The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 37: Come Fight Me

Qin Yi smiled and called his new sword, which seemed to be heard him at the height of thousands of meters.

It was facing Qin Yi.

The dragon spirit of the sword bent to Qin Yi and thanked him for the gift of life. It was then dissipated and merged into the sword.

Qin Yi raised his hand to the sky.

In an instant, the mortals-slayer flew down and reached the extreme speed. Almost instantly, it had fallen steadily into Qin Yi’s hands.

He put it in front of him, Qin Yi’s fingers gently stroked the blade. Such an extremely sharp sword, it is enough to cut the void, but when Qin Yi tried to push his hand against it, nothing happened!

There is a spirit in the sword that will not hurt its master!

That is a particular function of the mortals-slayer. The ordinary swords can hurt their user by mistake, but the mortals-slayer would not.

Moreover, compared to ordinary swords, this sword even has the function of independent enhancement. With time, it absorbs Qi, integrates other rare metals, devours spirits, and evolves itself.

It can be said that this is a spiritual sword that can accompany Qin Yi’s growth all the way!

Qin Yi put the sword into the sheath that he made in advance. Qin Yi hung the sword on his waist.

Then he just turned around with a smile on his face.

“Jing Qing, why are you here? to find me?”

Jiang Qing immediately held his fist and saluted: “Uncle Chang Yi!”

“We are friends; you don’t need to be polite.”

Qin Yi waved his hand.

Although Chang Yi was older than Jang, when they sat and talked for years together, they formed a deep friendship. They discuss their Tao with each other and integrate. Such friends can be called Tao friends.

In a lonely way, it is good to find some confidants friends!

Qin Yi turned his head and looked at the woman beside him.

The woman’s face was pretty, and she was full of vitality, but there was a hint of mysterious magic between her brows.

“Is this Yue Rouxia, the daughter of the venerable demon, Mozun?”

Jiang Qing and Yue Rouxia’s face changed suddenly.

“Uncle Chang Yi, I’m.”

Jiang Qing hurriedly wanted to explain.

“Why do you need to explain, what’s the point of living if a man can’t even be with his beloved woman?”

Qin Yi directly interrupted him, strode to An Yi, and smiled.

Jiang Qing was shocked. When he saw the woman beside Qin Yi, he understood something.

In a sense, they have made similar choices; they have a better understanding of each other’s situation at this time.

It didn’t take long to meet Yue Rouxia, and the two fell in love. Although Jiang Qing had good and evil in his heart, he didn’t care about race at all. To him, an innocent person, not evil, is not a demon. Some people are more cruel and heartless than some demons.

He had seen too many of these things when he was wandering. He had his own principles and rules of conduct.

“Thank you, Uncle!”

Jiang Qing said with a smile; he was relaxed.

The man in front of him is very talented, even though he was far ahead years ago, and he has reached the ninth level already. Still, he also feels that Chang Yi is unfathomable and awed.

“Why did you suddenly come over?”

Qin Yi asked.

It’s hard for ordinary disciples of Shushan to find him, but for Jiang Qing, who is just like him and has known him before, there is no problem.

“I went down the mountain and was dealing with the Demon race.”

“But I heard the news from brother Situ; he said that you.”

He looked to An Yi, Jiang Qing didn’t say much.

“master Fu Ze met the leader, and now he has sent a large number of Shushan disciples and elders, to take you back to Shushan for punishment.”

Jiang Qing told Qin Yi everything he knew.

He had a hunch that soon, maybe he will encounter the situation of his uncle. And at that time, how will he deal with it?

Is it to abandon the identity of Shushan disciple? And fly together with Rou Xia, or to return to the school and forget the love of his life.

“Fu Ze went to the leader then.”

Qin Yi didn’t care.

“Chang Hao wants to arrest me; then he must come, I think he’s going to be disappointed! He sent the elders, haha! “

With a sneer, Qin Yi turned and took a step.

Jiang Qing and the others followed, and in a flash, the four had disappeared.

After half an hour, the four were sitting opposite each other in a restaurant. Qin Yi and Jiang Qing faced each other. Anyi and Yue Rouxia faced each other.

It can be said that the two teams are too close at this moment, and they both have the same experience.

“is Uncle Chang Yi intending to fight Shushan? “

Jiang Qing asked hesitantly.

It is a difficult choice whether to choose love or to Shushan, who raised him from a young age.

For Jiang Qing, Shu Shan is his home, and Yue Rouxia is his lover. The question of this choice is as tricky as a girl on tour earth asking whether to choose your mother or me.

“I have always remembered Shushan’s kindness to me.”

“Especially Brother Changqing.” Qin Yi said.

“It’s just that if Chang Hao insists on coming and fighting me, he will have a bad time with me, and I don’t mind telling him something.”

Jiang Qing’s eyes tightened, and he already had a hunch.

“This Shushan is not his own!”

“Although I haven’t been back for a long time, I’m still the elder of the morals of Shushan!”

“I will defend, I will never attack Shushan!”

“So, I still have a sword in my hand! And I want to see his majesty!”

In just a few words, Jiang Qing’s pupils contracted, he was shocked, and he deeply felt the power and dominance of his uncle.

He still remembers that when he first met the uncle, he was amazed by his talent. At that time, he was like a cloud in the sky, high and mighty but distant, not provoking the world, and when he met him again, he felt his majestic and overbearing king sword.

Yuerouxia’s eyes were bright, and she stared at Qin Yi for a long time.

If such a man is placed in the demon race, it is undoubtedly the demon lord; he is one in a Bellion man, he was even stronger than her father.

Yue Rouxia’s father is one of the deities of the demon world. Equal status with Chong Lou, of course, is far weaker than the latter, but he is still a demon lord.

After talking for a while, Jiang Qing left with Yue Rouxia.

He came here just to inform Qin Yi of Shushan’s movements.

Coupled with new tasks, Jiang Qing could not be delayed.

“Uncle Chang made his choice.”

“How should I choose?”

Jiang Qing closed his eyes and hesitated. He wanted to make a decision quickly, but in any case, he couldn’t help it.

In the end, Jiang Qing sighed and embraced Yue Rouxia in his arms; he looked miserable.