The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 38: Waiting

The silver moonlight scattered all over the earth, and the shadows in the forest mottled and were swaying with the wind.

Under the moonlight, two figures were strolling, their shadows gradually lengthen.

“Are you going back to Shushan?”

She said with a cute womanly voice.

“I will go back, but not at this time.”

Qin Yi shook his head.

He walked side by side with Anyi, but his eyes were scanning all around.

In the daytime, after he separated from Jiang Qing, unexpectedly, he met a demon clan. After killing 15 people in a row, a demon ran away, and he was trying to catch him.

At this time, he was with Anyi to track this man.

“It seems that the lakes of Jianghu are not peaceful now. It seems that these demons were aiming at the disciples of Shushan mountain.”

Anyi knew Qin Yi’s answer, she said.

Indeed, the Demon Clan who met before were specifically targeted Shushan disciples. When they saw Qin Yi, they attacked him without hesitation.

“It doesn’t matter. I only know that they have offended you and me.”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

As he strolled, he suddenly stopped, and two swords flashed in his eyes.

The mortals-slayer buzzed and trembled around his waist the people were humming and trembling, it felt the enemy’s breath and seemed excited.

“Don’t worry, such enemies are not enough for you.”

Qin Yi pressed at his sword, and the latter calmed down.

Then he took a step; it was like ten steps, no it’s like teleportation.

Shrinking, after the state reaches the ninth time to forget the Tao, the body and spirit are connected with the Tao of Nature. Combining their talents will produce a series of incredible magical abilities.

Qin Yi took ten steps towards the front and crossed in a blink of an eye.

He stopped and, he stretched his right hand forward and smirked.

“come out.”

He said with a low voice, a strong attraction power pulled the enemy out from the grass.

“you are hiding in the grass, and you think that I can’t find you? Think you’re Sakura or something?”

Qin Yi sneered.

On the other hand, His inner sword was thin and was sharp.

He can cut five enemies instantly.

To be honest, Qin Yi’s ninth realm at the moment, coupled with a series of means such as his strong sword skills, his Inner sword, his sword of Qi and his Mortals-slayer, he can be regarded as a top master in the mortal world.

“No, don’t kill me, I can give you the news of the Demon Lord.”

The face of the demon was weird; he looked fierce and cunning. At this time, facing Qin Yi, he was terrified.

Originally, fifteen of them went out together to find out about Jiang Qing and Yue Rouxia. Still, they didn’t expect to meet Qin Yi.

“Demon Lord?”

“I am not interested!”

He slashed his Qi sword and cut the demon’s head.

Qin Yi returned to Anyi again.

This tracking is just to break routine. When the sword was refined, and the Enlightenment was successful, Qin Yi and Anyi planned to wander around the world and see if there were any gifted and excellent children to be disciples of Qin Hua School.

They were walking on foot, and when they rested, they lit a fire and fell asleep. You can ask how they get fed; In these realms, it is common to drink drinks that make them living without eating for months.

Half a month later, the two came to a place called Anxi Town.

Behind the mountains here, there is a river running through the east and west of the town. The river was bright and full of Qi aura, making people feel relaxed and joyful.

“It’s a good place.”

They decided to take a break there.

Anyi didn’t know what Qin Yi’s aimless walk was for. Still, she didn’t ask; she stayed silent. She felt that her husband was waiting for unknown something.

Seven days later, a group of Shushan disciples came to their Inn.

Anyi’s eyes twinkled when she saw these people. She understood what Qin Yi was waiting for, Shushan’s guys.

There are not many disciples in Shushan mountain, including an elder who looks more than fifty years old and four disciples. They went into the Inn and sat down quietly. They just took a look at Anyi, who was going downstairs, but they did nothing.

Immediately after, ten minutes later, ten more people came. This time it was two elders and eight disciples.

Six minutes later, three elders and twelve disciples came.

An Yi’s face changed, and she realized that she was not in the right place. She went into her room and closed the house door tightly.

“Husband, Shushan, guys are here!”

Anyi whispered Qin Yi was practicing with closed eyes.

With six elders and twenty-four disciples, this lineup was already massive. Even at this moment, even the inn owner and Xiao Er have realized that it is not right, and they are trembling.

“honorable cultivators, are there demons in my inn?” The Inn’s boss said, and his voice was shaking.

“don’t worry, the demon is not your big problem here.”

“We’ll deal with it in a minute.”

Shushan’s disciples comforted and asked the boss and others to get out.

This time, the Inn was reserved by Shushan.

They sat down quietly, didn’t call for drinking, didn’t say what to do, they sat on their place quietly, and then waited.

On the second floor, Qin Yi opened his eyes.

“Yiyi doesn’t have to panic; I have been waiting for them for a long time!”

“Compared with Jiang Qing, their tracking methods disappointed me.”

Shaking his head, Qin Yi said nothing more.

Although he sat on the second floor, with his divine eyes, he saw everything.

In the eyes of the six elders and Qin Yi, all the partitions and wood in this small Inn don’t seem to exist and can be seen through at a glance.

The seven guys didn’t speak for the time being either; they were silent and didn’t do anything; they seemed to be waiting for something.

The atmosphere was extraordinary. The Shushan disciples felt strange, but in the presence of the elders, they did not dare to do anything.

After an hour, Qin Yi suddenly spoke.

“Are you only six?”

That was the puzzle. Qin Yi said this in his room, but the six elders downstairs heard it.

One of them glanced up and said with a faint smile.

“There will be two more.”

Qin Yi nodded and said: “Wait until you are all together!”

The elder’s eyebrows were raised, and. Their expression was weird: “Master Chang Yi is very confident.”

“It’s not self-confidence. I feel that something should be said once and to all of you together so that I don’t have to repeat it again.

Qin Yi said.

The six elders looked at each other with smiles in their eyes.

They all heard the self-confidence in Qin Yi’s discourse, and they had already known the other party’s choice.

He’ll wait for the eight elders to come together and face them all.

This man is not only confident but even arrogant!


The elders laughed and stopped responding.

They are all adults who have cultivated for many years. They know what does Qin Yi meant.