The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 1: Chelsea

Qin Yi set off immediately and came out of the immortal sword world. It will take a long time for the Kingdom to integrate the whole Immortal sword civilization.

That time, he was not intending to go to the rest of the world, but to cultivate for a while, and take the opportunity to stabilize his world.

Now, he suddenly heard the news of his sister Qin Xiyao, which made him a little surprised and worried.

“her highness contacted us yesterday, she sent a boy.”

    The soldier said quickly.

    “Why did you tell me just now?”

    Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

    “It took a while to check the identity of the boy.”

  the soldier was slightly embarrassed, but he answered without hesitation.

Qin Yi didn’t say anything. his kingdom now is such a broad Kingdom, if suddenly appeared a person who said he was his sister’s Messenger. Naturally, the relevant departments of the state should quickly take measures to verify his integrity.

    “Where is he now?”

“Just inside the Portal Observatory, the soldiers took care of him,” the soldier answered.


    Qin Yi nodded.

“Your Majesty, do you want to inform general yang to arrange the army and her highness asked for help? It is a very serious situation.”

    “she had never contacted us from then.” The soldier hesitated.

“I’m enough alone. No need.”

    Qin Yi said lightly.

He didn’t expect his sister to be in the world of Akame Ga Kill, and he didn’t understand why she would be in trouble. a world like this level, even if it reaches the Starlight level worlds, it is still at the bottom of them.

    “Roger!” said the soldier.

     Soon, the two quickly reached the Portal observation place.

     Seeing Qin Yi’s arrival, all the leaders in it stood up and saluted: “Your Majesty!”   

   Qin Yi glanced away. The officials here were not high, and they were arranged by superior officials and so on. Naturally, he didn’t know one of them. He just nodded gently and then appeared in front of the young man with a long sword on his back and looked nervous.

     “Tatsumi, this is your majesty, you have to be polite.”    

 Beside him, an official immediately pulled the young man.

     Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and knew the identity of the boy immediately.    

Gazing at Qin Yi, Tatsumi felt the pressure and majestic aura coming from the other side, and he didn’t speak for a while.

     “Xiyao, how is she now?”     Qin Yi asked in a deep voice.  

   Blood is one of the things that matter to Qin Yi and if he has to destroy some worlds he will not hesitate.

    “Sister Xiao, she is with Akame now. She, she asked me to come to you and ask you for help.”

     Tatsumi was nervous.

    He did not expect that the cold-faced sister was a princess, and her brother was the master of such a huge world.   

  After crossing the teleportation array set by Xiao, he came to Qin State. At the moment of his appearance, he was taken down by the soldiers.

He was shocked by their crushing strength.

     He thought that he is powerful in his world, but he didn’t expect to be knocked down by a few ordinary soldiers when he entered here. The officials sitting next to him were surpassing him by levels. He dared not act rashly he couldn’t help but wait quietly.

    Such a huge empire, he could not even imagine, especially through the glass window at the door, seeing someone flying in the sky, it just subverted his worldview.

    How could there be such a magical and terrible world!


    Qin Yi frowned.

    “Sister Xi Yao said that as long as we found you, the whole country will be saved, and Night Raid will be saved,”

    Tatsumi said.

The officials at the observation center near the Portal were angry: “you are so rude, boy!”

    Qin Yi raised his hand stopping the officials’ hubbub.

    “It’s not too late let’s go boy.”

    ” If something happens to Xiyao, your whole world will be smashed!”

   Qin Yi said with indifferent eyes, Tatsumi was shocked.

deeply inside, he felt a huge black dragon roaring, he never felt such murderous intent, He knew that Qin Yi meant what he said!

he did not show any special powers, but his majesty and terror reached the extreme.

    Later, Qin Yi turned to the officials.

“Tell Gandalf to build the Heavenly realm as we planned, find the best place, the most spiritual area in the Kulun mountains.”

    “and figure out the best place for the dead realm!”

The officials looked grim, knowing that this might be the country’s next important development policy.


    Qin Yi turned and walked out of toward the Portal, Tatsumi followed closely.

    After leaving the Portal observatory, Tatsumi looked around.

   He was shocked by the towering buildings and the magical things he had never seen shocked his mind. And the soldiers were training outside made him feel awe.

    “Fire release!!”

    “Water release!”

“Practice basic Ninjutsu, you young recruits, so that you can further cultivate immortality after this civilization transition!”

    The captain shouted, and the soldiers were able to breathe flames and form a powerful elemental attack, which was beyond Tatsumi’s imagination.

    “What a terrifying world!”

    Tatsumi sighed.


    At this moment, Qin Yi in front called.

    “Yes, Your Majesty!”

    Tatsumi straightened and answered nervously.

    “If you’re curious, I’ll invite you to visit my world after I settled the matter over there.”

    “Now, let’s hurry!” Qin Yi said.


    Tatsumi replied loudly.

The Portal was not far from here, and the two quickly stepped into it and disappeared.

    At the same time, the immortal sword world, Qinhua School.

    “What? You said that the kid married a wife in this world? And finally, he just gave up?”

    “Li Yuanli, although you are a king, you can’t talk nonsense.”

Madara and Whitebeard said, the two looked at Li Yuanli with suspicion in their eyes.

“I swear, I’m absolutely right. In fact, I’ve been wondering why your majesty and Mrs. An Yi got together and separated at last.”

“It’s just that Mrs. Anyi went to Shushan mountain. but I don’t know why I can’t ask!”

    Li Yuan said loudly, feeling uncomfortable because the two old guys didn’t believe him.

“Is it true?”

“That’s not good. That boy makes me young and prolongs my life.”

    “I have to help him.”

    Whitebeard grunted.

Madara was more direct, turned around, and went out.

    “Hey, where are you going?”

    Li Yuanli was surprised.

“Take the woman back.”

    “the boy’s woman can’t just walk away!”

    ” Shushan mountain or whatever, I’ll destroy it!”

Madara said with a majestic voice. then after a while, he had disappeared.

Whitebeard smiled. He grabbed his naginata and followed him closely.

    Li Yuan was disoriented: “these two old men are still so bloodthirsty!”

But he knew very well that these two old men were the most powerful. They have lived on the top for most of their lives. the best qualities in their worlds. Now, with the transition of civilization and cultivation resources, the two old guys have made rapid progress. Now, their powers were leaping constantly.

And they have a huge multiverse organization behind their back.

    “I really want to see his Majesty’s expression when he sees An Yi, hehe”

    Li Yuan smirked.

    He didn’t look like a guy who reached The Forgetting the Dao Level, he still keeping his bad intentions. Moreover, these two old guys seemed such a pain in the ass, let’s get some trouble.

    After all, it must be no competition in the Heavenly Realm later, he took care of these two wicked men.

 Li Yuanli knew it’s time to play.

his cultivation has reached the Level of Dao Forgetting? he is fake it?

    Moreover, his cultivation has not been successfully forgotten? He felt that this way of talking about emotions was a false way, and there must be a conspiracy in it.

    Akame ga Kill’s world.

In a sparsely populated square, the sky was drizzling with light rain, and the climate was very gloomy at this moment.

    The voice of whispering kept coming out.

Looking toward the center of the square, a girl’s head with red hair was on a pike.

    closed eyes, a peaceful smile, and there were red blood drops on her cheeks and forehead, revealing endless beauty and cruelty.

    “Chelsea !!”

Qin Xiyao clenched her fists, her face was wet, and no one knew whether it was rain or tears.

    “Xiyao, we should go back.”

Akame said softly.

    “Why is this not over!”


Qin Xiyao shook her head and said in a low voice, grieving in her eyes.

It has been five or six years since she came to this world. By chance, she joined in the Night Raids and wanted to overthrow the Empire through them. However, she got along with these young people more and more deeply.

    Until recently, the death of friends and siblings caused her inner pain.

Nine-tails was seriously injured in the last world, unable to play a role, making her situation very dangerous.

    She was in trauma from the pain and cruelty of this world.

Despair and pain made her finally determined to seek Qin Yi’s help.