The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 42: Finally

In Shushan.

A sword light fell quickly and went straight to the lock demon tower, which attracted the attention of all people in Shushan.

Soon, people saw the face of the fallen man.

“Jiang Qing, you disobeyed the rules and fell in love with the daughter of a Demon Lord. and you are here admitting your sin!”

Chang Hao, the leader of Shushan mountain, was furious.

“I want to enter the lock demon Tower!”

Jiang Qing said, with strong momentum.

“Bastard, do you think that Shushan has no laws?”

Chang Hao was angrier, and his eyes were red.

“you captured Rouxia and brought it to the Lock Demon tower. I will enter the tower, and no one can stop me!”

Jiang Qing’s face was cold, his momentum is crazy, and his sword intent will soar to the sky.

“Even if Yue Rouxia is here, do you think you can go in and out if you want to?”

An elder shouted angrily.

“I don’t know; I will figure it out!”

Jiang Qing turned around and faced the lock demon tower.

“Open the door for me!”

Jiang Qing shouted and used the formula to open the gate of the lock demon tower.

Dugu Yuyun looked at the scene, and he was confused. He wanted to tell the elder brother that Shu Shan did not catch Yue Rouxia, but the latter might not believe it. He knew this was the plot of the demon lord. Jiang Qing is powerful. Unless the leader makes a move, no one can stop him.


Under Jiang Qing’s formula, the door of the lock demon tower trembled slowly and was opening.

Seeing this, Chang Hao couldn’t restrain his anger.

“What a bastard! Just like Chang Yi! How dare you, Jiang Qing!”

“Today, the leader of Shushan will let you know what the result of ignoring and disobeying our sect rules is!”

At this moment, all the disciples standing in Shushan were shocked when they saw that majestic sword intent around Chang Hao; they were shaking in fear.

In the void, countless Qi swords spurted and forming a sword array that covered the whole Shu mountain. The huge golden swords were slowly rotating.

“Don’t dare to stop me!”

Feeling this momentum, Jiang Qing turned his head back, His eyes were glowing at this moment, just like a demon.


Chang Hao was shocked. He was deterred by Jiang Qing’s mad momentum at the moment.

Among Shushan, there are geniuses, but not many, of which Chang Hao is a real genius. Even though he is stubborn and conservative, he still loves talent. He admired Jiang Qing and regarded him as the successor of Shu mountain, but at this moment Jiang Qing was outraged, what can he do?

“Jiang Qing, don’t be a fool. Shu mountain didn’t catch Yue Rouxia; This is Mozun’s plot!”

He said kindly, and his sword intent became softer at this moment.

“I don’t believe it; I want to go in and see by myself!” Said Jiang Qing coldly.

He is loyal to Shushan, but he loves Yue Rouxia.

Now he thought that Shushan arrested his wife, which made him sad and tormented.

“It’s hard for you to go in and come out again! Don’t be impulsive!”

Chang Hao shouted.

“I don’t care if I can’t come out!”

“I just care if I can see her!”

Jiang Qing’s voice was cold, but when he mentioned his woman, his voice was a little softer.

At this time, the gate of the lock demon tower has been opened half, and Jiang Qing hardly hesitated. When he stepped in, his shadow disappeared in the eyes of all.

Chang Hao watched, he was angry, but he could not vent it.

In the end, he clenched his fists and roared in the sky.


At this moment, on the top of Shushan mountain, the sky was full of swords Qi, shattering up the wind and clouds.

For three days in a row, Chang Hao sat in the Wuji Pavilion. His black hair turned white. The man looked old and tired.

Jiang Qing incident shocked him.

“Master, at noon yesterday, Yue Rouxia broke into the lock demon tower.”

Dugu Yuyun sighed.

This event was a heavy blow to the whole people of Shushan. It’s a pity that Jiang Qing, the most famous man with the potential to became the next leader, broke into the lock demon tower; they lost him forever.

Chang Hao’s right hand trembled, moved his lips twice, and finally, he just sighed and waved.

Dugu Yuyun silently shook his head and gave a salute to the other side; then he turned back.

This is the moment when the sect is going to start a war with the Demon Lord. The incident of Jiang Qing had a significant impact on this war.

But at this moment, another elder stepped in, looking anxious.

“Leader, Chang Yi is back!”

Hearing the familiar name, both Chang Hao and Dugu Yu Yun, who was not far from there, were shocked.

“He, he, he!”

Chang Hao shuddered and muttered; he was very excited.

He didn’t know why he was so excited, but at this moment, he couldn’t restrain himself. Maybe subconsciously, although he dislikes him, he was like his rival or something like that.

After a couple of minutes, Chang Hao suppressed the sudden excitement. He took a deep breath, and his eyes flashed. His spirit and Qi was renewed at this moment.

“Who else? Is that she-demon came?”

As far as he knew, this guy was more than Jiang Qing. He not only fell in love with a demon but also hurt eight elders. He was so brave that he stood against Shushan.

“It’s just him and a weird sword!”

The Elder said.

“Well, it’s a jerk not to bring the demon girl and lock it into the lock demon tower!”

Chang Hao muttered.

The Elder stopped talking and wanted to say something, but when he saw the face of the leader, it was difficult to say anything.

“What do you want to say?”

Chang Hao stood up sharply and shouted.

The Elder was about to open his mouth, but at this moment, a voice sounded through Shushan.

“Chang Hao, here I am!”


Along with Qin Yi’s shouting, his sword intent spread out suddenly, wrapping up the entire Shu Mountain instantly, and a sword Qi array above him was flickering.

This was Chang Yi. Not only did he dare to fall in love with the demon girl, fight his fellows, and beat them, but he also dared to step on the mountain and call the name of the leader of the mountain in front of the disciples of the mountain.

“Chang Yi!”

Chang Hao stood in Wuji Pavilion, his face was grim, and he clenched his fists.

“You are reckless; wantonly, leader, you expel female disciples and ruin Jiang Qing!”

“I, as the Morals Elder, come here today to blame you and do what have must be done!”

The next two sentences were resounding, and the disciples’ eyes were wide. At this moment, in the square in front of the Wuji Pavilion in Shushan, a figure appeared suddenly, a young man dressed in a green robe, with a long sword on his waist.

“Blame me?”

Chang Hao was so angry that he laughed three times.


“Okay! Good! Good! What a mighty Chang Yi!”

“now, you want to punish me, the Leader?”

“So brave!”

Dugu Yuyun and the Elder saw the leader who was totally different from the previous moment. They looked at each other silently.

They knew that although Chang Hao was angry, he was still happy with Chang Yi’s return at the moment.

However, the relationship between the two was complicated for others to understand. Maybe “I admire him, but I want to kill him” can describe the situation accurately.