The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 49: The New Leader

   The three of them did not hesitate to step on the portal. Their figures were distorted, and they had disappeared from the lock demon tower.

    The king watched them leave; he got back hidden.

    A trick caught him before he became the King of Lock demon tower. He was not a good person. He had evil intentions. If the two were not strong, he would leave them there.

    On the top of Shu Mountain.

    At this moment, it was chaos, broken swords were everywhere, and blood stained the ground. The formerly neat rows of buildings were also crooked and damaged. There were even places where it was still burning.

    The battle with Mozun was over. Although Shushan had not been defeated, it had suffered a lot.

    Thirty-six elite disciples formed a sword array and collided with Mozun. Although they repelled him, they lost thirty. The leader of Shushan, Chang Hao, was seriously injured and spitting blood, and he was pale.

    During the period when Qin Yi entered the tower, Shushan and Mozun had a great war, both sides suffered significant losses, and the team of Mozun was almost wiped out, and finally, the rest fled.

The three persons appeared on the sword Qi stage.

Compared with the original liveliness and leisure of Shushan mountain, the mood was gloomy.

“Let’s go and meet Chang Hao.”

Qin Yi glanced around and sighed at the situation of Shushan.

    Although this situation was beneficial to him, this moody atmosphere made him annoyed. Jiang Qing next to him was even more uncomfortable, at this time, his eyes fluctuated, and his fists were clenched.

    In the end, he sighed.

    “I won’t go, uncle Tai.”

    “Tell me where the Qin Hua School is, I’ll wait for you there!”

    Qin Yi was startled, then nodded: “Alright.”

   After a couple of seconds, Jiang Qing closed his eyes; then he rose into the sky with Yue Rouxia, he turned into a beam and disappeared in the sky.

Since he could not face it, Jiang Qing chose not to face it.

    After standing for a while, Qin Yi stepped forward.

    A minute later, he had come to the Everlasting Pavilion.

   He entered the Wuji Pavilion.

    “You came out!” Chang Hao said.

    Qin Yi looked up, and his pupils shrank suddenly: “You!”

    Chang Hao’s hair was white, his cheeks were wrinkled, and his eyes were dull. He looked like he was Madara before he died, Qin Yi was shocked.

“In the battle with Mozun, Shushan won, but I did.”

    Chang Hao shook his head. Although he listened to his words, Qin Yi knew that Chang Hao spirit and Qi were broken.

    He was severely hit, and his end maybe soon.

    “I am no longer qualified to be the leader of Shushan.”

    He looked at Qin Yi, Chang Hao whispered.

    “I’m going to give Jiang Qing the position of the leader. Since you came out, where is Jiang Qing?”

    “He’s gone!”

    Qin Yi said.

    “I know Jiang Qing’s character, he must be unable to face us, and he can’t abandon the demon’s daughter.”

    Coughing twice, Chang Hao said.

    “So, I am going to give you this position.”

Qin Yi was surprised. He interrupted directly: “you want to give me the position of Shushan leader?”

Chang Hao, isn’t he stupid? He will give Shushan to the only one who stood before him and fought him!

“Yes, Jiang Qing’s option is not available, and Dugu Yuyun is not here too. I can only give it to you; you will be the leader of Shushan as Xu wanted!”

Chang Hao nodded and said in a grave tone.

    Speaking of which, he stared at Qin Yi again and said something that made Qin Yi stunned.

    “What? does this result is not what did you expect?”

    Qin Yi was silent.

    All of this was what Qin Yi had planned. Whether it was a battle with Chang Hao, or later rescued Jiang Qing, or appeared in front of Chang Hao at this time, it was arranged in advance.

    He is familiar with the development of the plot, so he can naturally make a slight change according to his plan so that everything became beneficial to himself.

“you had fought me and showed that you have the strength of leader, qualification, and talent!”

“you saved Jiang Qing, shew your love to Shushan and justice, and offset the negative impact of loving a demon girl.”

    “you are the one, Chang Yi. “

    Chang Hao said.

    Qin Yi was expressionless, facing the old leader sitting cross-legged on the ground.

    “I’m the one because there is no one but me, right? you have to give me the leader?”

    “I know that you have big ambitions, and even Shushan can’t satisfy it. If I had the choice, I would not give the lead to you.”

    “But now, yes, I cannot choose. “

    Shaking his head, Chang Hao sighed.

    “Shushan needs you at this time!”

The dialogue ended.

On the second day, Chang Hao announced in Wuji pavilion that he would pass the leadership to Qin Yi.

    So far, Qin Yi became the twenty-fifth leader of Shushan, commanding all affairs of Shushan, and became the highest representative and symbol of the entire Mortal Realm.

    On this day, Qin Yi looked majestic, wearing a green robe and holding the seal of the leader of Shu mountain, moved into Wuji Pavilion.

    He became the leader of Shushan, which made the name resound throughout the Cultivation world.

    On the third day, Qin Yi stepped out of Shu Mountain, chasing the demons that ran away in the battle of Muzon.

    The injured Demon Lord chose to hide and dared not show up.

    Qin Yi captured One hundred and thirty-two demon and sent them into the lock demon tower.

    At this moment, all the people and demons and other races knew Qin Yi, his famous name spread throughout the world.

the new leader of Shushan was more powerful and oppressive than any other leader in the past

    All he did was to deter, consolidate his position, and show his strength.

It has to be said that Qin Yi did an excellent job. On the fourth day, the whole world had become peaceful, hundreds of demons have disappeared, and the world was calm.

On the same day, Qin Yi raised his sword and went back to Shu mountain.

    At the same moment, Chang Hao was struggling to stand up.

    “Are you going to do this? Master!”

Dugu Yu said with a sigh.

“If I removed his love, he will be stronger. and Shushan will reach its prime!”

“I’m not talking about the pseudo prosperity that Xu Changqing achieved, but the real prosperity!”

“There will be no longer struggling to the mortal realms.”

“With him, Shushan will enter an unimaginable situation, and he will become the second hero after the founder of Shushan, Tai Qing, and become a legend!”

    “But with her there, it won’t work. “

 Chang Hao walked to the door slowly.

“I’ve done a lot of wrong things.”

    “But I want to do one right thing as a legacy to my wicked life, just one thing.”

    “and make my name unforgettable in the history of Shushan!”

    Said while he was stepping away.

    “Let my death be meaningful!”

Du Gu Yuyun closed his eyes, and tears appeared under his eyes.