The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 56: Bai Yue

    “It’s not just a monster!”

“It’s an old entity older than gods!”

    Turning his head, the middle-aged man shouted at the panicked people.

    “I’m going to let this old monster show its original shape today so that you can see its true face!” The middle-aged man smirked.

The ancient monster awakened in the lake, with eight snakeheads poking out one by one. Each head has the size of a house, ferocious sharp teeth, and the bloody breath in the scarlet beast’s mouth made people vomit. The scales on his body were dark green, hard, and indestructible. This is a legendary ancient Beast sealed by Nuwa. It’s extremely powerful and mighty.

    At this moment, a pretty young woman rushed from the sky.

The girl roared.

    ” Baiyue, you are insane! You unleashed the Water devil beast!”

    Baiyue looked at the woman, and he smirked: “demon, you finally appeared!”

    “I am not a demon; I am a Descendant of Nuwa! “

“Though you are human, your heart is dirtier and more abominable than the devil!”

    Lin Qinger shouted.

    “you’re not here to trade insults, right? think about how to deal with this magnificent monster in front of you.”

    Bai Yue smiled faintly and ignored Lin Qing’er’s anger.

    He is a rational person who will never give up to achieve his goals. First of all control Nanzhao, the descendant of Nuwa in front of him is his biggest obstacle.

    Lin Qing’er was furious. She wished to kill the bastard in front of her, but at this time, the water Devil Beast behind her roared, set off the lake, and turned towards the mainland.

    “Damn it!”

    Shouted, Lin Qinger’s legs turned into a snake tail and waved it, headed towards the beast.

    She was holding the Holy Spirit Bead, she was attacking the beast with the five spirit spells repeatedly, but there is no effect.

(The Holy Spirit Bead is a relic of the Nuwa descendants)

   The beast created from water, as long as its body is in the water, it is immortal, no matter what kind of attack, it can’t kill it.    


The lake exploded, the water was splashing all over the sky, and The Holy Spirit Bead attack made the Water beast injured, and angry.

The Nuwa descents are the bloodline of the Goddess Nu Wa, the ancient goddess snake, she upholds the will to protect human beings and earth; she is the natural mother of earth. After the awakening of its blood, her daughters get the body of half-human and half-god, they are powerful and comparable to ordinary gods. But the water devil beast is an ancient entity, has huge power, and immortality. Even Nu Wa herself couldn’t destroy and she sealed it.

     For more than ten minutes, Lin Qing’er found that her attacks did not cause any damage to the beast at all.

But under the anger of the beast, the water had gone towards the land and flooded more than a dozen towns.

Huge pressure on her shoulder, next to Bai Yue at this time, his face was indifferent, he looked at her coldly and said.

“Nu Wa descendant, give up!”

“Your power beside the water devil beast is just like a drop in the ocean.”

     Bai Yue said, his face was indifferent.

    Lin Qinger said nothing, she gritted her teeth and continued attacking.   

“It’s useless. but since you are so persistent, let’s show your leader how capable the legendary descendants of Nuwa are.”

Bai Yue stepped forward and approached Lin qinger by the current of water.

    The latter’s face changed, and the pressure was even greater.

Water beast can’t be eliminated, and the cultivation of Bai Yue is even more unfathomable. Under the attack of the two, she is not an opponent at all.

“It’s better to give up.”

    Bai Yue was not in a hurry, his voice was very gentle.

    It can be said that Bai Yue was arrogant, his cultivation ability is superb. His thinking was very ahead of his time, far exceeding the people of this era, but he was in the wrong direction and he has gone astray.

    Lin Qinger gritted his teeth and did not answer him.

All of a sudden, Bai Yue’s body suddenly stopped.

    a figure appeared in front of him.

   A young man with bright eyes and a six-pointed star between his eyebrows, wearing a blue robe, and a long sword carried around his waist.

    “Who are you?” Bai Yue asked solemnly.

    “Qin Hua’s leader, Qin Yi!”

    Qin Yi said lightly.

    ” Central Plains sect, what are you doing in Miao? I’m afraid it has nothing to do with you!”

    Bai Yue said with sharp eyes.

Since ancient times, there are many clans and monks on this land. They do not interfere with each other, and they have tacit rules.

   “I’m here for my old friend.”

 In Qin Yi’s eyes flashed with the sword intent, and Master Bai Yue was shocked.

    “What a strong sword intent!”

    His eyebrows immediately sunk, and he stared at Qin Yi.

    “Who is the leader’s friend? I can take you to see him.” Seeing Qin Yi’s mighty power, Bai Yue was afraid and did not want to provoke this person.

    “Lin Qinger.”

    Qin Yi said and the Bai Yue was stunned.

    He followed with a sneer: “you are here to help Nu Wa’s descendants, hmm I see.”

    Qin Yi smirked.

“It’s just a fly. You can kill it easily Mighty beast.”

    Bai Yue pointed to Qin Yi.

Suddenly, a large area of sea shook, and countless water drops poured into the sky, followed by a rapid release of a huge Qi sword with a length of thousands of meters. with runes around it, a soul Dragon, mountains, and water and was exuding the majestic sword meaning.

    “You!” Bai Yue was shocked.

He had never seen such a powerful Qi sword or Sword intent, which could be compared with heaven’s gods.

    ” Ask not questions about things, may cause you trouble.”

    Qin Yi said lightly, he waved his finger.


    The land along miles was trembling. Although the giant sword was made of water, it was terrifying, such as a god sword Bai Yue was stunned.

    Under this majestic sword, Bai Yue has no chance even to resist, he got whipped.

Qin Yi’s accomplishments have reached the peak of the mortal world.

    Since he was separated from An Yi, he realized that his realm had reached the highest limit. Then, no matter how he practiced, he would not improve anymore.

    He knew that this is the limit that this realm can hold.

Qin Yi is a king he can control his feeling and his power better than others, that’s what Chang Hao and An Yi couldn’t get, but even he is a king he couldn’t make An Yi live with him forcedly.

    Everything in the world can be controlled, The most difficult thing to control is the heart.

    But for the king all of that is handy!

This was the only way for him to cultivate and become a mature king!