The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 4: Esdeath

    The katana was shining brightly, and bursting out quickly, forming an extremely brilliant rainbow in an instant, reaching the soldiers.

At this moment, the soldiers saw just white light, and could not see anything else. Their pupils shrank to a point. Then, and this last thing they saw.

    At the moment, Akame was shocked by the scene.

    “Puchi!” All the

There was blood flowing from all the figures, and they all fell to the ground.

The pungent smell of blood filled the air, after that, there were silent, all the soldiers died!

Akame was completely shocked.

    She had never seen such a powerful force, the problem is that he released such power from her sword.

Yeah, it is a Teigu, but his ability is not like that at all.

Teigu are mysterious and extremely powerful relics that exist in the world of Akame Ga Kill! They are rare, and only the strongest of warriors can wield them. Some have the appearance of equipment or weapons, while others seem to be living creatures. It is implied that a form of magic was used to create them, but none of them possess such power.

    “Your sword!”

    At the moment, Qin Yi suddenly turned around, took the tip of the sword, pointed the handle at her, and handed it over.

    “I’m Xi Yao’s brother, thank you for everything.”

    Qin Yi said with a smile.

    Akame took the sword, nodded: “Thank you!”

At this time, Qin Xiyao, Tatsumi, Kyubi came over. They saw this scene, their eyes widened and they couldn’t believe it.

    Hundreds of imperial soldiers were shattered on the ground at this moment, and the ground became red from the pooled blood.

Her brother said that he would kill all the enemies, and he did it mercilessly.


    Qin Xiyao came over and took a deep breath, her eyes were twinkling.

     “Please end this war!”   

she wanted to become stronger through her efforts and catch up with her genius otaku brother’s steps, but she really can’t help it. After entering this world, the death of each one of her friends made her deeply aware of the cruelty of the multi-worlds. This is not a game. As a Queen, you need to experience cruelty and deal with it there are more pains and tribulations.

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed, and then nodded: “Since it is your request.”

    “I will do it naturally!”     Qin Xiyao closed her eyes and smiled, but then she fainted.

     Tatsumi’s flashed and he shouted: ” Xi Yao sama!”

    Akame and Kyubi’s expressions changed dramatically, looking at Qin Xiyao worriedly.

    “She’s okay, she was under such pain and pressure, and couldn’t resist it anymore.”   

  “Let her get some rest!”     Qin Yi’s eyes sharpened, said.  

Then, he stepped out step by step, his body emitted with a fierce and incomparable aura.

 little stars were sparkling from his body, such as the starry night, send out a kind of high, strong atmosphere.    

“Is this world so tiring to you?”   

His aura was more and more powerful, and his eyes were cold.

she was his blood and family when he came to this life, the only sister he has got, she was impressive. Her bravery, her fearlessness, her kindness, and her concern for him, all made Qin Yi love her. Because of this, he always cherished and cared for his sister.

Now, his sister has suffered so much. Qin Yi was not just upset, he was raging anger.

    “I want to destroy this world!”

    muttered, his eyes narrowed.


    Suddenly, his energy starlight burst out, and all the buildings around kilometers collapsed and broke up. On the ground, even cracks were spreading out, which was frightening.

Akame, Tatsumi, Kyubi were completely stunned, they were shivering.

    “Your Majesty, you are so stronger!”

    Kyubi shivered.

    Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed, and he looked at Kyubi: “how could the strongest Biju hurt in an ordinary-ish world.”

    Kyubi bowed his head and was ashamed.

Unexpectedly, he fell into the ambush of an ordinary world and was wounded by their scientific and technological means. Although it eventually conquered the world, his injury did not heal since that time. Otherwise, the princess wouldn’t be in such a situation.

“Akame, you are injured badly. I’ll help you.”

    Qin Yi looked at Akame, he waved his right hand.

“Five-Qi-ways healing!”

   the starlight flickered, beamed towards Akame, the latter stared at it all froze. Starlight quickly merged into the body, Akame was surprised to find that the wounds on her body began to heal, and her power began to restore.

    ” amazing!”

    Akame couldn’t help but said.

“If you want you can come to our world with Xiyao, there will be more magical things for you to see.”

    Qin Yi smiled.

    Next, Qin Yi said.

    “So, can you take me to meet your boss?”

    Tatsumi said immediately. “Of course, Your Majesty, please come with me.”

The group left the imperial capital at once and headed for the base of the night raid organization.

about half of an hour after they left, the sound of hooves rang in the streets of the capital.

a group of warriors came, led by a long blue-haired girl.

When she came here, she saw the bodies of the fallen soldiers and the collapsed buildings about kilometers away, Esdeath sneered.

    “Interesting, it’s interesting.”

    ” who created such a pleasing scene?”

At this time, a soldier in armor came forward and bent the knee.

    “General Esdeath, we understand that this incident did not cause by anyone of the Night Raid.”

    Esdeath flicked the whip in her hand and waved it on the soldier’s face, immediately the blood-splattered.

    “Oh? Tell me who then.”

The soldier’s face remained unchanged, and he answered quickly.

“It’s a young man. He kills people one by one, without an effort. He has a terrible ability. with one strike he destroyed the whole army of two thousand soldiers and a general!”

“Besides, he collapsed these buildings just with one attack.”

“According to our guess, this young man, is very powerful!”

“I’m afraid that.”

    Hesitating, the soldier didn’t continue.

    “What are you afraid of? Say it!”

    Esdeath sneered and whipped his face again.

    “I’m afraid that he can fight you!”

   the soldier gritted his teeth.

    Esdeath narrowed her eyes, then sneered.

    “well, he succeeded in attracting my interest.”

    “and you!”

    then she froze the soldier.