The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 36: Mortals-Slayer

The handsome man was carrying a long sword; his momentum was extraordinary. There was heroism in the women’s eyes beside him. At this time, she nestled close to the man and stared at Qin Yi curiously.

Anyi looked at the two alertly. After figuring out that the two had come here to look at her husband quietly, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“my lady, you don’t have to be nervous. I’m Jiang Qing. I’m here to find Uncle Chang Yi.” Jiang Qing said, An Yi nodded.

She relaxed and realized that the man in front of her might be Qin Yi’s younger disciple.

The three stood there and did nothing but watch Qin Yi forging the sword.

Forty-nine days, two-thirds of the sword’s structure and material had been fused. At this time, Qin Yi was focused, he was fully engaged.

The sword’s body appeared a little bit; it was like a golden star in flames.

Eighty-one days later, the light shone in front of the four of them. There was a sword fluttering in the air; the handle of the sword was elegant and full of the king’s hegemony.

Qin Yi at this time, but still did not wake up from the focus, but he was even more focus.

The essence has been cast, and the next step is Qi!

He lifted his hands, and a flashing golden light beamed towards the sword body.

“Gather the spirit!”

“Direct the spirit!”

“Transport the spirit!”

For each formation, Qin Yi carefully punched it into the sword body, with golden lines, undulating and winding around the sword body, and finally engraved. This process is a prolonged and extremely accurate job.

Qin Yi was like he was sculpting a work of art, carefully and earnestly.

As its movement continued, the sword body seemed to be dazzling like winding golden dragons on it. Even the sword body began to tremble violently.

The four spiritual Qi began to gather towards the body of the sword.

One hundred and eight days passed, and all the holy formations were carved on the body of the sword.

At this time, the body of the sword radiated a golden-red light, filled with a tremendous and oppressive atmosphere. It just floated there motionless, but its momentum had shocked the void.

Qin Yi took a deep breath, he was slightly tired, but his eyes were full of excitement.

The sword body has been completed, and the spirit array has been engraved. The essence of this sword has been forged successfully. The rest is to cross the spirit into it and awaken the soul of this sword.

Qin Yi pointed to the sword and murmured with some Hymns.

In a moment, the majestic intent Sword rolled out, condensed into a red energy sword silhouette, and slammed into the sword in front of him.

The sword body trembled, bursting into a sharp sword.

“spirit concentrates in Qi!”

Qin Yi said, he formed his right hand like a dragon(long) claw, and he scratched toward the void in front of him.

This claw was aimed at the dragon’s qi from the dragon cave below.


In a moment, there was a golden dragon formed by Qi, who was continually roaring, struggling in Qin Yi’s palm, but unable to escape.

“Uncle, you’re going to cause chaos!” Jiang Qing sighed when he saw this scene.

He knew that under this seal, the road maintained by the dynasty in the future would turn sharply for decades.

From then on, millions of people will suffer a disaster. Until the new dynasty is born, the dragon spirit will change, and reunion, then the world will be stable again.

“Sword Spirit, come out!”

However, Qin Yi could not hear Jiang Qing’s words at all. He threw the dragon Qi towards the body of the sword. In a moment, the Dragon Qi rushed into the body of the sword and merged into the spirit array.

The sword was buzzing; it was like a dragon’s roar, which shocked the four of them.

The next second, the inner sword and the king’s power diffused, the sword was shaking violently, and the red-gold light was shining continuously.

“Finish the last step by yourself!”

Qin Yi said indifferently, bending his sword in front of him.

The sword made a loud sound, then it seemed that it understood Qin Yi’s words, nodded to him, and then rose into the sky, shining directly into the clouds.


There were many dark clouds in the sky, The sword rushed into the clouds, and suddenly shook the air, pushed away from the dark clouds, and a Qi dragon appeared in the clouds, shocking the world.


Between the dark clouds, thunder and lightning flickered, making a deafening sound.

“a spirit sword!”

Jiang Qing’s eyes were serious.

He knew that this was against heaven’s rules, the main rule that says! Dead still dead, and the only way to live for the dead is reincarnation, This is against heaven, and it will bring disaster. This sword has its spirit, and it will become a rare spirit sword in the whole world!

Jiang Qing’s eyes flickered, and He looked at Qin Yi.

the immortal’s cultivators were not sure how to such a thing to the living beings, let alone an unliving thing.

However, at this moment, he did not see a trace of worry on Qin Yi’s expression.

“Let me see your power!”

Qin Yi looked up and saw the dark clouds. He saw the dragon that dribbled around the sword. At this time, the sword was wrapped by lightning and was about to drop the power of destruction.


Suddenly, the thunder and lightning burst, and numerous lightning blasted towards the sword.

Jiang Qing held his breath and stared at the clouds.

In the sky, the lightning was forming a net, dense and terrible, and the thunder continued.

The golden flashes of lightning continued to slash towards the sword, making the atmosphere tremble.

However, in the face of this terrible thunderstorm, the sword is like a king standing in the void. He is aloof and indifferent, overlooking all living beings, without any reaction.


The golden lightning was blasting again and again, and the sword received it calmly, the thunder and lightning, making the sword king more powerful.

The light in this sword was getting brighter.

For two hours, the lightning was striking continuously, but there was no way to take down the sword. Even with the barrage of thunder, the sword became more powerful, and the more it blasted, the tighter it became.

Eventually, the dark clouds dispersed, and the thunderbolt disappeared.

The sword is shining with golden-red light, and a dragon surrounded the blade.

Qin Yi raised his head, and his mouth was slightly curved.

“you are king; you should cut the mortals.”