The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 63: Akame ga Kill!

Gandalf’s suggestion made Qin Yi ponder and decided to follow suit.

But how to make a plan needs to be considered in detail.

For example, the creation of the Divine kingdom, how to allocate resources, and how to choose the boundary after death are all problems.

Of course, it’s not advisable to mix all kinds of people from many worlds in the country now. right now there are not many problems. As time goes on, there will inevitably be many contradictions and problems.

Besides, things in the Immortal sword are not over yet.

Three days later, Qin Yi returned to the world of Immortal sword.

This time along with him came Madara, Hashirama, Whitebeard, and the boys. At this time, the state of Qin now had included the strong boys of the two worlds.

“It takes a lot of time to cultivate immortals. You older people need huge resources.”

    Qin Yi said to everyone in the palace of Qin Hua’s leader.

this Realm Portal, different from before, the chance of being discovered by the powerful outsiders is very small.

“In this world, disciples can collect resources from all over the world for you, to enhance your vitality.”

“As long as you get rid of the old body state, you can start cultivating and prolong your life and enhance your power.”

His words made Whitebeard laughs.

“I heard that the world had strong people who are thousands of years old, even some of them are immortal. It’s amazing!”

“You’d better not look forward to that kind of guy, you don’t want to meet one of them now, believe me.”

    Qin Yi shook his head.

    The real level of the Immortal sword world should be Starlight ninth level, the mortal realm is Starlight 5, but Qin Yi knows how horrible the divine realm and Chong Lou… Even if he could establish the Portal in this world and put the Kunlun Mountains under his control, Qin Yi did not dare to go any further.

Step a little further, and those guys in heaven Realm won’t mind smite him down.

Therefore, it can be said that he must take a break in the world of the Immortal sword for a while.

    In the Chinese paladin sword and fairy, the state of Qin established Qinhua school, which also means that it had a base and can obtain the resources of the world in the future, which was of great significance.

The next day, Qin Yi left Qinhua school and went to Yuzhou.

He went there to take Li Xiaoyao as an apprentice. As the hero of the fiction, Li Xiaoyao’s talent is extraordinary. His understanding of the sword is extremely profound, and he is chivalrous, which is a rare value.

On a hillside of Yuzhou City, Li Xiaoyao was holding a wooden sword and waving it casually.

From childhood, he showed his love for swordsmanship.

    Qin Yi was standing on the sword and looked down. He saw that Li Xiaoyao was a child in twelve or thirteen years old at the moment.

His eyes flickered, and there was a smile on his lips.

    “To practice sword, you need a master, enter Qinhua and You will get a great education.”

     “you gave a great future son!”     Qin Yi flashed in front of Li Xiaoyao.

     “Child, do you want to learn swordsmanship from me?”

    He bent over, looking at the stunned Li Xiaoyao and asked with a smile.

     “You, you, are you an Immortal sword?”

Li Xiaoyao was shocked. He saw the other side’s flying sword.

“That’s right. I think you are a rare martial artist. I plan to take you as a disciple. Would you like to?”

    Qin Yi looked serious.

    “Take me as a disciple? Is it true?”

    Li Xiaoyao was pleasantly surprised.

Li Xiaoyao saw the astonishing skill of Qin Yi and felt his sword intent,

“Of course, it is. Would you like to?”

Qin Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Yes! Yes, of course! Excellent! I’m Li Xiaoyao will be an Immortal Sword!”

Li Xiaoyao was about to jump up excitedly.

    Afterward, Qin Yi took Li Xiaoyao to his aunt’s house and explained that they came to say goodbye.

At this point, Li Xiaoyao, the hero of the fiction, became the next disciple of Qin Yi.

    Four days later, Qin Yi went to Xinan Workshop in Yuzhou City.

    Opposite him was sitting the old man Jing Tian, his skin was wrinkled and he was pouring tea.

    “my dear Chang Yi!”

    “I’m too old now, you came to see me before my death.”

    ” I heard about your Glory and the rumors of the Qinhua School, and it took the place of Shushan as the greatest school in the whole Realm! “

    Jingtian said while pouring tea.

    This time, Qin Yi didn’t see Tang Xue. He didn’t ask, knowing that Jiang Tian’s wife had passed away.

    He is even more aware that when the teacher’s wife left, the master must have been in great pain and heartbreak.

It’s better not to mention such a thing.

“If I can revive Tang Xue and make you young!”

    Qin Yi suddenly said.

    On the right side of the table in front of him, there was the special tea of Nanzhao.

Xiqiong tea, it’s Tang Xue’s favorite tea, but at the moment, the tea was there, but the person was no longer there.

    It’s late, Qin Yi’s feelings were complicated, he felt a little guilty.

    ” Well, what happened in the past is over. What’s the point of mentioning it again?”

    “She has left, and we have the best memories between us. I am willing to keep these memories and rest in peace with them. “

    ” I like to live my life as I told you decades ago, and if I get the chance to return to the past and choose again, I will choose this life again and again. “

    Jing Tian put the tea on the table and said lightly.

“Aren’t you the same? you experienced love, and  you get satisfied by keeping the good memories.”

After a pause, Jing Tian’s eyes suddenly sharpened and stared at Qin Yi.

“Just, next time, learn to know how to love, and for who you have to sacrifice, don’t sink into mud again, every pain we feel it take a piece of you and give you something else!”

“and in the end, you will be someone you don’t know…”

“damn it, and you let that girl enter the demon realm, you are a Taoist, damn it!”

    A few words made Qin Yi startled, and then sighed.

This master, with his own experience, can see through Qin Yi’s heart.

“You went too far son!”

At this point, Jingtian’s tone was a little angry.

But soon he had another sip, he sighed.

“Well, young people make mistakes, nothing, just fix it, don’t wait until you are old, and then regret it, that’s the saddest.”

“Since you’re no longer love her, it’s right to let go.”

“Just, in the future, don’t let yourself down!”

    Qin Yi was silent, then nodded:” The apprentice knows! “

    ” go, I can feel that you are going to leave this world.”

    Jingtian waved his hand and spilled the tea leaves on the teapot, and poured the hot water on it.

    the ascent of fragrance spread.

    “Master, will I see you again in the future?”

    Qin Yi got up and sighed.

    “Well, I Have nothing to do here.”

    “I drank her tea and I had to go up to her.”

    Qin Yi was silent, he saluted him, turned, and left.

He knew that the master’s time had come. After drinking tea, he will be gone.

Although he needed his help Qin Yi did not insist too much. He knew that the man lived and reincarnated many times and he will reincarnate again, and none of his lives chose to stay immortal, and he must respect his choice, and he could not interfere more.

    The matter of the Immortal sword world, so far, it will stop temporarily.

    Next, Qin Yi considered the establishment of the Divine State.

    However, just when he took Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger, and others back to Qin, a soldier came in a hurry.

    “Your Majesty!”

    “There is news from Her Royal Highness!”

“She is in a world called Akame GA Kill!!”

    “Send us a message for help.”

Qin Yi was stunned.

    “Ask for help?”

    “very well.”

“Then let’s conquer that world!”