The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 44: Show Off

Even the same skills if different people release them. Their scale, power, and effectiveness will be very different.

Chang Hao used the Heavenly Sword style that used by ordinary disciples in Shushan; it was quite a mighty.

He was glowing as a divine warrior; he waved his right hand.

This sword strike could cut off mountains and rivers; it is not often to see a stroke like that from a Taoist in this realm.

In this realm, they can’t unleash their power freely, they afraid to hurt people and destroy the environment around, but now he is upward.

He had to use such a power to tell Qin Yi that he was the most qualified and upright leader of Shushan.

“Chang Yi, bow your head and confess your guilt immediately, and I will let you go!”

He shouted, the heavenly sword spirit behind Chang Hao trembled fiercely, he was in a magnificent momentum.

“Do you think you can beat me with such a skill? Chang Hao!” Qin Yi was extremely excited!

“oh, let’s play!”

He waved his hand, and his sword intent immediately enlarged, magnified. At this moment, his aura transformed into a sword and integrated into the sky.

“Qin School: Heavenly Sword style!”

Qin Yi shouted Chang Hao’s pupils shrank.

Heavenly Sword vs. Heavenly sword!

The power of the same skill will depend on the user’s control. At this time, Qin Yi’s Heaven Sword was obviously different from his. There was no Rune flickering on his sword, but a golden Qi dragon was wandering in constant ups and downs!


Chang Hao roared, and he suddenly pointed forward with his index finger.


The sky trembled. The large Heavenly sword behind Chang Hao moved. Although it was huge, it was swift. Instantly, it came to the front and cut towards Qin Yi.

With a loud blow, the shock ripples echoed, that unmatched sword surging, swept across, and poured out around.

The ring-shaped light was shining, the strong wind shook, and the white clouds above were scattered, and the faded instantly.

Their two vast and gigantic swords collided, and the golden light flashed from the collision place, the golden dragon around Qin Yi roared, and momentum was terrifying.

Another circle of light shone, the two swords separated, the volumes changed rapidly, and back to their owners again.

They stared at each other with sharp eyes; swords flickered in their eyes.

The Heavenly Sword style is the combination of sword intent and Qi sword. It’s powerful and mighty; with a small stroke, you can cut a mountain. The collision of this move ended with a draw.

The next second, they were dashing, and they were surprisingly consistent.

“Sword God!”

The two of them roared, and they aimed their swords to each other at this moment.

Two men with white robes and a height of a thousand meters appeared at the same time behind the two men.

At first, it was a blurry silhouette, then was cleared, and then the body appeared gradually,  the sword gods became clear and solid.

In an instant!


Everything was shaking, trembling as if heaven and earth were afraid at this moment; the sun was a little dim.

The vigorous sword was released, and the sky filled with their auras in a blink of an eye. The swords Qi tore everything, and the atmosphere began to distort, all the people down there overwhelmed.

This was quite a shocking scene. Behind the two people, there were two huge sword Qi, facing each other.


They roared at the same time!

Suddenly, the Qi swords were like a beam, a dense, fast beam.


The swords collided quickly, and then promptly counteracted each other, and a slight ripple appeared between the two.

The scene of the two swords was different from that of the inn. It magnified the scale and momentum of the two swords countless times, which was shocking.

The elders and disciples were standing on the top of Shushan, and looking up at the sky, they were like they were watching brilliant fireworks.

It can be said that this is the best battle between the most brilliant and powerful two people of Shushan in this era!

No, it may be said that no one in the whole realm can compare with these two people. What made the Shushan Taoists proud was that both men are from Shushan and are equally outstanding.

This splendid firework lasted for a couple of minutes. Then the sky was twisted, the ripples were expanding and disappearing, and then the colossal Sword Gods entity was slowly dissolved.

“The same sword God style was released in the hands of these two legends.”

Taking a breath, and an elder of Shushan shouted.

“it’s a different skill!”

Dugu Yuyun looked up at the sky, watching the battle between the two, and his eyes were full of admiration.

Situ Zhong looked at the decisive battle between them.

“Oh, uncle Chang Yi is back. I’m afraid I can’t drink much wine now. II must hurry to look for a reason to get down of the mountain.”

“Hey, I heard that there is a holy aunt from Miao Land who seems to have a connection with Brother Dugu. I need to meet her.”

A smirk appeared in his face; Situ Zhong glanced at Dugu Yuyun, who was observing the war.

Gradually, the sky calmed down, and the two of them stood in the void.

“hmmm, I didn’t expect that you had already upgraded the sword God to such a state.”

Chang Hao was staring at Qin, Yi, with admiration.

He knew that Qin Yi had reached forgetting the Dao level; he is one of a Bellion man!

You must know that the peer student in front of him has also crossed the path of forgetfulness. His longevity, coupled with such strength, where he puts it, is enough to be the strong one of Zhenzong!

“Brother Chang Hao, do you want to stop?”

“But I have another skill, want to show you!”

Qin Yi said and waved his sword.


Instantly nine giant sword’s handles covered the sky, lined up, and were shining brightly.

“Whistling Sword to the Nine Heavens!”

After whispering this, Qin Yi waved.

In an instant, the nine handles cut the sky, then disappeared.

Chang Hao’s eyes narrowed. Although Qin Yi’s skill did not look very powerful, his survival instinct was sure that the danger was enormously increased.

Within a couple of seconds, he had sensed that there were piercing sword Qi spikes in the void above his head.

“Drunk Immortal moonwalk!”

He dashed, Chang Hao’s body seemed to shake like a drunk, and he dodged the critical attack instantly.

But he knew it wasn’t over yet.