing and developing!

Gradually, the night turned black, and the red flame did not extinguish.

Qin Yi sat quietly in this circle, carefully and earnestly adding every bit of the Sword, like carving a precious artwork.

With this sword-making, time became meaningless.

In a flash, 49 days passed.

On this day, two people, a man, and a woman, came to the place where Qin Yi was, and he was utterly sinking into the sword-making process, and he could not see anything else.

Anyi was startled, but the handsome man put his finger on his lips, gesture to silence her.

Then, with a firm look, he looked towards Qin Yi with anxiety.

“This is a world-shaking sword!”

“Uncle Chang Yi!”