The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 48: Out of the Tower

Qin completed one of his tasks after finding Jiang Qing in the tower.

Jiang Qing is a handsome and easy-going person, whose character is firm, gentle and emotional. It can be said that if this person is in any novel, he will be the protagonist with positive energy.

With talent and virtue, he can be regarded as a model of decent people.

But after breaking the rules of the Shushan, Jiang Qing became hesitant and tangled. At this time, to Yue Rouxia, he broke into the lock demon tower, violated the order of the master, and did not feel anything when he was on his rage. At this moment, when he thought about it, he felt sad.

“Uncle Chang Yi, Shushan…”

Jiang Qing just sighed with a complicated face before he finished speaking.

“I have no face to face, Shushan.”

Yue Rouxia next to him tightened Jiang Qing’s right hand, his eyes worried.

“If you have no face to face Shushan, then I am afraid that I will not be nice in front of the elders and ancestors of Shushan.”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, and then he turned.

“In fact, before entering the lock demon tower, I fought with Chang Hao.”

“That stubborn old man will not repent if I didn’t kick his ass.”

Jiang Qing’s face was surprised: “but, clearly, we did something wrong, I and Ruoxia, Grand Uncle you and.”

Speaking of which, Jiang Qing did not go on.

There are universal concepts. Knowing that that was not right, he will feel guilty. But at this time, looking at the expression of the Grand Uncle, it seemed that he had no guilt.

“In the world, love is the only thing that can connect races.”

“This is the way of nature, so why bother?”

“Shushan, hmph, does Shushan, the world must be right?”

“It’s enough to do what you think is right!”

Qin Yi said lightly, Jiang Qing’s eyes widened.

After a few breaths, he took a breath and felt shocked and admired Qin Yi’s bold thinking.

You have to do what you believe, not what the people believe!

Jiang Qing had lived for so many years, but the only man he saw speak out of this is Chang Yi.

“Jiang Qing, I know you feel guilty, this Shushan Mountain.” After a pause, Qin Yi’s eyes sharpened. 

“Neither you nor I can stay any longer.” Hearing this, Jiang Qing’s eyes were dim. Now that it was over, he had no face to stay in Shushan.

“To be honest, I had built a new school outside, called Qinhua sect!”

“If you are interested, you can join me.”

Qin Yi said directly, leaving Jiang Qing stunned.

“Uncle, are you a master of a school?”

Qin Yi nodded.

“I did some adventures Over these years outside.”

Jiang, Qing thought genuinely. He already felt the difference in Qin Yi’s style. The style of a normal Taoist from Shushan is effortless to perceive, but the style of Qin Yi was mixed with something else.

“Uncle, I have nothing to say. In the future, I will live a free life beside you.”

With a long sigh, Jiang Qing said softly.

“Good!” Qin Yi looked joyful and nodded.

Jiang Qing was definitely a master. He fights against Chang Hao on a par.

He was known as the first heir to Shushan after Chang Hao.

“I want to catch some spirits and monsters. As the Senior Elder of Qinhua sect, you can help me?”

Now that he had confessed to Jiang Qing, Qin Yi said directly.

Naturally, the latter would not object, so they began to wander in the lock demon tower.

There are many powerful spirits in the pagoda. Under the joint efforts of the two, the monsters were afraid to show up.

Walking to the third floor all the way, the two caught only a ten demon, and Qin Yi shook his head.

Further down, when they reached the second floor, the pupils of the three walking all the way were contracted slightly.

At this point, it was already close to the bottom of the lock demon tower, the blessed water became more powerful, and even them were affected. The suppression of demon spirits can naturally be imagined. The monsters of this layer are all-powerful, and some of them have lived for thousands of years. Their bodies are smashed, and only their spirits were left, but they were arrogant. They hide their figures, and if they don’t come out, they will not be aware of them.

Moving carefully along the way until the entrance to the first floor, the two looked at each other, somewhat helplessly.

Strangely, they didn’t encounter a monster.

In this layer, they saw that the skeleton of a demon’s body had gone through hundreds of years. Even after a long time, it still exuded a strong atmosphere.

Such a demon must be powerful before death. After comparison, they concluded that such a monster, even Shushan at the moment, was not his opponent at all.

It’s hard to imagine how Shushan sealed these monsters into the lock demon tower in the long past.

After stepping on the first floor, space was relatively narrower. The Seven dragon pillar stood high and stood like the heavenly pillar. The dragon body was coiled on it, exuding a great sense of suppression.

“Why did Shushan disciples come here?”

When the three persons were looking up at the seven-dragon pillar, a dull voice suddenly emerged from the void.

Immediately afterward, A monster with three heads and six arms, his face was fierce, appeared in the air.

Qin Yi and Jiang Qing raised their heads and looked at the dark-skinned man with a powerful aura, their eyes narrowed.

They all felt the power of terror from this big guy.

“Are you King Ming?”

Qin, Yi suddenly asked.

The big man was slightly shocked, then he said with a grin.

“I didn’t expect you to know me!”

“But I am now the King of the lock demon tower, the god who guards the lock demon tower, disciples of Shushan; I ask you to leave quickly!”

Qin Yi sighed, he had moved from the ninth floor to the first floor, he was want to get out.

“Since we are both disciples of Shushan mountain, please take us out.”

Jiang Qing’s eyes twinkled, and he didn’t speak. He felt the same characteristics of Shushan guys from the tower’s king.

“It’s okay to send you out, the king, don’t want to make trouble with his old partners.” He said with a smile.

“then, let us go out quickly.”

Qin Yi said.

The latter stunned sneered and waved with one hand.

Suddenly, a flashing teleportation portal appeared in front of the three.

“Go away!”