The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 53: King’s Way

    Qin Yi understood the insights of the masters of Shushan and Qionghua; he merged all their sword skills into one skill.

    This move is called world-bane!

When he uses this sword skill, thousands of sword secrets skills will be available to use instantly with his mighty sword intent, and he can change from one skill to another. Every technique, every strike, has its own identity, after combining them, it can gather into a system and become one ultimate skill.

On top of swordsmanship, Qin Yi’s attainments have reached the ultimate limit of human beings.

    With his eyes closed, Qin Yi could feel that if he wanted, he could wave his sword in an instant and destroy the entire Shushan.

   Qin Yi smiled.

    This is the joy and happiness after getting the Tao, letting him express his true feelings and show his mood.

    At this moment, a sword flashed and suddenly came to Qin Yi.

    “Master!” a disciple with an anxious voice quickly said.

    Qin Yi opened his eyes and saw precisely the disciples of the Qin Hua School.

“Oh? You said

    “Mrs. Anyi, she.” Qin Hua’s disciples looked at Qin Yi’s calm face at the moment, but they were shocked by his sword intent. For a while, they couldn’t speak, and they couldn’t help but swallowed saliva.

“You don’t have to say it. I’ll go to Yuanli and ask him.” Qin Yi said.

Qin Yi looked to the sky, and he flew. At this moment, the power of the King became a roar from the body of the Golden Dragon.

    Qin Hua School.

Li Yuan was sitting cross-legged in the leader’s palace, meditating and cultivating. Suddenly, his body shook violently, and he looked frightened.

    “he’s finally here!”

    A silhouette appeared suddenly three feet before him.

     “Li Yuanli!” The sword intent was surging, and the King’s power was overwhelming.

     Li Yuan suddenly stood up when: “Your Majesty!”

 He saw him projecting his sword intent through the King’s power. That shocked him.

    It can be said that Qin Yi at this moment had already started integrating this King’s power system through the cultivation system of this different world, and gained more powerful strength.

    “What about An Yi?” Qin Yi asked lightly; his eyes were indifferent.

     “She, she’s dead.” Li Yuanli gritted his teeth.

     “It was Chang Hao; he killed her!” Li Yuanli closed his eyes, and Li Yuanli was extremely nervous and terrified.

     He knew very well that Qin Yi’s power must have climbed to a level he could not understand, just like the gap between them when they met each other in the Pirate World, well this gap tended to get farther and farther away.   

  “tell me the truth!”    

 “Yuanli, you should know the end of the crime of deceiving the king.”

“You are the only one from my kingdom in this world. I have always trusted you. Don’t try to deceive me.”

     Qin Yi stared at him, and his tone was deep.    

 Suddenly, Li Yuanli’s expression changed, and sweat was seeping from his forehead.   

“Chang Hao, he opened a self-dimension seal and sealed lady Anyi.” Li Yuanli shivered.

At this moment, he was terrified of the extreme. Qin Yi put high pressure on him. In front of this man, he dared not even hide a trace.

    “Self-dimension seal?”

    Qin Yi murmured, his figure was turned into light, twisted into a golden dragon, disappeared in front of Li Yuanli.

    “Before I go, the army of Qin will soon come to this world!”

    Faint words made Li Yuan trembled; his eyes showed a deep fear.

    “How strong is he?”

Shushan, in front of Wuji Pavilion, on the square.

    Qin Yi stood and looked up at the sky. He naturally understood the self-dimension seal. It can be said that this kind of thing is even more troublesome than death.

If she died, she would be in the Ghost Realm. And could visit the Ghost Realm and get her soul and bring her back to life. However, once the time limit of the self-dimension was approaching, she will die out together with the dimension.

    This is a real obliteration, a law forbidden by the Shu Mountain, and it can be done to mighty demons.

    “you are such a pain in the ass!”

    “Chang Hao!”

    Qin Yi said, and his sword intent was raging at this moment, and the whole Shushan was shaking.

    His Killing intent frightened all the people there.

    The destruction power made by his killing intent ran towards Chang Hao’s old house, where he was living before and collapsed almost instantly. All the objects suddenly shattered into nothing.

    As a king, Qin Yi always had an unyielding will, and he had a strong, overbearing king will.

    Anyone else will give in, but Qin Yi was meditating, and he was outraging.

    In this world, he has just started.

Dugu Yuyun was shocked for the first time. He shook his head and understood Qin Yi’s feelings at this moment.

Anger, endless anger, he was afraid the leader was going crazy at the moment.

    But anger alone is not enough; he must get the Tao!

Du Gu Yu Yun stood in front of Qin Yi.

    “did you know about that?”

    Qin Yi’s face was cold.


    Du Guyu nodded.


    Qin Yi sighed, his eyes were bright, his sword intent was raging.

“What you have is untruthful, Dao. Take advantage of this opportunity and cut off your emotion, succumb to your power, and step into the unprecedented! leader!”

    Du Guyu said, and his eyes were cold.

Compared with Qin Yi, he really stepped into the state of forgetting the Dao, with incomparable rationality. He completely completed the separation of his human being part and immortality.

   “There is no way to go,” he said.

    Qin Yi sneered; his face turned cold for the next second.


    “There is no way to go!?”

    “There is no realm safe under King Power! The King’s way.”

    “I know things you never heard about it!”

    Qin Yi roared, the whole Shushan trembled.

Qin Yi seemed to control the whole world at this moment, and his anger of An Yi’s banishment reached the entire world.

He was standing, and the Sword Intent continued raging from his body.

    “Master, stop it, you are possessed!”

Dugu Yuyun’s face was solemn, and Qin Yi’s strength was beyond his imagination.

    At the same time, dozens of elders also emerged at this moment, surrounding Qin Yi.

“Leader, wake up, step through the love disaster, you will become an immortal!”

    They were hoping to wake up Qin Yi’s heart.

All People in Shushan had expected such a scene. By this event, Qin Yi must be mad for a while; then, he will calm down and finally accept the reality.

    However, what made everyone wonder was that Qin Yi was not mad at all.

He was rising slowly from the ground and said.

“Are the foolish people who have not become immortals and do not understand Tao like me will guide me?”


    Qin Yi rose up faster with a sneer.

    “Du Gu Yu Yun, I’m giving you the leadership of Shushan!”

“Then, the king will show Chang Hao.”

    “What is.”

    “The king’s Way!”

As soon as he said, a vast and incomparable long sword appeared in the sky of Shushan mountain. Qin Yi’s body expanded in a flash to thousand feet; he stood upright.

    “Every dimension, boundary, the king can easily break it!”

The sharp Qi sword rushed and shocked the nine realms!