The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 40: So, What about you!


Everything in the inn was shaking, including the air.

the Elder released the sword God.

This skill is so powerful that it integrates with his own inner sword, they said that this skill could reach the sky.

although the inn was small and it seemed a small-scale skill, it is just because both sides did not want to expand the scale of the battlefield, for any probability to hurt people.

But even if it was restrained, the majesty it produced was still astonishing.

“Brother Chang Yi, I’ll give you another chance to come back to Shushan with us without problems!”

“Of course, with your woman!”

the elder said, his clothes were shaking, and his sound echoed throughout the inn.

Qin Yi looked at the whole inn in front of him, the gathered Qi was dense as a physical sword, he smiled, and then his eyes became sharper.

“Shushan, I think I will go when I want.”

“and now I don’t want to go back, nobody can force me to do!”

Qin Yi said coldly, then he raised his index finger and waved violently.

He whispered.

“Sword God!” At the same time, a white-robed spirit man emerged from the back of Qin Yi, The space behind him was trembling, and the shadow of the sword instantly covered the sky.

At this moment, the two had used the same skills to complete a duel.

The elder was angry.

“Then I will beat you down and take you back!”

he roared, and a beam of countless swords floated all over the sky suddenly flew out. In a moment, it was gathered as a huge sword, rushed to Qin Yi.

The latter whispered softly.

“the Imperial edict!” he waved his finger.

A barrage of swords suddenly appeared from the void in front of the elder, and it went toward his sword.


countless collisions burst out all over the place.

It’s a shocking scene. Swords were flying everywhere, countless wood dust was flying, the air was shaking. These sword strikes were mighty. If they didn’t steal it from the outside world, one of them may be able to smash a mountain in an instant.

However, both of them were experts in cultivating. It’s not difficult to do such a thing freely.


the elder saw that his sword god could not go any further, he was angry and his inner sword was sharper.

On the second floor, Qin Yi’s eyes became sharper and colder. The atmosphere around him was shaking, and the king’s power rose.

As time goes on, the Inner sword of the elder became even sharper and denser!

But Qin Yi is like a bamboo in the strong wind and a pillar in the swift river. He didn’t move at all.

The battle of the swords gods lasted for a while. The elder’s forehead was covered with sweat, and his right hand was shaking.

He gritted his teeth and wanted to persist, but his Qi amount was over.


After the last collision, the elder shivered and stepped back.

The sword god skill of Qin Yi was still there.

“Is it over?” Qin Yi said.

A faint question made the elders angry.

At the same time, Qin Yi waved his hand, and was suddenly spun out of the air, heading straight to the elder.


The elder shouted. he quickly blocked it with his sword.


A circle of air waves radiated out, smashing and destroying the surrounding tables and chairs, The elder retreated.

He quit the inn, and in this short duel, he was defeated!

“Master Chang Yi has become a superman, and his mastery of Shushan swordsmanship has reached the peak of perfection.”

“These talents really make me envious and surprised!”

Among the remaining six elders, one slowly pulled out his sword.

“You guys, it looks like we have to do it together!”

The five elders were all serious at the moment and pulled out their swords.

All of a sudden, the Inner sword of Qin Yi came out. Six elders looked up at the second floor, and their eyes were focused.

Qin Yi was so excited that his inner sword reached the sky.

At this moment, the elders looked to each other, their eyes were sharp.

Suddenly, they moved, they leaped, Qin Yi moved too at this time.

the six elders were in their momentum.

“Myriad Swords Art!”

“Heavenly Sword!!”

“Runes of the emperor!”


The elders shouted, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly shone to the extreme at this moment, he leapt violently.

“Destroyer of Nations Silver Shot Wave!”


In the void, countless shadows appeared, covering the heads of the six elders, making them change color.

In the game, the objects that Jing Tian throws are antiques and various precious objects, but what Qin Yi threw at the moment were different.

woods, seas, and the continuous mountains constitute a majestic, macro and shocking picture of mountains and rivers.

This picture of mountains and seas maybe just a shadow, but the power of repression is not weak at all. It was frightening.


Almost in an instant the Six elders all spat out blood and were knocked out of the inn.

Qin Yi landed slowly, stood in place, his eyes were sharp, and then just became plain.

“Go back. I’ll go back to Shushan sooner or later, but not now.”

Qin Yi said a light tone, looking pale.

Defeating the eight elders was nothing to him. In the mortal world, in his eyes, there were not many opponents at this time. Chang Hao counts one. At this moment, there is also the Demon Lord who is causing chaos in the realm., but the rest are not threatening.

“brother Changyi has a high level of skill. I really admire it.”one of the elders said in shock.

“I’m not your opponent. I’ll go back to ask the leader.”

“for you! do what you want!”

After a short conversation, the eight elders turned and left.

they are all in the same family, and there was no need to kill each other. Under this small range of temptation, if they are not equal opponents, they just give up.

With the departure of Shushan elders, disciples and others, Anyi was relieved.

Qin Yi, at this time, was staring.

He looked into the distance and muttered.

“I can solve my issue with power.”

“So, What about you, Jiang Qing?”