The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 46: Collecting Demon Spirits

  “The disciples of Shushan listen to the order and quickly form thirty-six squads to stop the enemy!”

“Chang Yi, you must bring back Jiang Qing, or you will have a problem!”

Chang Hao was anxious. He could not pay attention to Qin Yi anymore. He fell to Shu mountain and gave orders to prepare for battle.

Qin Yi was now standing in front of the lock demon tower.

Qin Yi didn’t respond; just a slight smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

There are two reasons for coming to Shushan this time. One is to fight with Chang Hao to verify his strength. The other is to rescue Jiang Qing and persuade him to join the Qin Hua School.

There is a saying that no one enters the lock demon tower and goes out, especially for the disciples of Shushan mountain.

All of them were corrupted or turned to ghosts, and all the inhabitants of the tower hate mountain disciples a lot. This is also the reason why Chang Hao generally did not allow Shu mountain disciples to enter.

Compared with the outside world, this tower is like another world. There are many labyrinths, monsters emerge in endlessly and are extremely dangerous.

However, for Qin Yi, the lock demon tower is different.

In it, there are not only Jiang Qing but also powerful monsters and ghosts. These things may be evil to Shushan and the people of the world, and they must be eliminated. But in Qin Yi’s view, they are the cornerstone of one of the forces in the world of the Chinese Paladins in the future!

“If we can bring in a large number of monsters, it will be great.”

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and Qin Yi smiled strangely.

When he becomes more powerful, he will be able to build a significant faction to construct the world Portal and connect the two worlds.

This is an opportunity to enlarge his people and power. Still, there is another opportunity, which is not mentioned for the time being.


After a couple of hand seals, the door of the lock demon tower slowly opened.

All of a sudden, a wind of evil spirits blew, Qin Yi, frowned.

This is the opposite energy of Qi and true essence. As a man of cultivation, he disgusted.

Behind him, two disciples guarding the pagoda hesitated; they didn’t know what to say. Finally, they said something.

“Elder, be careful, stay safe!”

“Bring Master Jiang Qing out!”

Another added.

Qin, Yi nodded and stepped in.

“Then let me see, the legendary lock demon Tower!”

After that stone old gate, there is another world!

Qin Yi closed his eyes and stepped into the lock demon tower, and when he opened his eyes, he had already seen another world.

In this mystical realm, infinite demon spirits were spread all over the air; huge diamond columns traverse the sky, chains with black luster were everywhere, The ghosts were floating, fluctuating and emitting a cold atmosphere.

Looking around, Qin Yi can see everything.

This is the first time for him to enter the legendary lock demon tower. He knew a bit about the origin of the lock demon tower in Shushan.

They say that the lock demon tower was built by Emperor Liang Wu, the emperor of the Southern Dynasty, who believed in Buddhism and denounced Shu mountain as a heresy. He ordered the eminent monks to go to Shu mountain and built the lock demon tower. He collected all the Vajra and white jade stones in the world; it took more than 20 years to get built. In the end, the Monks cast a spell to the lock demon tower. 

The people of cultivation fought hard, Emperor Liang Wudi failed. Finally, the lock demon tower fell into the hands of Shushan school.

Afterward, the Shushan got the praise of the gods. They blessed the lock demon tower to imprisoned demons and evil ghosts and could not escape. With time, there were countless monsters in it, and the magic lock tower has finally become the feature of the divine power of Shushan.

At the moment, Qin Yi entered the lock demon tower and observed the content of the tower.

Dead bodies are almost everywhere, some were human beings, and some were not. In front of his eyes, there was a green and misty scene; the spirits were so angry that the scene chills the bones of Cultivators.

He looked up; it seems that strange liquid fall constantly from the sky of this realm, the water evaporated, floating in the air, forming mist, with corrosion effect.

Qin Yi knew that this liquid is the blessed water dropped from the God Realm, which had a strong corroding effect on the demon in the tower.

The lock demon tower is different from an ordinary tower. As soon as you enter the tower, you will be on the ninth floor. It will enter successively from top to bottom. The first floor is supported by the Seven Star Dragon column. If the column is destroyed, the lock demon tower will collapse. The protagonist of the series Li Xiaoyao destroyed the dragon column in the original story. The whole lock demon tower just collapsed and split.

Thanks to the blessed water. The monsters can’t get close to the dragon column.

Qin Yi stepped forward, and his steps were slow, but it got faster gradually.

The primary goal of coming to this tower is to meet with Jiang Qing.

“It has been a long time since Jiang Qing entered the tower. Must speed up! “

Qin Yi finally turned into a flash from his speed, the monster and ghosts in the first level, were not powerful.

He just activated his sword intent and rushed forward, and was able to crush a large number of monsters without effort.

The problem is that there are many labyrinths in the tower. Qin Yi spent some time to find the way to the eighth floor.

Qin Yi continued to descend the tower all the way. When he reached the seventh floor, he saw Yue Rouxia surrounded by demons.

There are many monsters in the tower, and if it is not the righteous person, the blessed water will attack indiscriminately. Yue Rouxia in this tower was naturally affected by it, and her skills are weakened all the time.

Qin Yi sighed, held his hands, and walked forward. After three steps!

“Ten thousand swords!”

All of a sudden, the swords of light flickered, and countless swords burst out, smashing many monsters directly.

“Uncle Chang Yi!”

Yue Rouxia turned around and was surprised to see Qin Yi.

“Well, Jiang Qing should be not far ahead. Let’s speed up to find him.”

Qin Yi nodded and said in a deep tone.

The lower level of the floor in this tower, the denser the atmosphere, and the more powerful monsters. The bless water effectiveness increased. When Jiang Qingyi entered the tower, he was eager to find Yue Rouxia; he would continue to go down as fast as he could.


Hearing his words, Yue Rouxia nodded; she was anxious.

She didn’t expect her Father servant Kong Lin to be so despicable and used her to deceive Jiang Qing, before the war to make Shushan weaker. It was already too late when she knew that.

Qin Yi and Yue Rouxia on his side, advancing very fast. However, in two hours, they had already reached the sixth floor.

On the sixth floor, the monsters were stronger. There are some, even though their bodies had been turned into a corpse, there were still living like Ghosts in it, waiting for the resurrection of the great demon. Just because of the existence of the blessed water, the strength of these monsters had declined.

Qin Yi estimated that these monsters have the power of the sixth and seventh levels of cultivators, which was already quite impressive.

Moreover, these monsters have many mysteries. Even if their bodies died, their spirits still exist, which is magical. They are still waiting for their freedom in the future, to regenerate their bodies and regenerate themself.

When he wielded his long sword, he cut off 18 monsters in a row. His sword intent was concentrated in his body, and it was so strong that demons and ghosts were afraid of him.

When he reached in front of the 19th demon body arrived, the spirit hidden in it was shivering and frightened to the extreme.

He thought of his early days; he was a strong demon who shocked the world and caused riots. But at this moment, he was very scared in the face of that young man.

“Get out and surrender to me, or you will die!”

Qin Yi stood in front of the corpse and said in a deep tone.

He has no interest in the little monsters and ghosts on the previous floors, but when he came to this layer, these monsters are already powerful. If he could find a way to help them to regenerate their flesh in the future, these monsters will be more powerful when they return back to life.

For Qin Yi, these big demons have a great value.

“Cultivator, I am willing to surrender to you, please don’t kill me!”

He killed 18 monsters and ghosts in a row. The monsters were terrified. Even though he was stronger than those monsters and had been in the tower for a long time, he was still afraid.

“your killing intent is impressive, young man, you are amazing! “

A pale white-bearded old man appeared in front of Qin Yi. He is the ghost.

“I have a soul gathering gourd here. come here.”

Qin Yi took out a purple gourd and said lightly.

The big demon hesitated for a moment. If there is any poison in the purple gourd, or might he will be imprisoned there.

“If you don’t want to enter, you will just die!”

Qin Yi said with an indifferent face.

“yes! Show some mercy!”

The old man jumped up, turned into a wisp of white Qi, and rushed into the purple gourd.

“you are a dragon!”

Qin Yi was surprised to see the dragon-shaped white ghost.

Afterward, he collected the purple gourd and continued to move forward.