The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 58: King’s Landing

the young man in his twenties in front of him was actually the uncle of elder Situ Zhong?

“Are you Li Xiaoyao?”

Qin Yi turned his head stared at the latter.


Li Xiaoyao was shocked and sweat appeared on his forehead.

He didn’t expect anyone could know him at a glance. Who is the man in front of him?

After Qin Yi glanced at Li Xiaoyao for a while, he was quite shocked.

The incredible power of the world is amazing. At this time, Li Xiaoyao came back from the future, with the help of Nuwa’s dream returning.

“they’ve got even time-travel here.”

But Qin Yi murmured.

“You come with me.”

With Qin Yi leaving the Nanzhao Kingdom is unimpeded. Bai Yue had been dead, and the future of Nanzhao Kingdom seemed to be bright which must be different from the original story.

Li Xiaoyao’s heart was heavy at this time. Originally, according to what he thought, he will take Linger to heaven, and he would not be influenced by the outside world, and he could live a happy life. But at this time, he found that since this man, whom Situ Zhong called Uncle, appeared, everything was out of his plan.

They were heading towards Kunlun. With Qin Yi flying sword speed, it takes them a couple of hours to be there.

“Qinhua School!”

“Is this the sect you have established over the years, Grand Uncle?”

Situ Zhong looked at the building in front of Nuo Da, wondering.

“Yes, Linger will live here in the future.”

“Besides, you don’t have to worry. Lin qinger is my old friend, I will protect you all.”

Qin Yi turned to the grandma.

“Don’t worry about it. No matter who is, there is no way to deal with you.”

“You know, grand-uncle is the most powerful man in the world of mortals today!” Situ Zhong laughed. 

In just two sentences, Li Xiaoyao and grandma looked at Qin Yi in surprise.

“Well, go to have a rest, Li Xiaoyao. would you follow me.”

Qin Yi waved and walked toward the leader’s palace.

In the palace of the ruler, there is no one at this moment.

There was no one in the leader’s palace, Li Yuanli was doing some business. no one saw him these days.

“How do you feel when you come back from the future?”

After a while Qin Yi suddenly said. 

Li Xiaoyao was shocked. 

“How do you know?” 

Qin Yi smiled lightly: “I just know it! I also know a lot of things you don’t know.” 

Li Xiaoyao was silent, but the shock in his eyes could not be concealed. 

Is it out of your control yet? In fact, I can tell you that even if you take Linger away, nothing will change.”

“All the tragedies will be repeated again and again. You will not change anything.”

Li Xiaoyao trembled:” Why?! I am already in the past? “

” It is only me who can change all this, Li Xiaoyao! ” 

Qin Yi said. 

“It is impossible for you to change anything and disorder time in this situation!”

“I know the deep feeling between you and Zhao Linger. Then, would you like to live a happy life with her in the future?”

Before finishing the question, Li Xiaoyao answered excitedly. 

“Of course I would, but!”

If the future cannot be changed, then Zhao Linger will still die, What’s the use of his willingness.?

“When you join Qinhua, you and Zhao Linger your doomed fate can be changed!”

“Will you?”

Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

Li Xiaoyao was stunned, almost without any hesitation: “I would like to!”

“Well, I will go and find you as a child and take you as an apprentice.”

“In the future, you and Zhao Linger will experience a great different experience.”

Qin Yi nodded.

Subsequently, he shook his right hand and took one thing out of Li Xiaoyao’s arms.

“but now my young brother.”

“Your time is up.”

Li Xiaoyao was twisted and disappeared.

Qin Yi took the relic and looked at it and smiled lightly.

It’s a pearl, with blue light. It seems to contain the power of the ocean. It’s the Pearl of water.

In the world of the immortal sword, there are five spirit pearls contain considerable power, and if they are used as a magic weapon, they have incredible abilities.

Rescued Zhao Linger and she joined the Qin Hua School, which was what Qin Yi did to repay Xu Changqing’s favors.

Lin qinger is the daughter of Zi Xuan and Lin ping, and Lin ping is Xu Changqing’s previous life. do Lin Qinger is Xu Changqing’s daughter, so Zhao linger is Xu Changqing’s granddaughter.

Qin Yi did what he had to do.

A month later, there were hundreds of disciples in Qinhua.

Such a scale was definitely among the best in the world of cultivation. Qin Yi’s reputation was even bigger. Qin Hua sect had become one of the most famous sects in the mortal realm.

On the same day, Qin Yi sat cross-legged in front of the headmaster’s palace, and his eyes suddenly opened.

“Realms Portal, open!” With a loud shout, his body was glowing with sword intent, at this moment surging, roaring, and turning into the power of the king, his eyebrows were glowing.


The whole Qinhua School was shaking at this moment, and a huge portal appeared from the void.

Li Yuanli stood aside and clenched his fists excitedly.

“Finally, finally, I’m going back!” 

It’s been almost thirty years, thirty years have passed in a flash, they have spent almost thirty years in this different world!

a black dragon roared, rushed out of Qin Yi’s body, merged into the portal, flashing, this huge portal shivered and became more solid.

“pass through the two realms!” 

With a loud roar, Qin Yi pulled his hands down hard.


The portal dropped sharply and merged into that huge sword statue above the palace.

At the same time, all the disciples of the Qinhua School received a message in their minds.

“Step through the gate and you can reach another world?”

“Is this our own world?”

“The true identity of the master, is the king the worlds?” The Qin Hua disciples were shocked.

The next moment, they saw Qin Yi and Li Yuan leave, step into the sword, and disappeared!

“Is that true ?!”

Qin Hua School was getting crazy, For the Taoists this phenomenon has aroused their strong interest.

So, all of them were swiftly and quickly rushed into the sword.

In the king’s world.

Qin Yi crossed the gate and suddenly.

“Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang when!”

Nine cheerful bells rang, spread throughout the Qin state.

In the five continents, all the people of Qin State who were either practicing, entertaining, or studying were stunned.

Then the next moment.

“Your Majesty, come back !!!” The

 the whole country was boiling and falling into madness!