The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 62: Three Realms

    Qin State entered the fifth level of Starlight and annexed the Immortal sword civilization.

    This fantastic civilization of immortality naturally would make the people of the kingdom feel curious. Subsequently, many people began to accept the heritage and start cultivating.

In just three days, some people who had the foundation and talent became familiar with this new way of cultivation and came into contact with the rudimentary Sword Controlling Technique.

far above the kingdom, swords were flashing and three men were standing on these swords.

    Standing on these sword lights, there are fifteen or sixteen-year-olds, seventy to eighty old men, and men and women. At first glance, it is a magical sight.

“This is the civilization of immortals!”

    Gandalf murmured.

Li Yuanli said proudly: “yes, Mr. Gandalf, this is the harvest of His Majesty and me when we went to the world of the immortal sword world!”

    Gandalf nodded and looked deeply at the sky.

“I’m afraid your majesty has suffered a lot this time.”

Qin Yi’s eyes were bland: “I didn’t suffer much, but I conquered just the world of mortals.”

    “Immortal sword civilization is the most important civilization for mind and spirit. Your Majesty has changed a lot.”

    Gandalf sighed.

The Three of them strolled in the capital of Qin state, Qin Yi led Gandalf to become familiar with the new features.

    Several decades have passed, and the Qin Kingdom has changed, but many ancient buildings have not been demolished and remain there. it gives people a trace of familiarity, filled with traces of history.

Qin Yi and Gandalf were almost the same in fact. They were not very impressed with their own country, they saw many worlds in fiction or real-life for Gandalf, and for sure their kingdom isn’t the best.

    At this time, the three of them were traveling together, all over the kingdom.

the state of Qin, at the moment, was already immersed in the civilization of cultivating immortals.

As young as eight years old, as old as 100 years old, they were obsessed with the cultivation of immortals.

With the rapid development of civilization, the state of Qin was adapting rapidly.

    As time goes on, the country will change dramatically. It takes time to cultivate immortals. We can imagine how many powerful sword immortals will be born in this huge King’s world in decades or even years.

when the three of them arrived at dusk, Gandalf gradually understood the development of the country.

     Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled at this time, seeing things he had not paid attention to before.

    “Your Majesty, do you think the kingdom is still imperfect?”

They sat on the Bank of Qincheng Lake in the center of the capital of the country, and Gandalf suddenly asked.

The curved moon was reflecting on the lake, making the water sparkling.

 “Yes, although our civilization has annexed the sword immortal civilization, and the life of the whole nation will be prolonged, we still find that diseases, aging, and death are inevitable.” Qin Yi nodded.

     Reality is not a duality. Even some powerful people will still have diseases in their bodies. Even with the transition of civilization, some strange diseases have appeared. This was a phenomenon that he hadn’t noticed in the past. He allowed his civilization to develop and keep changing, but he couldn’t solve the health problems.

    At the time of his previous life, during the development of human civilization, diseases were also a pain In the ass and could change the life of humanity.

    And even if one is cured, there will be others that can’t be stopped.

     What he did not expect was that although this phenomenon was not serious in the Qin Kingdom, it did exist.  

   “If there is a disease, the system of cultivating immortals can’t be stopped. It can only be prevented.”

“If we know the most about the disease and the human body, we should also rely on the scientific and technological system!”

“As far as I know, in your Father’s Kingdom, all kinds of civilization systems are mixed, but they are perfectly integrated to form the powerful Divine Kingdom, which can exert the strongest power!”

    Gandalf said.

    Qin Yi nodded; he knew this too.

As he annexes more and more worlds, the complicated diverse worlds suddenly merge, which inevitably create new problems. The disease is just one of them, and it’s the most common.

“Even if we annex the cultivation civilization, there are some shortcomings in this civilization: it requires too much insight.”

    “The process is also quite troublesome and requires too much talent.”

“Your Majesty, have you ever thought that people in the Kingdom will still die?”

    Gandalf said again.

    Qin Yi stunned, then nodded.

Indeed, even if he had reached the Alchemy realm and had a long life, he will still die. And the more the system of cultivating immortals reaches, the slower its speed will be. If he wants to reach more it will be more difficult.

“I have some suggestions.”

    Gandalf whispered.

    ” Gandalf, please say it.”

    Qin Yi said.

“I wonder if you have found that many stable worlds are made up of three points?”

    Gandalf said with a smile.

    “Three points?”

    Qin Yi wondered.

“It’s true. Take the immortal sword world you entered before as an example. The most important three realms are the Heavenly Realm, Mortals Realm, Ghost realm!”

    Gandalf said.

    Qin Yi was stunned and then understood.

“You mean, I have to divide the state of Qin into three points?”

“Yes, three points are the most stable structure in the universe. It can strengthen the stability of the world and make it unbreakable.”

    Gandalf smiled.

    “Ordinary people, Mighty people, dead people, each occupying a realm, this is the best distribution.”

“Your father controls countless worlds, the main framework is these three points. As long as these three points are not broken, his kingdom will be impeccable!”

“The living can be strong even if they die, they will still exist. In this way, the country will be always strong!”

    ” The current Qin Kingdom the dead just gone. “

    ” This is a fatal flaw. “

    Gandalf’s words enlightened Qin Yi.

    Three Realms! Such a framework can maintain the recycling of the world and endlessly. In the king’s world at this moment, although civilization has leaped, it lacks a place for the dead to go.


    Qin Yi opened his eyes slowly.

“Next, I need to build a whole new world and make my country complete and stable?”

    Gandalf nodded.

    “Yes, this void must be completed first, and then the first task is to make the world structure stable!”

    Qin Yi knew what he must do.

    a world vessel to contain the Dead realm is no longer a problem for him. Starlight level five, now he could conquer many worlds easily.

    “Gandalf, you are the best guide ever!”

    “I can’t live without you.”

    Qin Yi smiled.

    In a few words, he understood what he should do next.

build the three realms and establish a Divine nation with a complete system!

    As long as it succeeds, even if the heritage is still far inferior to those huge worlds, but it already has a foundation, it can develop with peace of mind.

    At that time, even if those powerful cosmic enemies strike, the divine Kingdom will be able to maintain its own stability, and it will not be nearly destroyed just like the last time.

    And, in the future, it will be able to use this as a foundation, continue to join, expand, and make the country stronger.