The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 2: Brother

Xiyao had already used her king’s power to send Tatsumi to the Qin Kingdom.

    “Xiyao, it’s time to go back.”

    “Aren’t you already sent Tatsumi to find your brother?”

    “If he can come with an army, the war will come to an end soon!”

Akame put her right hand on Qin Xiyao’s shoulder and said softly.

“But he may wander in some world, and Tatsumi may not be able to find him!”

    Qin Xiyao covered her forehead.

    The pain of losing her siblings made her tears flow unstoppably.

    “Although you don’t know who you are, I can feel that you are more important than anyone on Night Raid.”

“Boss has always believed in you, and we must stick to it!”

Akame said.

The Empire has been established for a long time, and now, it has become increasingly dark and decadent. Thus, the Night Raid came into being, fighting against the corruption and darkness of the empire with the vision and hope for the bright future, hoping to overturn the notice one day and restore fairness to the world. Their opponents were the entire empire and the Jaegers, led by Esdeath.

    This was a brutal war, and both sides held the belief of killing each other.

    Even women and children will not be safe in this war. Death is equal for everyone.

Qin Xiyao, at this time, was in the organization of Night Raid.

“But I really can’t help it!”

    Tears were falling between her fingers. Qin Xiyao felt the pain for her incompetence for the first time.

As a Queen, she originally had outstanding birth and unlimited potential. However, not everyone can grow up as smoothly and quickly as her brother.

    She has experienced two mundane worlds, expanded her territory, and spent 24 years. Because of the difference in the Time Ratio among the worlds, she was still around 20 years old.

In the third world, everything was very difficult. The power here began to possess the superpower attribute and the amount of gore and darkness overwhelmed her, even her Ninjutsu could not compete with the strong enemies. and Kyubi was still recovering from his misfortune in the last world.

    “You must leave, your highness.”

     “Someone is approaching.”

 Kyubi appeared and said.

Akame said.     

“Let’s Go!”

     Akame didn’t hesitate. she took Qin Xiyao and left.    

The two began to move quickly through the streets, but they were around the third street and were discovered by the empire soldiers.

    “Here they are!”

     “Don’t run!”     

“Catch them!”   

 Suddenly, intensive footsteps sounded, and the soldiers came rushing from everywhere. At the same time, on the roof, the people of Jaegers organization were also quickly approaching and surrounding them.    

 “You go first!”   

  Akame let go of Qin Xiyao’s hand and pulled out her long sword from her waist, revealing a murderous intent in her eyes.

    In this case, one must stay behind to block the enemy.    

“Akame!”     Qin Xiyao’s face changed.

    Kyubi seized the opportunity, carried Qin Xiyao on his back at once, and ran quickly on the street.     “Your Highness, your life is the most important.”

    “If something happens, I can’t face his Majesty.”

    Qin Xiyao could no longer control her tears.

    “You let me go, we have to help Akame!”

    “Save her!”

    Kyubi didn’t say anything, when he was at the peak of his strength, he can be mighty, but at this moment He knew very well that it is very difficult to protect the woman in front of him.

Qin Xiyao covered her eyes and tears of pain flow.

    How she thought at this time that someone could show up to help them.

    Like when she was in the world of Naruto, when the battle at the edge of the forest of Konoha, and her brother fell from the sky and saved her.


    “Please come and save Akame!!!”

    Qin Xiyao shouted with her eyes closed.

    But she knew clearly that this call did not affect. In this strange world, no one can help her.

if Akame dies, the night Raid organization will lose a powerful general. The situation they will face next will be more difficult. Even, it will perish!

    “Save us!”

All of a sudden, the nine tails’ swift-running body stopped, his pupils suddenly contracted, he was stunned.

At this moment, the rain suddenly stopped and a circle of ripples emerged.

    Two figures suddenly appeared here. One of them had a majestic strange power, a star between the eyebrows, and glowing eyes.

    “So, who can tell me?”

    ” Who annoys my favorite sister?”

The nine tails’ body shuddered, “Your Majesty!!!”

    Qin Xiyao raised her head suddenly at this moment.

    “Brother !!!”

    Qin Yi arrived!

    Neither Kyubi nor Qin Xiyao had thought that Qin Yi will really appear at this moment!

    “Don’t cry, whoever bothers you, I will destroy it for you.”

    Qin Yi’s right hand leaned forward, wiped away the tears from Xiyao face, and said softly.

  Kyubi was trembling at this time, and he dared not even move.

When Tatsumi saw Kyubi, he wanted to say hello. When he saw the other side’s expression, he felt a sense of awe in his heart.

    “Please rescue Akame, she, she is behind to save us!”

Qin Xiyao thought of Akame and said anxiously.

“I know. I’ll take care of everything.  follow me.”

    Qin Yi said softly.

He looked up slightly, his eyes were cold and fierce.

In the front lane, on the surrounding buildings, numerous soldiers were slowly approaching.

    “Today, everyone here has to die!”

his murderous intent was terrifying.

    Then he took a step and looked ahead.

    Suddenly, the air buzzed, and numerous Qi swords suddenly appeared, shaking violently.

    The majestic sword intent swept a few hundred meters around.

Just a blink of an eye, all the people on the scene saw the endless sword floating in the air!


    Qin Yi said softly.

He took another step, and after that, the sword hung in the air, quivered, and flew out.

    “Puff puff puff!” 

    At this moment, I don’t know how many men died.

    Bright red blood spilled out, the rain rushed down and merged with the blood, a faint bloody smell filled the streets, and a red fantastic stream appeared.

   Qin Xiyao was stunned, the Kyubi’s pupils contracted, and Tatsumi was shaking all over.

At this moment, except for the three of them, there was no one alive!

“Next, I will take you to pick up Akame.”

    Qin Yi said with a smile.