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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 47: Friends Never Say Goodbye

Along the way, he collected eleven monsters in a row and hid them in the gourd; they were jackals, wolves, tigers, and leopards… and so on demons.

When he was about to reach the end of this layer, Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed.

“There he is!”

“Jiang Qing!”

Not far ahead, surrounded by dozens of big demons, Jiang Qing’s silhouette appeared from the dark, almost all over the void, and his sword intent was all over the space, stirring up ripples. When Qin Yi arrived there, He could feel the amazing sword Intent.

“Jiang Qing!”

Yue Rouxia shouted excitedly; she was anxious.

At this level, when two people were walking together, the number of monsters they met was significantly few. When they were on their way, they did not know what’s going on. But when they reached Jiang Qing, they could understand that the big demons in this layer are all gathered here.

Jiang Qing, who was eagerly searching for Yue Rouxia, was definitely the most powerful in the tower. He went all the way. The weak monsters didn’t dare to get close; he leaped fast and quickly. But the strong demons on this level thought that they had a Chance when they attack together.

At a glance, all around him was full of the dense of demons; a demon monster in the rear was grim, he roared.

“Kill him! All the people of Shushan should die!”

Different from those demon spirits Qin Yi took, there were strong demons here, even those with their alive demon bodies, they were powerful and capable of erupting into terrifying fighters.

Jiang Qing may take off one or two. But at this moment, he was facing numerous monsters.


His sword intent spread and Jiang Qing’s eyes turned red, his killing intent was terrifying.

“Sword Art: control the demon, myriad swords!”

He waved his hand and, the sky was full of sharp Qi swords. The monsters in front were destroyed almost in an instant. But soon, there was more and more in a row.

As they trapped in this tower for hundreds of years, these monsters have gone mad. Now they met a disciple of Shushan mountain. Even if they fight for their lives, they have a target that could release their long-time rage on it. Suppressed and blocked for countless years, these monsters have been outraged.


Jiang Qing gasped violently. Facing the powerful and endless monsters, he was already exhausted. There are many mystical purple scratches on his body from these monsters.

The lock demon tower is the place that all the enemies of Shushan were locked. The monsters will not be gentle to him!

Under such circumstances, it is not easy for Jiang Qing to be able to fight back them without showing his weakness and exhaustion.

However, even if he crushes the monsters in front of him, how long can he handle the next layer? Where is his beloved wife, Yue Rouxia, he will find it? Is it OK?

All this made Jiang Qing crazy and unstable!

He not only worried about the safety of Yue Rouxia, but he also knew that there was a child in his wife’s belly.

That’s precisely why he just left everything behind even if he had to fight against Shu mountain and risk to enter the lock demon tower.

“Rouxia, you must be safe!”

His heart thumped, and he gritted his teeth. His sword intent was boiling, and his momentum was incomparable.

Just then, behind the monsters above, there was a scream.


“There is another one!”

“this one is mighty!”

Furious, overbearing, with his mighty king’s spirit, suppressed the horror and sword of all beings here. At this moment, a large number of demons, almost in an instant, were smashed. The tightly blocked passage became empty in an instant.

Jiang Qing was stunned and thrilled.

“Uncle Chang Yi!”

He was naturally familiar with this overbearing sword intent; it was from the grandmaster he respects the most.

Sure enough, the sword Qi had already rushed out, and a large number of demons have been swept out.

In the passage, one person, one sword, walking forward slowly, his eyes were sharp, his sword was magnificent, it suppresses everything, a six-pointed star was glowing between his eyebrows, that was the king that was Qin Yi.

“friend, I’m here to help you!”

Qin Yi shouted, he cut them off, made the beasts tremble.

Jiang Qing saw Qin Yi, his emotions were more stable, he took a long breath, and he looked up and roared.

“Yes, Master Chang Yi!”

In life, It is difficult to get a confidant friend, and It’s even harder to find a friend who can help you in difficult times!

Qin Yi’s appearance at this time undoubtedly stabilized Jiang Qing’s mood.

At this moment, they sandwiched the monsters in the middle.

Swords pointed up, almost at the same moment, they roared.

“Sword Controlling Technique!”

Two sword lights flashed out and circled the void in front of them.

Sharp swords cut off the heads of countless monsters in an instant, making them scream in horror.

But it was not over yet; they stepped forward with significant momentum.

“Myriad Swords Art!”

Countless monsters died, to picture the scene precisely think about the dungeons in RPG games.

“Heavenly sword style!”

Two huge long swords were splayed into the sky, and they shattered the void.

A large number of monsters were cut and smashed, and all of a sudden, there were cries in the passage.

“Too fierce! We can’t do anything!”

“A lot of demons died, escape!”

“I want to live a few more years, let’s go!”

Suddenly, a monster exclaimed, using the escape skill, he flew.

Qin Yi joined in with Jiang Qing to form a powerful force. These two people were on the top of Shushan mountain; they were almost the strongest without count Chang Hao.

In a couple of seconds, all the demons ran for their lives.

“You are so impulsive! Jiang Qing!”

Qin Yi stepped over and said in a deep tone.

“Uncle Chang Yi! It’s Rouxia! “

Jiang Qing looked down at Qin Yi and said with a sigh.

He knew that he had rushed into the lock demon tower, which made the headmaster angry and violated the rules of the Shushan sect. He also made his elder friend rush in; he caused significant troubles. He was humiliated.

“Yue Rouxia is with me, don’t worry!”

But with a smile, Qin Yi let Jiang Qing see the woman behind him.

Suddenly, Jiang Qing’s body shook, and his body flashed, and he hugged the woman from her arms.

“Great! That’s Great, you are fine!”

Jiang Qing was incoherent, very excited, and his whole body was shaking.

“It’s one of Kong Li’s tricks. I wasn’t even caught in the lock demon tower.”

With tears in her eyes, Yue Rouxia hugged Jiang Qing and said with a clear voice.

“It doesn’t matter; it doesn’t matter, as long as you are fine.”

“It’s OK!”

Jiang Qing hugged her, and he was excited. Although he smiled on his face, tears have covered his face unconsciously.

Qin Yi stood in the rear, looking at this scene, and emotions overwhelmed him.

He knows that only true love can show this scene.

He didn’t hesitate to take at all risks. Even though it is a conspiracy, Jiang Qing was willing to step into it in person as long as there is one-tenth of a million possibilities.

And she knew that it was a conspiracy and she entered to save him.

that is the essence of life, love; it teaches people how to live together!