The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 45: the Tower

The golden light diffused through the air, and several giant swords appeared in an instant, and it was a thick chain binding the giant swords, shaking the world.

“Boom boom, boom!”

A series of explosions burst out, and Chang Hao retreated, his pupils shrank.

“What kind of sword skill is this?”

“There is no such skill in Shushan!” He was shocked.

Even if he dodged it, Chang Hao’s chest hurt him, and his breath was unstable. (It’s Covis-19 Virus dude)

Nine Qi swords, their power was shocking.

However, Qin Yi’s attack was not over yet.

He tossed several pieces of copper coins, were immediately scattered and spilled out. Then the copper coins expanded and became larger; a golden light diffused from it, then In a blink of an eye, they surrounded Chang Hao.

“Heaven coins!”


Chang Hao’s eyes widened. He clenched his right hand and suddenly waved it out and roared.

“Myriad Swords Art!!”

countless Qi Swords appeared immediately, rushed out at an incredible speed, accurately penetrated every copper coin, and prevented this attack.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and he slightly smiled.

Chang Hao is indeed the head of Shushan. He could easily prevent such attacks, which was beyond his expectation.

“Chang Hao, you are powerful!” Qin Yi sighed.

This battle is not over yet, and the struggle between the two will continue. Although Chang Hao’s breath was unstable, under all these attacks, he showed no flaw. However, he showed his profound cultivation.

“Chang Yi, do you think that the leader can’t take you?” Chang Hao said with a deep tone.

“We are not comparable in our cultivation levels! but my combat skill! “

With a fixed look, Qin Yi sneered.

“fills this gap and more!”

Chang Hao was furious, he waved his hand, and his figure turned into flash, and rushed to Qin Yi again.

“Sword Control demon, sword myriad!”

With a roar, the sword in Chang Hao’s hand shone out and released a wheel from Qi swords, and when he waved again, the wheel covered the sky.

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed at this moment, and the Mortal-slayer in his hand turned into a streamer, colliding quickly with the wheel of swords.

Chang Hao’s unique sword skill was very powerful and mysterious. Even Qin Yi never hear about it.

“Stop and go back to Shushan with me, plead your guilt, and take your punishment!”

He shouted and shook the sky. Chang Hao waved his sword, again and again, the Qi swords burst out towards Qin Yi.

“That’s not enough!”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed; his whole body was distorted at this moment.

“Senpō! Shinra Tensei!! “

A circle of visible waves rolled out towards the surrounding area. The air is twisted like waves blowing away!

Chang Hao’s wheel of swords was quickly eliminated.

“Chang Yi!”

Shocked, Chang Hao quickly retreated and was not hit by this rapidly expanding horrible repulsion.

He found that he had underestimated his opponent, Chang Yi’s sword skills, and immortals’ tricks, which had just used, clearly had nothing to do with Shu Shan. There are some he heard about it from other factions, but he also has skills that he had never been seen before.

“What have you do these years?”

Chang Hao was shocked.

The man in front of him is already a tough opponent. As the leader, his cultivation realm is almost the highest level of the whole Shu mountain and the world. his swordsmanship cultivation is superior too, and his combat power is the highest. But in the face of Qin Yi at this time, he was unable to overcome him.

“You will never understand my progress!”

Qin Yi said. In the repulsive circle, sword lights burst out. With the help of this fast-spreading force, they flew out in a blink of an eye.


A sword, burst out, turned into a streamer, formed a sword dragon, and hit Chang Hao.


With a loud roar, Chang Hao released the immortal seal.

“Head Runes!”

The runes were flying out quickly, blocking the void and destroying some Qin Yi’s light swords. But more and more swords were coming, which made Chang Hao keep retreating.

Finally, with a roar, a massive circle of rune expanded rapidly to several kilometers in a second, emitting red light.

“Demon flame, flash, cut!”

The rune convulsed the void, and fire bursts out.

Countless swords flew into this rune, like a moth fluttering around the fire, disappeared in a blink of an eye, with no sound.

This is the strongest rune skill of the Shushan School. Qin Yi knew that trick, but he didn’t learn it. Its mighty power can destroy a mountain in an instant and burn a village.

Breathing slowly, Qin Yi stood in the air; he was staring at Chang Hao.

He suddenly smiled and uttered a word that shocked Chang Hao.

“I want to enter the lock demon Tower!”

“What are you kidding me!”

Chang Hao was furious.

“I fought you for my pleasure to make you unhappy. Now it seems that it is not easy to defeat you.”

“And you can’t catch me if you want to!”

Qin Yi said lightly.

Chang Hao was angry, but he couldn’t say anything.

The strength of the other side is indeed beyond his imagination. He couldn’t capture him, but this does not mean that he can’t.

Shu Shan’s imprisonment curse, and many curse combinations, that pushed and locked the strongest demons, he could use it to defeat Qin Yi. To clean up Qin Yi, he does not necessarily need to fight him!

The method of sealing and cursing magics have infinite power.

However, these methods have the adverse effects of making the enemy weak and mentally disordered. As the leader, he is not ready to do that for a man of his same clan.

“The magic master’s skill is about to be functioned. We must stop him!”

“You don’t know what the lock demon tower is! After you enter and follow Jiang, you don’t know how much loss will we suffer if we lose you too!”

Chang Hao roared.

When Qin Yi heard this, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes, then he sneered.

“What do you think will happen to me?”

“If you Chang Hao can’t defeat that demon lord, or you don’t dare to kill him, you think I can’t?  just take care of Shushan.”

“And if Jiang Qing stays in the tower for extra time, he will face more danger.”

“As far as I am concerned, ten lord demons are no better than one Jiang Qing!” His words made Chang Hao almost speechless.

“Bastard, you are reckless. I will send more disciples to you.”

Qin Yi sneered at Chang Hao and then rushed down.

“I am is more than enough!”

Chang Hao was so angry.

“Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!

“Do you want to go in and out of the lock demon tower?”

“Stop it, motherfucker!”

“It’s too dangerous, son of a bitch. Stop it; I’m your leader!”

“You will die!”

Qin Yi heard the angry words of Chang Hao. He listened to a trace of concern and anxiety from this scolding.

But Qin Yi ignored it and brushed his sleeves to speed up,  he just said.

“I’ll come out myself, don’t worry!”

“Arrogant, asshole, jerk !!!”

Chang Hao gradually dissipated as Qin Yi’s speed became faster and faster.

At this moment, at the foot of Shushan mountain, Qin Yi felt a terrible killing intent broke out. Qin Yi looked down and saw a large and ferocious figure looking up to the sky, emitting a mighty magic power, and was strolling.


His pupils shrank! Qin Yi realized who was coming.

At this time, Chang Hao had no time to talk and deal with him anymore, when Chang Hao saw him, he rushed down Shushan anxiously to fight Mozun.