The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 60: Ten Thousand Ways To The Stars

“Ten thousand ways to the stars!”

This is the ability Qin Yi got at Starlight level 5.

This is what every king will have, and he can turn his abilities and powers in all of his realms into the Starlight’s Power.

“Starlight power!”

    Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

The characteristic of Starlight level is that when the power is huge, there is Starlight power condensation on your body. It’s like the light of stars shining on your body, which can emit dazzling light.

The power of Starlight is different from the power of the king. It is the mysterious power that the king owns when he is at a high starlight level its source is from the universe itself.

At the same time, this power is the essence of the starlight universe and the embodiment of it. It has an extremely magical effect; this is why it serves as a tool for measuring power.

“The power of Starlight can compare the powers of the worlds, and can effectively unify these forces and measure their levels!”

    Qin Yi murmured.

This is what the ‘Ten thousand ways to the stars’ do. Measuring all kinds of forces in the world in terms of the forces of Starlight, now he can make an effective comparison.

Every realm has its own specific system of power and hierarchy. In this case, the power appears to be extremely chaotic. But in the case of ‘Ten thousand ways to the stars’ 

it can make these chaotic forces clear at a glance, and also can well compare the power gap between them.

“Self-level is the level of current civilization level!”

“That is to say, my current level is Starlight level 5!”

    Qin Yi’s pupils contracted, and his body flashed.

    He crossed his knees and began to use ‘Ten thousand ways to the stars’.

    “Ten thousand ways to the stars!”

He said, his whole body immediately began to emit a star-like radiance, and a little dazzling light appeared on his robe, skin, and hair. Seen from a distance, Qin Yi at this time was like a star in the night sky, shining constantly, and extremely magnificent.

Within the body, his True Essence is such as great river which collides with the meridians and makes a roar.

a little radiant point of starlight appeared. It quickly absorbs the flowing rivers and meridians and then turned them into more starlight.

At this moment, Qin Yi’s body was emitting extremely bright starlight, and a ray was wafting around his body.

    Even the power of the king is converging in this starlight at this moment, there is a tendency to merge, but it is still weak and slow.

Two hours later, the starlight power had spread all over the meridians, and even extended to his Dantian.

    the infinite starlight shone Qin Yi’s Dantian brightly, like a galaxy in the darkness. In a vortex, interspersed with starlight, it slowly rotated, and it was limitless power.

    At this moment, Qin Yi’s power turned into Starlight power.

He transformed his powers and still had the power of the king.

The power of the king is a specific power for the kings, proceed the king’s skills and at a certain point, it produces the skill of transferring power of starlight, the starlight power is the power of the rules of the starlight universe, the power of universality, and the power of connecting the realms.

“These two forces are of great significance to me.”

“The power of the king came of the people. it represents the prosperity of the king’s world and the vast advanced Civilization, but it is limited. It is the power that the people give me with a little less and slow regeneration speed! “

    ” It has limitations! “

“But the power of Starlight is different. It is the power that I have developed from the worlds. It belongs to my own kingdom and sources.”

“Even if one day, I cannot use the king’s power or I got exhausted, I can still use Starlight’s power!”

“There is also something in common between the two, that is, they can all transform the power of the worlds.”

    Qin Yi’s eyes flickered.

     The more he advances, the more he understands the importance of the power of the king.

This kind of power comes from the civilization of his kingdom. It has its roots, but it is difficult to form and regenerate. And the more he gets forward, the more amount he uses it.

    For example, in the connection of the Qinhua school, he consumed 70% of his King’s power.

    How terrible? The power of the king is a rare currency for the king and it is limited and he must use it well.

But after all, It’s the king’s way, it consumes too much but it’s like the investment.

“The more civilization level behind it, the more power it will consume when it comes to the king’s power.”

    “And under such a huge amount, the recovery speed will be much slower!”

“Half of that would take ten years to complete.”

Qin Yi realized the value of the king’s power; it controlled the release of the king’s skills, and also firmly controlled the pace of civilization advancement.

Just like the experience of upgrading in online games, without experience, you can’t perform the upgrade.

“The power of Starlight is the power given by the universe of starlight. No matter what kind of cultivation system you practice, this power is the essence of it and after a certain level somehow you can accomplish it!”

    Qin Yi read the information of The Starlight power and became more aware.

The power of Starlight has its own special features, for example, the power of the gravity of stars of the universe, and it can use its power to launch a powerful attack.

    This in itself is a skill, and it is quite impressive.

    Besides, it is capable of measuring the level of power within different systems and is a generic equivalent.

    Like the Immortal Sword, the twelfth cultivation level of mortals is Starlight Level 5 more or less. In Naruto, the power of Ōtsutsuki Kaguya is level 4. As for the Whitebeard and other powerful guys as Kaido… because of the limitation of their life span, their levels are at the top of Starlight level 3.

    According to Qin Yi’s judgment, after the eighth level of Starlight, he will have the ability to destroy a world.

    Naruto and One Piece worlds do not have the capability of the world’s destruction, they got the power to destroy an island, the moon… but no one is capable to destroy the world with one strike.

The outsider Immortal demon who was about to destroy the king’s world with one hand is higher than the eighth level Starlight.

Among the immortal swords, only those gods and heavenly generals or Venerable Devil Chong Lou can smash a small world with one stroke.

Don’t think such power is simple. Think about how huge the nuclear reserves on the earth are, if we blast it all, all the explosions spread out terrible shock waves that could destroy every being on earth, but it’s not enough to destroy the earth itself.

    To destroy the world, the power required is incomparable.

    Qin Yi was currently unable to do so.

After understanding the power of Starlight, he walked to Gandalf’s place.

“Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew..”

“Water Spirit Bead.”

“Gandalf, it’s time you woke up!”