The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 61: Wake Up

Gandalf’s underground ice cave had been closely guarded. Qin Yi walked by and the soldiers on both sides saluted him solemnly.

Li Yuan’s eyes twinkled, he was following him closely, full of curiosity.

he heard about the legendary Wizard Gandalf, but he had never seen him.

Just by looking at Qin Yi’s expression, Li Yuanli understood how much Gandalf means to him, no one in the whole country could match him.

    Speaking of which, Qin State at this time was a huge world.

    One Piece’s world, Naruto’s world, the Three Kingdoms world, and the Dragon Emperor World plus the three worlds under Yuan Li’s hand, fully control the huge kingdom of the seven worlds, with unimaginable resources.

    In the ice cave.

    Qin Yi walked slowly to the frozen body of Gandalf and looked at him and exhaled.

    his expression seemed serious at this moment.

    “Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

With a wave of his right hand and the ice in front of him was melted immediately. Then he stepped in and stood in front of Gandalf.

    At this time, Gandalf lay quietly on the ice bed as if he were asleep. A layer of frost froze between his lips, tip of his nose, and eyebrows.

Bending down, Qin Yi first put the Water Spirit Bead in his hand on Gandalf’s forehead.

The light of light blue immediately bloomed, wrapped Gandalf’s whole head in it, and recovered its vitality.

The frost melted and turned into water drops. Gandalf’s eyelids trembled and he seemed to wake up.

“Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew”

    His hands trembled, and a delicate bottle appeared in his hands.

  Put the plug aside, and in a moment, a wisp of fragrance wafted in it, intoxicating.

Li Yuan was standing at the back, he was shocked.

     Unexpectedly, to save this tall old man, this king was even willing to use Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew.     

You should know that even in the world of The immortal sword, this healing medicine is very precious, It’s the holy medicine that can pull the dying man back from the hands of God of death and restore his life, there are more simple ways to save one’s life but Qin Yi now was using the highest way.

     Qin Yi’s expression became cautiously after pulling the stopper.

     Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew is indeed precious, but in his eyes, it is not as important as Gandalf.

since he reincarnated to this life Gandalf wad the first familiar man and his first mentor and friend, Gandalf had been accompanying Qin Yi for a long time.

he slowly tilted the bottle, poured Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew into Gandalf’s mouth.

when it dripped down and touched Gandalf’s lips, it suddenly became pure white light.

Gandalf’s whole body began to glow and become extremely bright.

At the same time, Qin Yi used his techniques to heal his wounds.   

  At this moment, the Water Spirit Bead also emitted dazzling light, which wrapped Gandalf and freely released its light and heat.

     After a couple of seconds, Qin Yi took a step back.

He didn’t do anything else. According to common sense, to bring back human’s life, it’s enough to use Heavenly Fragrance Life Replenishing Dew. Besides, the Water Spirit Bead of Li Xiaoyao was just icing on the cake to make the process’s success more secure.

But even so, Qin Yi is still worried.

    The old man in front of him is too important for him.

Gandalf’s figure was no longer visible he was covered with white light, and the strong breath of life slowly gathered in his body.

    “Your Majesty, it takes time.”

    Li Yuan stepped forward and said softly.

    “I know.”

    Qin Yi nodded, then he sat down cross-legged.

After seeing the white light in front of his eyes, Li Yuan sat down with him.

the two were waiting here. The rich white light merged into Gandalf’s body, and his body was slowly enriched.

    The vitality that was almost exhausted was added at this moment.

    Time passed slowly, and three days had passed in a flash.

    Qin Yi sat cross-legged, his eyes calm and waiting patiently.

One morning passed again, and in a flash it was afternoon.

The scattered white light had been absorbed by Gandalf, and there is no fragrance in the air.

    Suddenly, Qin Yi stood up abruptly, took a few steps, and came to Gandalf.

    He just saw that he moved his right hand.


    Qin Yi called.

    Gandalf’s hand moved again, but he still didn’t open his eyes. Later, Li Yuanli stepped forward and looked at the old man with curiosity.

    “He woke up!”

    Suddenly, Li Yuan shouted.

    Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed, and he saw Gandalf opening his eyes in the next second.

    “Your Majesty.”  It was the greatest your majesty he had ever heard (of course the second one is that he heard from Madara), Qin Yi smiled immediately.

    The biggest reason for going to the Immortal’s sword world to take such a big risk is Gandalf!

In a world where Eternal Life can be achieved, there must be miraculous medicines and methods that can restore vitality. It turned out that he was not wrong.

    Gandalf put his hands together and slowly sat up.

“It seems that your majesty had reached the power that is not inferior to that of the demons and immortals of Xianxia Worlds, and revive the old man.”

    Qin Yi nodded.

“I went to a world of Chinese Paladins, where I became stronger and grew up. I only came back three days ago.”

“It’s my fault that I’ve got your Majesty in trouble.”

    Gandalf sighed.

    “Don’t say that Qin State would be destroyed without you, I owe you Gandalf, how do you feel?”

    Qin Yi asked.

    “Very good. The elixir your majesty has found is very powerful and full of vitality. I feel better than before!”

    Gandalf laughed.

He jumped off the ice bed and moved his body without any trouble.

    Qin Yi laughed, he missed his old friend.

“So, your majesty, how is the state of Qin now?”

    Gandalf asked.

    “Has reached the fifth level of Starlight!”

    Qin Yi led Gandalf out of the ice cave.

    The two looked up at the sky, and Qin Yi smiled.


    “to the Immortal Sword World!”

Gandalf was stunned, looking at many crooked sword lights in the sky.