The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 39: Sword God

After a while, the Inn fell into a strange calm.

In the face of Qin Yi’s crazy attitude, the six elders showed no ups and downs and showed an excellent firm attitude. They are all strong firm men who have cultivated for decades and reached the eighth level.

Both of their endurance and mood are far beyond ordinary people.

Qin Yi asked them to wait for the two elders, so they obeyed. After all, they were all from the same family.

They have been cultivating for more than a hundred years. Qin Yi is a junior.

After half an hour, there was a group of people coming to the Inn, headed by an elder.

When he came here with his sword, he glanced at the whole audience, he slightly raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t say anything. He found a corner to sit down; Even without asking, he seemed to understand what was happening here.

After an hour, the last elder arrived.

So far, eight elders and thirty-two disciples of Shushan gathered in this small Inn, and they have packed it full.

It’s still quiet in the Inn.

Qin Yi was sitting in the guest room on the second floor, expressionless, with his eyes closed. He had no response to the arrival of eight elders downstairs. At this time, Anyi was nervous, and she squeezed her clothes tightly.

Shushan’s disciples were different from other sects, and they are far beyond any regular demon.

Shushan is the first of 72 Immortal sects in the human world. Its disciples and elders are far more influential than other factions.

“Master Chang Yi is very calm, don’t you think you should say something?”

After waiting for about half an hour, an elder said lightly.

At the moment, the eight elders were all sitting in their seats; some were drinking tea, some were playing with the teapot in their hands, with a calm expression, without any anxiety or anger.

“hmmm, are you a cultivator in Shushan, I’d never seen you! Well, I have nothing to say.”

Qin Yi closed her eyes, Lightly Road.

“You’re calm.”

“Why don’t you come back to Shushan with us? the leader wants to see you!”

An Elder said.

“I don’t want to go back yet.”

Qin Yi said.

“even if it would be In the past when you were a disciple, we would leave it to you. And now you are the morals elder we can’t control you.”

“However, this time, what you did made us very embarrassed. I’m afraid you have to come with us.” An elder said coldly.

“What did I do?”

Qin Yi asked.

“you are in a relationship with a demon girl and take a wolf demon as a pet. Brother Chang Yi, I never expected that you would do such a rebellious thing!”

An elder shouted angrily.

His momentum suddenly surged out, shattering the teacups in front of him, and the tea was flowing.

At this moment, his sword intent suddenly turned into a raging dragon, roaring, rushing to the second floor, circling and roaring. It ran through the door of the room and went straight to Qin Yi.

Suddenly, at this instant, Qin Yi opened his eyes.

His face was cold, and his eyes flashed.

“Even if you are my colleague, I still have to punish you.”

With a glance, Qin Yi’s sword intent also rose and burst out.

At this point, his sword intent aura collided with the elders.


Instantly the attic rooms on the second floor split and were cut by his sword intent. At the next moment, the elder’s sword intent aura was smashed, a beam penetrated the floor and bumped into the elder sitting below.

“What a terrible sword intent!” The elder’s pupils contracted, he was shocked.

With a wave of his right hand, his sword went out of its sheath behind him and swept forward.


The sound of the shock came out, and a circle of air whirlpools suddenly spread out, breaking all the windows of the Inn, and the strong wind blew quickly towards the outside.

The elder with the sword was horrified, and he stepped back four or five steps and finally hit a table behind him.

The long table couldn’t support the aftereffect of the sword intent, so it was scattered at the moment.


The other seven elders were all shocked and looked worriedly at the elder with a sword.

“I’m fine!”

The elder holding the sword gritted his teeth, and his right hand was shaking, He looked down and saw that the long sword he had carried for many years was had been scattered.

Just the other side’s sword intent, even smashed his real sword!

How horrible?!!


After that, the elder with the sword wanted to step forward again. However, when he just stepped out, his face changed, and blood spurted out from his mouth, and his face immediately turned pale.

“If you dare to take another step, you will die!”

On the second floor, Qin Yi stepped out of the door slowly and appeared to everyone.

At that moment, he had recovered his appearance in his twenties. He was young and handsome. His eyes were cold, with his strong overbearing king’s power.

The elder with the sword raised his head and glared at him.

“Back off, I don’t want to kill you.”

Qin Yi looked down, and his words pierced the elder’s heart.

The latter was stunned for a, but after a couple of seconds, he leaped and left.

With a single move, the elder with the sword knew that he could no longer stay there.

“You guys want to fight me together or one by one?”

Qin Yi stopped looking at the departing elder and turned his attention to the other seven elders.

His words were bland but full of killing intent.

“Indeed, Brother Chang Yi has been absent for more than ten years, but his accomplishments are so profound, which surprised us!”

One of the elders sighed; he slowly pulled out the sword behind him.

“In the past 130 years, I have been cultivating and my sword intent, My accomplishments were not as good as yours. I’m really ashamed.”

“Brother Changqing was right. If you were in Shushan in the first place, you would be the leader after him. It’s a pity.”

He said, and he pulled out the long sword, the tip of the sword was exposed in front of everyone, and the edge was barely cold.

“it’s a pity!”

“Since the leader is Chang Hao at the moment, I should help him. Listen to his orders and protect my reputation in Shushan!”

After a few words, the elder pointed his sword forward.


There were ripples in the void. Then the wind, rainstorm, lightning, and hail all come together at this moment, making the small Inn full of Qi swords.

It seems that the sword god was coming.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and he saw a shadow of a white swordsman appearing behind the elder, his face was hazy, his hair was white like he is a god or immortal or something.

And his whole body was radiating with strong sword intent.

“Sword God!”

At this moment, the elder glared at Qin Yi. He burst out and shouted and pointed the sword toward Qin Yi.

Shushan’s most powerful Sword Skill, the sword god!

They said that this sword technique could communicate with the gods. As if to say,” Please gods move your thousands sword to defend against the enemies.” If you use this skill, you can’t see in heaven and earth anything but swords.

There was nothing else in the Inn at this moment!

But swords!