The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 3: His Back

    the strength Qin Yi showed completely shocked the boys.

 in an instant, the soldiers of the Imperial Army who came running were beheaded.

The smell of blood pervaded the streets, washed by rain, and turned into a blood river.

It’s a thrilling chilling scene.

Qin Xiyao even saw that among the people who had been cut off, there were strong people who carried the Teigu, but under the power of Qin Yi, they could not even hit a single strike.

    In front, Qin Yi walked step by step, where he passed by, rainwater could not drip, it seemed to be a restricted area.

    “Your Majesty!”

Kurama shivered.

he realized that the young king he had seen before, at this moment, might have reached an unpredictable state.

    Qin Yi was just walking but when he steps out in one step, he crosses thirty feet, the other three were trying to catch up.

    They followed Qin Yi all the way, and what they saw made them even more shocked.

with wide eyes and full of panic, the corpses were lying there askew. they couldn’t see a living man when they walked all the way.

    “It’s really all killed!”

    “In a flash!”

Tatsumi swallowed his saliva and was terrified to the extreme.

About 1500 meters away from here, Akame was holding a sword with both hands, and her face was calm.

As an assassin, she had been used to kill, and being on the edge of death. No matter what happens, her expression will still cold and indifferent.

she felt Qin Xiyao’s importance, although boss never said, the whole organization knew the importance of the princess who came to this world in the mouth of the mighty red fox, who once showed great power, had surpassed everything in this world.

     she considered her as an older sister, she was kind to her and she told her about fantasy stories about other worlds and she seemed honest, she was like hope to her, Akame would give her life without hesitation to save Qin Xiyao.

Qin Xiyao was directly underboss, she was wise and smart, Akame knew her importance to the Night Raid.

“I only hope that your brother you were talking about, sister Xiyao, will arrive as soon as possible.”

     “and end the war.”     Akame held her sword, facing the soldiers who were coming around, her cheeks were covered with blood, and her body was covered with wounds.  

Around her body, corpses were on the ground, blood pooled on the ground.

    In just a short time, she had dealt with dozens of people.  

 However, her physical strength and injuries have made her almost reach her limit.

    “Go on! You must kill her!”    

 “These traitors of the empire must be all beheaded, and no one will be left!”

The tall, armored general shouted.  

In the blink of an eye, dozens of soldiers rushed over roaring.

Akame’s eyes could see the panic in these people’s eyes, and the madness under high pressure. She sighed lightly, and then rushed up and waved the sword.

But at this time, her eyes suddenly widened, and she stopped.

    “She was injured! she won’t last long, kill her!” The

The armored general smirked and shouted.

The soldiers went even crazier and rushed up shouting.

    “Is it going to end here?”

“I don’t want to die!”

Akame closed her eyes.

“I really want to see the perfect world of sister Xiyao!”

    “But, I’m sorry!”

    She was falling to the ground softly.


   It was silence and the only thing she heard is a blood drop fell on the ground, is it death? when she was about to fell on the ground, the deadly wounds on her body were exposed.

All of a sudden, Akame’s eyes flickered, her body was no longer falling, also did not fall on the ground.

Even the rain in the sky seemed to be stopped.

    “you are a strong girl!” she heard a gentlemanly voice, and her body was gradually lifted.

“I thank you so much for your dedication to save my sister.”

    Akame opened her eyes and saw a young face.

he had that star between his eyebrows, it is similar to that of sister Xiyao, but this man seemed more majestic and powerful.

“I’ll take care of it from now on.”

Bending down, the young man was about to pick up Murasame (Akame’s katana).

“Be careful, this blade.”

Before she had finished speaking, the young man had interrupted her and grasped the handle of the katana.

“It doesn’t matter. I haven’t held a Katana for a long time. Let’s play!”

At the next moment, the blade of the Katana pointed to the front. the young man’s murderous intent was incomparable.

    Akame was stunned, she felt that the man in front of her had power beyond her understanding of swordsmanship.

    In a trance, Akame remembered Qin Xiyao’s words.

“I have a brother whose strength and wisdom I admire.”

“And I came out of the world to catch up with him!”

“But even though I came out, there was still a feeling that he was getting farther and farther away, I can only see his back.”

Akame looked at the young man in front of her stepped out.


Once he waved Murasame, he instantly killed four soldiers who rushed.

    “he is fast!”

    Akame was shocked.

    His strikes were like lightning, it was too late to react. What was more terrifying is the young man’s cold expression and action.

He stepped forward step by step, walked to the side of the rushed soldiers, waving the Katana and no one could block or dodge it.

“Such swordsmanship has reached the realm of God!”

    Akame was shocked.

    She finally understood what Qin Xiyao said, what the meaning of the majestic power her brother got. she finally understood why he would say that if her brother came, they would win.

    Such a strong man no one can stop him!

    After a couple of seconds, no one in front of the young man survived, he was surrounded by corpses.

This scene was frightening. The army on the opposite side of the scene couldn’t believe it.

    “take your longbows!” “He can’t hit us!”

The armored general was trembling,

All of a sudden, the soldiers took up their arrows and the bows.

At the same time, they saw that the young man slowly raised his right hand and pointed the blade at them.

    “Sure enough, the feeling of cutting off the bodies with a steel katana is better and more pleasant!”

    “However, who said that I can’t cut you off from here?”

Suddenly, the soldiers were shocked to see that a ball of light had quickly agglomerated at the point of the Katana.


    Then, a brilliant light rushed out of the blade straight towards them.

    “What is this?!”