The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 50: Sacrifice

    The afterglow of sunset, like a layer of golden sand, slowly fell on Shushan Mountain.

    Dugu Yuyun closed his eyes and faced the crossing road from Shushan to the bottom of the mountain.

For hundreds of years, Shushan has been standing high, inseparable from the selfless dedication of generations of leaders and disciples. They may have many sorts of defects and deficiencies in their personalities, either they got respected or hated by people. Like Chang Hao, who does not like female disciples, he dismissed all women and sent them down the mountain.

But they served Shushan well, and their hearts were always towards Shushan, never turning.

On this point, Qin Yi was essentially different from these people. He came to the world, with his own ambitions, with his own business to do.

He had never forgotten his identity. Although he spent more time in this world than he spent in the king’s world, Qin Yi’s king identity is profound. Qin Yi knew deeply what he was here for.

The second day after Chang Hao left, Qin Yi returned to Shu mountain with his sword.

He looked cool and prestigious, Shushan disciples admired him.

    In the eyes of the disciples, Qin Yi was the man that restore Shushan’s glory, the man who cleaned the realm from demons and filled the lock demon tower.

    Subsequently, Qin Yi returned to Wuji Pavilion.

The authority of the leader of Shushan is naturally different from that of ordinary disciples or elders. They can access the experience and sword skills left by previous leaders. This is a unique convenience, determined by their status.

    The gate of Wuji was suddenly closed in the eyes of the disciples and elders, and Qin Yi was alone.

    “Chang Hao, Xu Changqing, Qing Wei, and then up, to Tai Qing!”

    His eyes twinkled, Qin Yi smiled.

    The cultivation experience, notes, and sword skills of the twenty-four leaders were all displayed in front of him at this moment.

    For Qin Yi, these things are priceless. If he can comprehend it one by one, it will be a great help to the improvement of his realm and strength.

  He knows very well that this period of meditation will be a period of rapid progress in his strength.

After he reached the realm of forgetting Tao, he had crossed a huge bottleneck and completed the transition from human to immortal. They are different from human beings. With the growth of their longevity, their body became perfect.

Qin Yi will seize this period. He wanted to integrate the martial arts of the past leaders of Shu mountain and create his way.

Shushan, Qiong Hua, the essence of these two schools, if he can merge them into one, turn them into his own, how strong will it be?

     “One law changes ten thousand laws; one sword changes ten thousand laws.” Qin Yi muttered.

If he can comprehend all of these and integrate them, then the tricks he came with can be powerful enough, and he will be able to break through a new world of opportunities!

Although there were storms in the place around them, Shushan was peaceful!

One day, after a month, on the Kunlun Mountain, a sword fell in a wobbly light.  

   “let’s find you, dear!” The old man with white hair and a haggard face waved his hands.

    He looked at the huge Kunlun Mountains; his eyes gleamed with light.    

 After gasping for a while on the top of the mountain, the old man’s trembling right hand extended and pointed a few times in the void.

    “Smoke wave mirror!”

    Like a ripple, a mirror-like image appeared before his eyes.

    In the mirror, the Qinhua school appeared.

    “Qinhua School!”

 The old man’s eyes narrowed as if he was thinking.

    He was zooming by his fingers in the mirror surface like it was a tablet or something, more and more, and a picture of a delicate female face appeared.

    “It’s her.”

    “The Demon Fox!”

 The old man’s eyes shrank, and he waved his right hand, dispelled the mirror.

    Afterward, he was leaping in the Kunlun Mountains towards the place where the woman was.

At first glance, this was an old man in a shabby Taoist robe. There is not a shred of a fierce and powerful atmosphere around him. No one would think that he was Chang Hao, the former leader of Shushan.

Chang Hao came here for the sake of An Yi.

He wanted just to cut off Qin Yi’s mortal sentiments to be the perfect leader of Shushan.

    Qin Yi didn’t understand it, he thought that he was free, and his love is not a barrier for his cultivation, he felt that he was controlling it! But Chang Hao had another opinion.

The way is the way! Although it is flexible, it is also rigid! And love is out of the question for Hao.

At this moment, maybe Qin Yi’s progress seemed rapid, but the more he got advanced, the narrower Qin Yi’s road was!

He will not be able to ascend the summit and become the most powerful immortal ever! Will miss, the only chance to challenge the god realm!

    “As long as this demon girl exists, Chang Yi, you will be astray!”

    “If the leader of Shushan needs help to became complete, I’m willing to do so!”

    Murmured, Chang Hao’s figure slowly disappeared.

That was three days and three nights. He was not in a hurry, but he moved forward steadily. When the fourth day came, he suddenly stopped.

    At the end of the jungle in front, if he was an ordinary person, he could not see the secret mountain gate at all, but Chang Hao’s eyes clearly see it.

“Qinhua sect!”

“here we are!”

His eyes suddenly became sharp at this moment.

Lifting his feet, Chang Hao stepped forward, his waist and legs straightened up, and his bones and joints made a “click” sound. His whole body was much higher at this moment.

 And like that, he was young at this time!

    After three steps, Chang Hao regained his youth. Although his robe still damaged, his momentum became stronger.

At this moment, he was Chang Hao, the leader of Shushan mountain, who was Majestic and had powerful sword intent.

    “You can only become Immortal when you sacrifice everything!”

“If you can’t do it, I will do it for you!” he said, Chang Hao stepped into Qinhua in one step.


All of a sudden, his sword intent soar to the sky, shook the mountains, forests, and the ground.

The mighty, aboveboard, sharp, and incomparable sword intent awakened all people in Qinhua.

    Chang Hao, one person with one sword, with indifferent eyes, he was terrifying!

As soon as he entered the Qinhua school, his eyes were directed to the place where An Yi was. His sharp eyes, even through numerous buildings, could see the latter directly.


An Yi woke up and was shocked by the sword’s intent. The blood spurted from her mouth. It was injured.

“Watch out! Enemy attack!”

“Someone is going to kill the leader’s wife!”