The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 41: Feipeng sword

The difference between Jiang Qing and Qin Yi is not only their accomplishments but also their thoughts.

Qin Yi had a more comprehensive view of the world; he knew about the king’s world and the sub-worlds, Qin Yi did not think much about Shu mountain and this world. He valued more of his development and his future.

Jiang Qing, on the other hand, has to pay more attention to Shushan. He spent most of his life there.

At this moment Jiang Qing was still figuring some things outside Shushan.

After defeating eight elders, Qin Yi and Anyi walked out of the mountains and rivers.

They are like a couple of Greek gods, who don’t pay attention to anything in the world and are immersed in their feelings.

Six months later, they returned to the Qin Hua school.

The Qin Hua school at this time was not as empty and empty as when they had just left, in the martial arts arena, there are sounds of drills.

Li Yuanli was standing at the front of the stage at this moment, holding his hands on his back, looking at the disciples with a stern look.

Standing in the distance, Qin Yi saw this scene; a broad smile appeared in his lips, he was satisfied.

Right in the near past, Yuanli was thinking about rebellion, but he still much much weaker. And their interests are actually the same, and the evil you know better than that you didn’t know! So why not.

Most of the disciples on the stage were wearing a light blue robe. They combed their hair to buns and were tied by a wooden pin. They looked clean and handsome. Some of these disciples have reached their twenties, and some are in their teens.

What made Qin Yi happy was that among the disciples, there is one with the seventh level.

“The guy’s Remember the past talent can not only be traced back to the past but also be inherited!”

Going back to the ancestors, combined with their skills, Li Yuanli could identify who was a genius cultivator and take his cultivation way and some of his tips. Qin Yi glanced around and found that most of these disciples were talented.

If they have another ten years, there will be many disciples at the eighth level of cultivation.

“This is the skill of our leader; you must cultivate well to learn it!”

“In the future, if you want to go out in the field, besides forging your sword! You must practice swordsmanship! cultivate!”

“The combination of the two is the essence of the cultivator!”

Standing on the high platform, Li Yuanli shouted in a grave tone.

Each of the disciples below looked serious and practiced sword skills. All of a sudden, there were all kinds of colors on the stage.

“Yuan Li!”

Qin Yi stood aside and watched for a long while silently, after understanding all of this, he shouted.

Li Yuanli heard it and then turned around to see Qin Yi.

“Leader Chang Yi!”

He leaped and quickly came to Qin Yi.

“Great, you are finally back!”

It seemed that the relationship between the two is better.

“You did a good job. These disciples are very outstanding.”

Qin, Yi nodded and praised.

He took out a few secret scripts from his arms and threw them to Li Yuanli, who was excited to take them, he knew that this was the reward for this work.

Li Yuanli’s cultivation talent was not as abnormal as Qin Yi. Over the years, he has entered the eighth level of cultivation, and he was not satisfied with the cultivation of sword skills. Although he has some secret skills himself, he can’t be compared with Qin Yi’s powerful secret sword skills.

“ice dance!”

“Nine of Serenity’s Cold Swords”

At a glance, Li Yuanli was already smiling.

He knew in his heart that these sword skills were the skills of Bian Yao, the leader of Qionghua school! If he mastered it, he would be too much stronger!

“The leader will stay here this time, or will he go out again?”

Li Yuanli quickly collected the script, coughed twice, and then asked seriously.

“I’ll stay for a while. You are still in charge of everything indoor.”

Qin Yi glanced at him respectfully and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, master. I’ll take care of everything. No problem!”

Li Yuanli shouted.

“I count on you.”

Qin Yi said indifferently, smiled to the disciples who were looking to him at this moment curiously, then turned and left.

After returning to his room, Qin Yi had nothing to do.

He slowly took a book out of his arms, which he had carried with him for more than ten years, but still couldn’t read it.

On the cover of the booklet, there were four words, “Fei Peng sword technique,” which was given to him by Jing Tian before he left.

(Fei Peng is the general god of the heavenly emperor army)

Over the past ten years, he has been checking it, but he has always got nothing. Different from other scripts, that he could understand easily. He struggled on this thin booklet; even the font was hard to read.

Profound, mysterious, and magical.

Again carefully, one by one, one by one, Qin Yi seemed to have realized something, but he didn’t understand anything.

It’s like he understood something when he was reading, but then after the reading, he forgot everything, just like when we wake up from a dream, and we forgot about it.

He didn’t persist, but he didn’t give up. Every day, He went out to instruct his disciples to cultivate, practice swordsmanship, The time passed day by day.

At a glance, half a year passed.

On this day, Qin Yi, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes.

Outside the door, a young disciple in a green robe came running anxiously.


The gate opened by itself, and the disciple entered immediately, and he looked at Qin Yi, who was cross-legged his knees, he said.

“Leader, we have news about the things that you asked our brothers to monitor all the time closely.”

“Jiang Qing was going back to Shushan yesterday, and he looked angry.”

“Also, the immortal sword sect of Shushan wants to kill the demon Lord and his daughter!”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, were sharp. He slowly floated from the couch and stood on the ground.

“Tell Yuanli; I will go out.”

As soon as he said, Qin Yi stepped out, and he disappeared in an instant.

The strong wind swept over Qin Yi. He walked on the sword with a cold face., Qin Yi walked on his sword; his face was cold and grim.

“Once upon a time, we sat and talked and introduced ourselves as confidants.”

“How can I turn a blind eye to you today when you are in this problem?”

“How can I just watch your step into hell like this?

The event of Jiang Qing finally began. Qin Yi knew very well that his friend’s end is that he will spend his last days in the lock demon tower, his soul will be sealed, and he could not survive. For Taoists, this is more miserable than death.

He didn’t want to see such an end.

“And Chang Hao! It’s time we met! “