The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 54: One

    “What is he going to do?”

The elders looked up, looking at Qin Yi, who showed his full strength in the sky and exceeded the limits of the human body. They were horrified.

They were shocked. That was a shadow of the sword God, but it seemed that he had integrated himself with the sword God and reached an unimaginable state.

Even, they realized that the leader was not possessed at all, he knew what he is doing.

“The leader was fine, not as mad as we thought.” Dugu Yu was surprised.

    This is fundamentally different from what they had initially thought. Any Taoist who had experienced love couldn’t balance between love and Dao Cultivation. Still, it seemed that Qin Yi is an exception.

In the well of gods and demons, in a twisted space.

The yellow dust was all over the place; space was twisted. The wind was blowing incessant.

    This world was far away and lonely. Here there is no spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and only a variety of harsh weather.

    But somewhere behind the yellow dust, there were birds, flowers, forests, rivers, such a prominent place.

By the bank of the stream, a woman in a pink dress was sitting cross-legged, smiling, and calm.

    Suddenly, a face appeared in the stream; It was Chang Hao’s face.

He exalted himself into this realm; his body and soul shape this realm.

    “Old Taoist, the demon is the same as you, we have inner realms.”

    “Went to the mortal realm, with a different nature, but we are similar more than you thought.”

    An Yi said with a smile.

“so you forgot him, people we forget things!”

    “My life was savage and brute! But when I met Chang Yi, everything changed. It was a wonderful and attractive experience with Chang Yi; HE made me experience a different life.”

    “But just like entering, getting and forgetting the way, this is the only way to embark on the journey of life, so is the demon.”

After a pause, An Yi looked at Chang Hao.

     “You think I could forget him?”

    “Ironically. I loved The Tao and I will die for it and You loved Chang Yi and You will die for it. Isn’t it funny?”     

Chang Hao said with a smile.

    Initially, he intended to kill this woman, but when he noticed her eyes, he felt for the first time such a peaceful soul that, and he changed his plan…

“You have reached the tenth realm; it’s more than the realm of Chang Yi.”   

  “Being here isn’t that bad, after all.”

    “What a pity!”  

   Chang Hao said with a sigh,

 His face shape rippled in the stream.  

   “What’s a pity? Don’t you say I still have time?” 

   “after all you did, I want to thank you for showing these parts of myself, beyond this mortal relationship, Immortal cultivation. “

    An Yi said with a smile.

   She still the cute lady, the only thing that she was a little bit colder.

“Good, good, good.”

    “In this way, Chang Yi will be able to board the Supreme Immortal levels!”

    Chang Hao nodded, the shape of his face disappeared in front An Yi.

   Before the river upon the stone, An Yi looked down on the river, with calm and serene eyes.

    “love is harmful.”

“Have the most precious thing in the world, and then lose it.”


    “In my remain life, I will never meet my precious?”

    She murmured, there was a smile on An Yi’s face. She seemed hopeless.

    She had walked out of her love and feeling and gained a lot if she could make it and become an immortal.

    Tao cultivation is perfection in this world; It doesn’t worth sacrificing all your feelings for it?

Think about it in our world. If you figure out a way to become immortal and powerful and inner peace, would you choose your feelings?

    Seeking benefits and avoiding harm, so do all people and immortals, this is the real way.

    Very cruel, but very real!

    An Yi gave up her love unwillingly, and she became a Taoist cultivator; if she faced Qin Yi again, maybe she will feel nothing.

    She accepted the reality, This is the way she chose, and she will stick to it to the end.

Gradually, after a long time in this realm, Anyi had been quite strong, and she had reached the eleventh state of Taoism. Her cultivation had been completely stable. She sat there without her evil spirit. She was like an immortal fairy, dignified and elegant, and her whole body was full of powerful Qi.

“He’s coming. I feel his sword intent!”

Just then, Chang Hao suddenly appeared in the river.

    “thank you, Chang Hao.”

    An Yi smiled.

“It’s my duty to make Chang Yi more powerful and my pleasure to enlighten you, look at you! You’ve become an immortal in this life!”

“I’m relieved!”

    “it’s worth it!”

    Chang Hao laughed.

Suddenly, the next moment, the realm began to vibrate and tremble.

    With a strike, he suddenly tore a crack in the sky, making Chang Hao’s eyes shrank, shocked, and he burst into laughter.

“Good! It’s amazing! “

“How powerful!”

The sword God rushed into the mini realm, cuts it in a blink of an eye.

    “Chang Hao!” Qin Yi roared!

    Two words reverberate endlessly. With the vastness of that realm, more and more amount of sword intent spread out.

     Qin Yi was still over the mountain of Shushan he did all that just by one wave of his sword, the elders and disciples below opened their mouths widely, they were shocked.

    “he just broke Chang Hao’s self-dimension with his God sword and one strike!”

    “it’s just a skill; it called world-Bane, bitches! “

    The voice is loud, reverberating around the world.

The mortal realm, from the south to the north of the mountains, roads, rivers, all tremble, all of its Qi seemed to be drawn out into a majestic sword skill.

Then Qin Yi held the sword and stabbed it in the front.

The right direction is the well of gods and demons.

Then, the well of gods and Demons was broken, and Chang Hao’s domain was cut off.