The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 57: Grand Uncle

    It is a rough way, but that’s the king’s way, it is the way to be mighty, to be majestic, to frighten and subdue all living beings.

   When Qin Yi destroyed Bai Yue, Lin Qinger was stunned behind him.

    “You are?”

    “You can call me Uncle Chang Yi!” Qin Yi said with a smile.

The majestic sword seemed to be flicked by Qin Yi’s fingers. In a blink of an eye, the huge sword turned around, skimmed toward the beast, and slashed it.

    “Poof!” The Eight heads were cut off in an instant.

    When Lin Qinger saw the scene, she was shocked..

    How strong is this strange man who claims to be her uncle?

“I know your father, so I’m here to help you.”

    Qin Yi stepped out he disappeared, and when his figure reappeared, he had arrived next to Lin Qing’er.

    The latter was stunned and had no impression of her father.

    “hmmm, do you know Dugu Yuyun?”

    Lin Qing’er was silent when she heard that name, it was so familiar.

she was a cultivator who had reached ‘forgetting the Dao’, So after she reached it she forget him.

    Qin Yi smiled lightly.

    In front of them, the Water devil beast crashed down without eight heads, water was splashing all over the sky, but unable to wet the two of them.

    “he is a cultivator just like you, you both experienced “Forget the Dao’.”

 “He has a story, so do you, and I do.”

    “Everyone ’s life, It’s an amazing story and endless emotions. And we just let it go for some power! I think this is interesting, isn’t it? “

    Qin Yi’s words made Lin Qing’er nod and lookup.

“I think we accept that just because we believe that we will be able to meet more people and experience more things in the future.”

    ” Life is still long, why not be more forgiving? ” “

    Lin Qing laughed:” Uncle also has a story then? “

    “My story is more complicated, and there will be more complications in the future!”

    “you may be interested. You want to join me and take a look with me?” “

    Qin Yi said.

    ” I’m afraid not,” she muttered, The surface of the water rose again, and the water beast with eight heads appeared in front of the two people again. What made their faces slightly shocked is that the water beast that appeared this time had a bigger body size, and his heads had returned to normal.

“the water devil beast is invincible as long he is in the water, Uncle, I am afraid I will seal it with myself!”

   With a sigh, Lin Qing’er looked firm.

    Qin Yi frowned and was also surprised by the water beast in front of him.

Qin Yi was shocked, he used his highest sword skill, it is the most extreme in this field and did not kill it, it can even be said that this head of beast didn’t have a trace of scars at all. As long as its body touches the water, it will heal itself and never die.

    “When I sealed it, please take care of it. ” Lin Qing said.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll drain the water since it needs water.”

    Qin Yi said.

he waved his right hand, released his sword skill again, and drained the water in the lake with his storm.

“It’s useless. The water beast itself is an ancient creature that had the water system. Its mouth sprays the water, which can hardly be destroyed. Even the ancient goddess Nuwa could only seal it.”

“And this is our responsibility, descendants of Nuwa.”

    Lin Qing shook her head, waved the Holy Spirit Bead, she was gathering her power for the seal.

Qin Yi was silent. He knew that the other side is right from the beginning.

     “Let me end all this!” At the

At the last moment, Lin Qinger’s whole body erupted with brilliant light, then gradually dissipated into the skylight, then turned into a huge rock, and quickly fell to the water Beast below.

Gradually, the huge body of the water beast was suppressed by the rock, and finally, it turned into a statue, a statue of Lin Qinger fighting the Hydra.


    Qin Yi murmured.

    Looking at the huge statue of Lin Qinger in front of him, he didn’t know what to say.

Qin Yi was different from he was in one piece and Naruto, he had experienced many feelings in this world. Friendship, love, touched him deeper.

It seems that he had lost some of the king’s spirit and became an ordinary person for a while, experiencing the life of ordinary people after a long period as a king.

    However, he lost these things gradually as he was cultivating and became enlightened.

    His mentality has changed dramatically before he entered the immortal world, and he was more mature and able to face all things in the world.

    Finally, after looking at the statue of Lin Qinger, Qin Yi turned and his figure disappeared.

    The Nanzhao Kingdom was saved, by the sacrifice of Nu was a descendant.

    At this moment, Nanzhao Kingdom Palace.

    After crossing back, Li Xiaoyao, Wine Sword Immortal Situ Zhong, and grandma Jiang were guarding Zhao Linger and fleeing outside during the siege of the Moon worshippers.

The position of moon worshippers in the Miao area is not much different from that of Shushan in the Wulin of the Central Plains, among which there were many experts. Even Situ Zhong would have a problem to deal with them, so they have to leave.


    At this moment, the whole Nanzhao Kingdom Palace suddenly buzzed and vibrated.

Sharp sword intent was surging up, billowing in all directions.

At the same time, in front of Li Xiaoyao and other people, an invisible sword Qi comes out, completely wiped the moon worshippers who surrounded them.

    Immediately, a figure came step by step, And the moon worshippers were beaten one by one on both sides of him passing by, the sword in their hands cut off their own heads, which was shocking.

    At this moment, Li Xiaoyao and others looked nervous and stopped.

    “Who is he?”

    Li Xiaoyao asked solemnly.

With the powerful atmosphere, all the presence felt shaking all over. even Situ Zhong was shaking.

    A figure came to everyone in a few steps and leaned over to look at Zhao Linger in her grandmother’s arms.

    “Are you Linger?”

    “I am Zhao Linger, who are you, Big Brother?”

    Zhao Linger asked curiously.

    “Big Brother?”

    Qin Yi froze then laughed.

    “Okay, then I will be your big brother.”

    He reached out and squeezed Zhao Linger’s chubby cheeks, When they saw his attitude they relaxed.

    “Situ Zhong, I didn’t expect you to be here.”

    Qin Yi turned his eyes to the latter with a playful face.

    In the shocked eyes of Li Xiaoyao and others, the powerful and mighty uncle knew Situ Zhong, the latter, just like a child who made a mistake, scratched the back of his head, and said awkwardly.

    “grand Uncle! What a coincidence!”

    “Grand Uncle?!”

    Li Xiaoyao was stunned.