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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 43: Hao Vs Yi

In the Wuji Pavilion area.

The eyes of Chang Hao and Qin Yi were extremely fierce at this moment. They were like a dragon and a tiger, facing each other.

The problem of Shushan has always existed since Xu Changqing left.

Chang Hao is not the best successor to Xu Changqing, and the best successor and favorite friend are Qin Yi. But unfortunately, He was not there.

Not all of Shushan knows this, but most of the elders are familiar with the situation.

At this moment, Qin Yi’s return attracted the attention of Shushan. No one intervened, and no one dared to do anything.

Even though Qin Yi violated the sect rules, he is also the elder of law and morals. And he took down eight elders by himself before. Such strength earned him respect.

Leader, arrogant, and powerful, Qin Yi left such a deep impression in everyone’s hearts.

Chang Hao stepped out of Wuji Pavilion step by step, and his sword intent became more and more suppressing.

“You came back to Shushan today to ask me that?”

He thundered!

When everyone heard the words of their leader, their swords were all buzzing and quivering. Their eyes narrowed, and they knew that the leader was furious.

Unlike Jiang Qing, when he met Chang Yi at this time, the leader killing intent broke out, he was serious.

For him, Jiang Qing is still a junior and a lovely talent, but Chang Yi is not. They are peers, competitors, and rivals!

“I know you have been waiting for this day for a long time! Though you are stubborn, conservative, wayward, and act in vain…”

“I don’t care about you; after all, you care about Shushan, and the damage is not so serious.”

“The only thing that moved me is Jiang Qing!”

Qin Yi held his waist with his right hand, and his sword intent surged.

His sword intent reached the sky, covering the whole Shushan, and. The king of swords “mortal-slayer” was shining at this moment.

“but after all! I come here for Jiang Qing and you!”

Finally, Qin Yi ended with a sentence.

At this moment, the mortal-slayer came out of his sheath, floating in the air with a dragon aura.

“Excellent, Chang Yi. Let’s see today. Who is more suitable to be the leader of Shushan mountain, you and I?”

Chang Hao roared, he pulled out the long sword behind his back.

Suddenly, he leaped, and waved the sword straight out; his body fluttered like a ghost, he turned into a light at this moment.


Almost instantaneously, he had reached the front of Qin Yi, and he stabbed with his long sword that was wrapped with sword intent.

Qin Yi’s eyes were bright, he dodged, then he lifted his hand, and his sword came, he grabbed it.

Just then, their figures were like a flash, slashing, blocking, and dodging.

“Boom, boom!”

Their inner swords radiated from them towards the surrounding; countless Qi swords were attaching from and to each side… The disciples of Shushan were shocked.

“Come fight me!”

Chang Hao roared.

From Jiang Qing incident, he had been in a depression, but at this moment, he needs to unleash his grief and anger!

And the person in front of him is his best vent target.

At this moment, Chang Hao Qi swords were powerful. Each sword of them contains an amount of Qi and sword intent that could be used to release a thousand Qi swords.


A series of sword lights shined on the square in front of the Wuji Pavilion in Shushan. They are as strong as a thunderbolt. Each sword and every move were breathtaking and fast.

Under such a fierce attack, ordinary people can’t defend at all and will be beheaded in an instant.

Different from ordinary swordsmanship, people who practice Taoism will reach a faster speed when they are in close combat, because of their full Essence, Energy, Soul. They almost move at the speed of their nerves.

Quick, accurate! With no errors at all!


The outbreak of the barrages between the two people, one after another, the swords blasted into the sky and pierced fiercely to the ground of Shushan, on the mountains, on the buildings, making countless people running.


It was only the beginning, and the Shu Mountain was unable to bear it. The ground began to crack, and the floating islands started to tremble under the increasingly energetic intent swords atmosphere.

“go out! If you fight like this, you will destroy Shushan!”

Some elders shouted.

They knew very well that the two had been fascinated by the battle, their sword intents were getting stronger and stronger, and the tricks and techniques they used were getting stronger and stronger. If this continues, Shushan will certainly not be able to sustain it.

Qin Yi and Chang Hao were Immersed in the battle. They looked at each other with sharp eyes.

They didn’t say a word and continued to swing their swords, but their figures began to rise.


Gradually, as they were higher, away from the top of Shu Mountain, Their sword intents in the sky were growing stronger and stronger.

The battle between the two was not like a sword battle of ordinary people at all. Every time they attack, they carry sword Qi and sword intent, which was countless times stronger than regular sword strokes.

The higher they rise, the more powerful their sword strokes were, and the more destructive they cause.


a sword’s Qi flew across the void and hit a mountain below.


In a moment, the mountain was cut off and burst into dust. (Ichigo vs. Aizen!)

Another sword Qi was rotating, falling toward the river.


At the bottom of the river, there are visible sword marks, which spread for tens of meters.


The swords Qi kept flying towards all directions. The surrounding white clouds scattered. The birds were frightened. They flew away as much they could.

Their sword intent, their potential, their Qi, their skills, and their power have all reached an incredible level.

These two are gods compared to Naruto, and the One Piece Worlds.

Qin Yi had been cultivating for so many years. He had made up for his shortcomings. His strength now has reached the highest peak of his life.

Even in the face of Chang Hao, the leader of Shushan mountain, he was not afraid to wave his sword and release all attacks to verify his experience for so many years.

It’s a decisive battle, but it’s also an opportunity to test yourself, train yourself, and push yourself forward!

“Chang Yi! You are beyond my expectations! “

“You are even stronger than Jiang Qing. Although your cultivation realm is slightly inferior to mine, your attack power can match mine!”

After waving the sword once, Chang Hao said.

The two separated quickly, stood in the air, and stared at each other.

“Don’t talk nonsense. use your techniques and try to defeat me!” Qin Yi said coldly. 

“good for me!”

“You are arrogant, haha!”

Chang Hao shouted.

In an instant, his sword intent expanded even more. After a couple of seconds, the sword spread all over the sky. Behind him, the sword Qi was gathered into a colossal lightsaber.

This sword, with a width of 100 meters and a length of several kilometers, is surrounded by complicated mysterious and golden runes, with fantastic momentum.

As soon as he released it, the atmosphere trembled.

“Heavenly Sword style!”

Qin Yi’s pupils shrank.

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