The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 59: Cultivating Civilization

For nearly 30 years, though people in Qin state could distinguish the existence of Qin Yi, they knew nothing about his state.

As the supreme king of the state of Qin, Qin Yi’s position to the people of the state of Qin is unique.

Today, with the nine boundary bells ringing, the whole country was celebrating.

In the meeting hall, the cold-faced Madara suddenly stood up and strode toward the realm Portal. He and others were all stunned, all stood up and quickly followed.

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty is finally back!”

“The world bell rings nine times. Your majesty has succeeded in another world!”

“It’s incredible. It’s a powerful civilization of Starlight level 5. Your majesty was alone and he could succeed!”

” It is our majesty! “

People were talking about it, and every face is full of shock and excitement.

What does Qin Yi’s return represent? They knew that it represents that their country will leap again. However This leap, the level of civilization of the whole country will be astonishing.

At this moment, before the portal.

Qin Yi stepped out first, followed by Li Yuanli, he was excited, and at this time he even shouted.

“Hahahaha, Li Yuanli is back bitches!”

Afterward, a group of disciples in Qinhua’s uniform also appeared.

Once out of the gate, the disciples of the Qinhua sect were staring at the king’s world, where the surrounding high-rise buildings and ancient buildings interspersed at the moment. They were shocked and surprised.

“What a different world!”

“What a vast world!”

“It’s so close to the cosmic sky .”

The disciples were so surprised that after crossing the portal, they actually came to another world, was totally different from their own world..

After three or four minutes, they saw that the road ahead was crowded with people. 

“Gengetsu Hōzuki.”

“Madara, Hashirama, white beard, Ace.”

One by one familiar faces appeared in Qin Yi’s eyes, which made him couldn’t help but smile.

after 30 years, these people are much older, especially the white beard he was walking precariously, looking like deadwood.

His crew were supporting him to walk, they were old too.

Years have left indelible marks on them.

“You kid, this young face still hasn’t changed at all!” Whitebeard growled, his voice trembled.

Thirty years ago, he was still a powerful man who could smash islands, cause a tsunami. But at this time, he had to be supported even when walking.

“you were there for too long, we’re afraid we won’t see you anymore.”

Madara coldly said, his hair was black and white, and there were wrinkles on his face; His situation was better than White Beard, but he was bored.

“it’s worthy! this time back, I have brought you the law of eternal life.”

In the face of all the people, Qin Yi looked at them and then smiled.

Whitebeard froze, the pupil of the Madara contracted, Hashirama was stunned, and the faces of all the others were fluctuating, showing doubts.

“Your Majesty, I have heard the legend of the world you entered, and it seems that you were in such a strange world!”

Ace said hesitantly.

He is also about fifty years old at the moment, he looked like his father and his strength has reached its peak.

“Yes, Qin kingdom will set foot on the immortal sword civilization!”

Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

Having finished speaking, he stepped into the air one step and he had reached the palace.

After the third step, he came to the altar of fire of civilization.

Took a deep breath. Qin Yi didn’t hesitate and he yelled! It’s a dragon chant.

“King’s way!”

All of a sudden, the power of the king came out vigorously, and in an instant, it had turned into a huge black dragon. Then, after a roar, it rushed to the portal.

Within a couple of seconds, a black dragon emerged over the Qinhua School in the immortal sword world.

After a trembling roar, the black dragon was rolling down, the Kunlun Mountains were covered in an instant.

Then, with a bang, the Black Dragon burst into the sky turned into rain, and merged the Kunlun Mountains.

Qin Yi did not hesitate or delay at all. As soon as he came back to the king’s world, he went straight to the king’s way.

Seeing these former friends, now they have grown old like this. Let alone, in this long period, how many subordinates have been eroded by the years, lost their lives, and will never see them again.

The power of the king, was like smoke, rolling, and spreading from Qin Yi’s body and rushed to the world of immortal sword.

At this moment, the civilization of the immortal sword was rapidly integrating with the state of Qin. On the altar, the flame of civilization was burning. At this moment, it was surging and glowing.

In the blink of an eye, it grew to a height of five inches, and the color became dark purple, with a strange glare in it.

“Sword Immortal Civilization!”

Qin Yi set foot on the void, his eyes flashed with the sword intent, and shouted in a deep voice.

“Boom!” The Qin Kingdom went up and down, and the five continents were shaking.

Among the altar, the fire of the deep purple civilization shook suddenly, a circle of mystical power rapidly expanded, and then spread in all directions, instantly covering the entire kingdom.

At this moment, a supreme sword appeared in front of all the people in the country, carrying strong sword intent, crushing the void, covering the sky, so that they could see it clearly.


Qin Yi shouted in a deep voice.

In an instant, Qin’s civilization began to move forward.

Starlight Level 3, which has been stuck for a long time, s strode at this moment and entered into starlight level 4 in an instant. followed closely, and buzzed forward, stepping into starlight Level 5!

But it is not over yet. It reached the middle of starlight level 5 and stopped.

Starlight Level 5 Intermediate!

After the immortal sword world, Qin Yi’s King’s world has reached Starlight level five!

Before, Starlight level 5 was beyond their imagination! But now, it became a reality.

At this moment, people all over the country have seen the cultivation method of the sword immortal. They could imagine that in the near future, this country will be full of cultivators.

Coupled with the integration of the characteristics of Naruto and One Piece, Qin State will surely bloom and shine a bright light like never before.

Standing in the air, Qin Yi was shocked at the moment.

His eyes were shining, his body was brilliant, he had just awakened his new king skills!