The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 55: Separate Ways

Chang Hao’s self-dimension was penetrated by one stroke. Across the border, thousands of miles away, Qin Yi was floating in the air with his sword.

The sharp wind blew out, and everything in his realm began to crack inch by inch rapidly.

“I’m going to leave forever. I don’t regret anything, and I’m glad he could make it!”

Chang Hao’s face was floating in the stream. With a smile, he suddenly twisted and disappeared.

Qin Yi’s talent was beyond his imagination.


The void was distorted, the realm fell apart, and An Yi walked out of it barefoot.

Her face was indifferent; she smiled.

“Thank you!”

An Yi looked at the broken realm and nodded.

Stepping out, she soon walked out of the well of gods and demons, to the mortal world.

Qin Yi fell from the sky over Shu mountain and stood among the elders.

“The leader of Shushan, from now on, is Dugu Yuyun.”

Qin Yi turned around and walked away.

In five years, he guarded Shushan mountain and provided a pleasant growth environment for Dugu Yuyun. At the moment, the strength of Qin Yi was even more unpredictable. Maybe he can achieve Changhao’s achievements soon.

“Uncle Chang Yi!” Du Guyu shouted loudly.


The elders of Shushan also shouted.

“I don’t belong here anymore.”

“I have my own business to do, too!”

“it’s the time!” Qin Yi was stepping away.

The eyes of everyone in Shushan were startled, but they could not understand what their words meant.

He headed towards the Kunlun Mountains, Qin Yi mount a sword and disappeared in everyone’s eyes.

Qin Yi saw a figure that had already stood there when he fell on the Kunlun Mountain.

She was a lady with a pink dress, barefoot, exquisite face, fair skin; it was An Yi.

His eyes flashed and landed slowly beside her.

“hmmm, you are enlightened, you reached ‘Reaching the Dao.'” Qin Yi already understood when he looked at her eyes.

“Yes, I got it! I have to thank you.” Although An Yi had a smile on her face, there is no emotion and love in her eyes.

“Good!” Qin Yi stared intensely at her eyes and nodded softly.

When they were a couple, they were cultivating Tao and forgot its purpose. Now, after years of cultivating An Yi forgot her love.

Well, their fate naturally came to an end now.

“I’m going to Shu Mountain, where the demon clan gathers.” An Yi said. 

“Okay, I will accompany you.” Qin, Yi nodded. 

His face did not show joy nor sadness; his heart was calm. 

“Thank you!” 

An Yi said.

They did not talk so much, just a few cold sweet sentences, as cultivators, they understand the intention of each other easily.

They were carefree. The gains and losses of honor and disgrace were passed.

Qin Yi’s realm was already very high; he passed the feeling of happiness or sadness.

In the immortal’s world, he washed and sublimed his spirit to a height unimaginable before. That means that his methods of doing things in the future will be different.

The entrance of Shu mountain is in the middle of Shushan mountain. Qin Yi followed Anyi to the foot of the mountain. He didn’t follow her but walked away quietly.

Anyi didn’t turn around either. She went through the mountain barefoot and entered the Shu mountain.


He exhaled, and Qin Yi’s eyes gradually brightened.

His realm began to leap at this moment; he was staying in the ninth level of cultivation willingly to keep his love. Still, now he was advancing in an instant.

“Tenth level, Abandoning the Dao realm!”

“Eleventh level, Reaching the Dao realm!”

“Twelfth heavy, Alchemy Dao realm!”

Qin Yi reached the twelfth cultivation realm instantly, he exhausted, some of his white hair fell off, and the few wrinkles disappeared. Then a golden elixir appeared at the moment at his Dantian place.

This is the golden elixir mentioned by the Taoism cultivators. It is the aggregation of the whole body’s True Essence.

This is the first step to take control of his own destiny and the first challenge to the gods’ realm.

The more you cultivate in this world, the more powerful you will be. This rule may also exist in Naruto and One Piece, but here it’s more potent.

“Alchemy Dao realm, this is the limit I can reach in this world!”

“But, in terms of power.”

Suddenly, a hint of confidence appeared in Qin Yi’s eyes.

“Sufficiently comparable to the thirteenth level of Human Dao!”

With the ultimate sword intent, Qin Yi’s attack is so powerful that it was enough for him to cross the world.

The departure of An Yi changed him for good, and he will never be sad!

Every man has his own way to pass his ended love experience, some with conquering worlds, some with beer, and some with reading, so be well, and don’t worry. In his previous life, he got some serious diseases. His girlfriend, who had a good relationship with him at that time, simply left without any delay.

It is a common feeling in the world to seek benefits and avoid harm, so be tough.

Qin Yi left the foot of Shushan.

He returned to the Qinhua School, controlled Qinhua, and ordered to vigorously develop.

The return of Qin Yi made Qin Hua famous all over the world.

In just three years, Qin Yi sat in the Qinhua School, and he has developed Qinhua into a major school that is not inferior to Shushan.

Everyone knows that there is Qin Hua above Kunlun. Stunningly, Qin Hua has the same reputation as Shushan.

It was already three years have passed.

This year, Qin Yi stepped out of Qin Hua and disappeared in the eyes of Qin Hua’s disciples.

“This is done; I can finally connect the two worlds to pass through!”

His eyes flashed; Qin Yi smiled.

These decades of hidden, secretly developed, and finally, it is about to reach the moment of flowering and fruiting.

At this moment, Qin Yi was already thinking about the shocked expression on the faces of the Qin people when they saw this grand world.

Three days later, Nanzhao state.

“Come out! Water Devil Beast!”

A man in a long hair shawl and a royal robe opened his arms and called out.


At the next moment, it was huge water bursting from the ground and a behemoth monster with eight snakes’ heads.

At this moment, the citizens of Nanzhao were frightened and desperate.