The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 5: One Strike

   Esdeagth whipped the frozen soldier, and he shattered into ice chips.

“I appreciate your courage to say these words boldly!”

    Esdeath said with a sneer.

    Then she turned cold and gave orders to the soldiers in the rear.

“Find that man quickly. I want him to kneel in front of me!”

    Esdeath said coldly.

    The youngest female general in the empire, the sadism, the bloodthirsty, and belligerent atmosphere radiating from her body, frightened every soldier. No one dared to disobey her orders. Immediately, the soldiers moved.

    “Interesting, such a powerful man appeared!”

“he aroused my desire to dominate!”

    Esdeath licked her lips, and her eyes flashed.

At the same time, in the secret base of the Night Raid.

    Several people who were still alive were surrounded by a round table at this time, all looking at Qin Yi curiously.

“Let me introduce you. Everyone, This is my brother Qin Yi.”

Qin Xiyao had already woke up at this time, after suppressing the sadness in her heart, she took a deep breath and said.

“Wow, sister Xiyao, you have a brother. He is so handsome. Do you have a girlfriend?”

    Mine’s eyes narrowed into a slit with a cunning smile, she said.

    Qin Yi smiled: “If the lady doesn’t mind, I can let you be my eighteenth princess.”

    “The princess? The eighteenth princess?”

    Mine stunned, and then sat down with her mouth open. On the chair, staring at Qin Yi.

    “Qin Yi is the king of a powerful kingdom, everyone should not be rude,”   Tatsumi said carefully.

    “I’ve heard from Xiyao about specific matters. Thank you very much, Qin Yi.”    Boss said with a smile.     

Qin Yi nodded, with a smile.

    “I should thank you for taking care of Xiyao for so many years.”

Najenda nodded and said.

     ” I heard that you are willing to help us, and I don’t know what you plan to do? Where is your army?”

    Next to him, Leone stared at Qin Yi curiously, biting the apple.

“Army?”     Qin Yi smiled when he heard it.

“No, I’m here, that’s enough.”     All the people present, except for Tatsumi, were dazed, and they felt strange.

     ” Brother, there are hundreds of thousands of troops in the Empire, and on top of them is the horrible maniac Esdeath.”

    Qin Xiyao reminded me.   

She was very clear about the number of Qin Yi’s troops. Compared with this world, it’s a terrible scale, It’s easy to conquer this world by sending less than one division.

“if I sent General Yang Yi or general Fang Lan from the Qin Kingdom, and some of the soldiers, it will be enough!”

     Qin Yi smiled.     

” It’s not necessary in such a world, I came here personally for my sister.”   

“I’ll take care of everything!”     His eyes narrowed, staring at Najenda.  

“I heard that there are troops out there. Just make them ready to take control.”

    ” “I know what you want to do. Next, are you ready to assassinate all the senior officials in the Empire and launch a general attack?”

Najenda stunned, and then nodded. ” yes.”


“When are you going to move?”

    Qin Yi pointed to the table and asked softly.

“The action during the day had attracted the attention of the Empire. I’m afraid that they will find us soon, so we plan to do it tomorrow.”

    Najenda said calmly.

“Well, tomorrow I’ll take care of everything!”

    Qin Yi nodded.

The confident and calm words made the Night Raid stunned, and some of them were not convinced.

“The world you see limits your imagination of power.”

“However, someone like Esdeath is not a concern in my world.”

“As for the hundreds of thousands of troops of the Empire, it is even more ridiculous in my eyes.”

    Qin Yi saw everyone’s expressions, he sneered.

Then he turned and left the seat.

    After he left, Mine complained.

“Sister Xiyao, does your brother understand the situation or not? What a proud person.”

“If something bad happens tomorrow, we can’t help him!”

    Leone said.

    Qin Xiyao hesitated slightly and then explained.

“I don’t know how powerful my brother is now.”

    “But before I left, he was already much stronger than Esdeath. “

“Moreover, the troops under his hand are all elite, and every general is a strong and invincible man. The size and number of its troops are endless.”

    Taking a deep breath, Qin Xiyao raised her head and said.

Maybe these people can’t imagine it, but she knew there is no difficulty in conquering such a world for her brother.

All the people were staring at Qin Xiyao. They had occasionally heard that Qin Xiyao’s brother was a king, who controlled the huge land and kingdom. But they had never met him and had never heard of such a country in the world. Now, finally, they saw his arrogance and disdain, naturally, made them doubt.

“What’s more, his army has reached 30 or 40 million!”

A shocking number, Najenda was stunned, and the rest were even dumbfounded, unable to believe it.

    “Sister Xi Yao, are you sure there are thirty or forty million?”

    Mine shivered.

“I’m sure I’ve been to his Majesty’s world, where the world is infinite and everyone is very strong.”

    “they don’t have Teigu, but their strength is on another level!”

“When I got there, I faced three or four ordinary soldiers, and they stopped me easily even with Teigu!”

    Tatsumi shouted at this time, and his words were shocking.

    “Moreover, their country is so vast, more prosperous it is like heaven for us!”

“I don’t know the specific number of troops, and I can’t see it. But I also heard from the dialogue between ordinary soldiers that just a small county has hundreds of thousands of standing forces.”

“There are more armed forces, land, air, and special forces.”

    “Very powerful!”

    What Tatsumi said next surprised everyone.

    Najenda took a deep breath and smiled: “So, with the support of Xi Yao’s brother!”

“It seems that our action this time is very promising!”

“I just hope that after the next event, we can all meet each other alive!”

“We’ve lost so much for this fight!”

Then the crowd dispersed.

    Qin Xiyao came to Qin Yi’s room.

    “Brother, what are you going to do tomorrow?”

    Qin Yi smiled lightly.

    “Do you know Flying Sword ?”

    “I can take the enemy’s head from thousands of miles away,.”

“Only one strike is enough for me.”

    Qin Xiyao was stunned.