The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 52: This is the greatest and best Skill in the World… Tribute

    the air was rippling, and Chang Hao and An Yu suddenly disappeared.

    “Asshole !!”

    Li Yuan sighed.

    Jiang Qing also clenched his fists and gritted his teeth to vent, but didn’t know what to say.

No matter how talented and talented they were, they couldn’t do anything to the old man who came straight to Qin Yi’s wife.

“He used the last breath of his life and reached the threshold of death.”

    “We are not his opponents, even if Chang Yi is here, the result will not change!”

    After a long time, Jiang Qing sighed.

“Is Anyi dead?”

    Li Yuan asked anxiously.

He is the only one who knew the real identity of Qin Yi. If that guy gets upset, the world will fall upon their heads in the future. Shushan, heaven…god help them.

“At the last moment, Chang Hao gathered his sword intent, and with his strength, he created a great seal.”

    “An Yi was not dead, but she is in bigger trouble than death!”

    Jiang Qing frowned.

He could tell that Chang Hao used a seal called Shushan’s Zhenfeng; it was the highest one among them. He took Anyi to a place no one knew, a mysterious world that no one could find.

    “Not dead? Great!”

    Li Yuanli was surprised when he heard Jiang Qing’s words.

    “I’m afraid it’s bigger trouble than death. With my familiarity with the seals of Shushan, Chang Hao is using itself as a seal, he created a self-dimension and sealed An Yi in it.”

    Jiang Qing shook his head and said solemnly.


Li Yuan is confused and didn’t understand the meaning of this word.

“It’s an unknown realm, which is based on his body and spirit.”

“He didn’t kill Anyi, but he imprisoned her soul and body.”

“Besides, I’m afraid that the dimension will be maintained for only 15 years at most. After this time, if the dimension cannot be opened, Anyi will die with the boundary.”

     Jiang Qing said in a deep voice.  

   “Dead ?!” Li Yuan was stunned.   

  “yeah!” Jiang Qing explained.    

    Qin Yi was away; He was in charge of the Qin Hua sect. Now he had such a thing, which really makes him angry and afraid.

     Over the past ten years, that guy had become more and more advanced, and now he was the leader of Shushan. It is difficult to imagine what the other party will achieve in these few years. He was terrified.

     “What should I do?”

    “Go to the well of gods and demons and break through the realm to rescue Anyi!”  

   Jiang Qing said.  

“Isn’t the well of gods and Demons leading to the other five realms? It’s dangerous.”

    Li Yuan said hesitantly.

    “I know, and you have to know that with our strength, we can’t break through Chang Hao’s realm. If we want to break through, we need at least to reach the thirteenth realm, that is, Chang Hao’s cultivation level before his death.”

     Jiang Qing shook his head.

The thirteenth realm is the human realm. It is difficult to reach this step.

    The ninth realm is forgetting the Dao, the tenth is Abandoning the Dao, the eleventh realm is Reaching the Dao, the twelfth realm is Alchemy Dao, and the thirteenth realm is the Human Dao!

  The Human realm is the hardest realm to reach so far; even with Qin Yi’s talent, it may take decades.

This is why Jiang Qing considered Anyi dead.

    “We must conceal the truth from him!”

    Jiang Qing sighed after hesitating.

    “We Can’t!” Li Yuan sighed.

What a joke! Jiang Qing didn’t know Qin Yi’s identity!

“Not only can we not conceal it, but we should also tell him all about it.”

“the truth! An Yi is dead!”

    Li Yuanli’s expression changed; he clenched his fists and said fiercely.

    “What are you thinking about?”

    Jiang Qing asked strangely.

“You don’t understand. I’ll do it. I’ll send my disciples to Shushan immediately.”

    Li Yuanli gritted his teeth.

    He knew clearly that old man Chang Hao would not make all of these sacrifices and cost his life if he didn’t have his purpose.

Li Yuanli probably understood the cultivation system of this realm, and everything he did must be related to Tao. On the one hand, he can’t lie to the king. On the other hand, he can’t let old Chang Hao’s efforts go in vain.

    Jiang Qing is also a smart person, and he will understand it in a blink of an eye.

    “it’s a good idea to prevent him from going crazy.” Jiang Qing nodded.

    The next day, Li Yuanli sent some Qin Hua’s disciples to Shushan.

    The only thing that made Li Yuan relaxed for a while that Qin Yi was in seclusion and Qin Hua’s disciples couldn’t contact the latter.

    In a flash, five years have passed.

The gate of Wuji Pavilion in Shushan has been closed for five years. In these five years, a sect named Qinhua had risen strongly. They cut off demons and monsters. The skill of their disciples was no less than that of Shushan. Their fame spread all over the realm.

On this day, when the sun rose, the disciples of Shushan were practicing their Qi swords.

All of a sudden, a startling sword intent burst out of Wuji Pavilion and rushed out into the sky, which made people tremble.

“This is the sword intent of the leader!”

“What a powerful sword! It’s terrible!”

“in these five years, the leader’s power had multiplied!” Shushan’s disciples were very excited.

In the Zhenwu palace, Dugu Yuyun opened his eyes. His face had become quite mature at this time.

“he is worthy of being the Leader of Shu for thousands of years.”

“This horrible sword intent. Can it fight with the celestials soldiers of heaven?”

Deeply sighed, Dugu Yuyun admired it.

    The door of Wuji Pavilion suddenly opened, and a figure stepped out.

    “What is a sword?”

    “Everything in the world, grass and trees, rivers and lakes.”

    “Everything can be a sword!”

Said with a faint voice, Qin Yi came out from the whole Shu mountain with endless sword intent.

At this moment, the disciples of Shushan mountain were shocked to find that not only the swords on their waists were shaking but also the flowers, trees, water, and mountains… were shaking violently.

Qin Yi stood with his hands on his back and looks up at the sky. His eyes were bright by the blue sky reflection.

    “And this sword skill.”

    “Its the world-Bane!”

He realized it after five years; he understood the real meaning of the sword skills. The sword skills that had been mastered by the leaders of Shu mountain were integrated with Qionghua’s sword style and his style.

He had achieved the supreme sword skill.