The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 6: Let’s Get The Party Started

After a night of silence, the next morning was just around the corner.

When the first ray of sunlight fell on the empire’s land, Najenda led the crowd to stand at the base gate with a grave and serious look.

“Hope we can meet again after this war!”

Tatsumi, Mine, leone, Akame, and others nodded silently.

They all know that this may be the last battle. Night Raid has been established so far and has done a lot of things, now it is time to decide the final victory. When facing the enemy, the final war will decide whether tomorrow is a day of dawn or darkness.

Qin Yi then walked toward the crowd.

“Are you ready to start?”

No one responded. The outcome of this war is unknown, but everyone will fight with their lives. Under such circumstances, the atmosphere was stressful.

Shrugging his shoulders, Qin Yi said nothing more and stood with Qin Xiyao.

“Don’t run around, brother. You’ll follow me.”

    Qin Xiyao whispered.


    Qin Yi nodded.

    “I assigned the tasks yesterday, and today, it’s up to you!”

    Najenda said calmly.


    Suddenly, the crowd went silently along the carriage to the empire.

Night Raid is an assassination organization with extraordinary power. They intend to sneak into the capital before launching a general attack. As long as they kill the heads and the high-level officials, the country’s administrative system will naturally collapse, and then the revolutionary army will come to take over.

It can be said that they are the first shot in this war and must hit the enemy’s forehead accurately!

Along the way, they sat face to face, and Qin Xiyao seemed to want to talk.

    “Xi Yao, what do you want to ask? Just say it.”

    Qin Yi smiled.     his sister was very cute and funny at the moment, and the tangled expression made him couldn’t help but smile.

“Yes, it’s about what you said yesterday.”    Qin Xiao’s eyes flashed, and she seemed a little excited.

     “about what?”     Qin Yi asked.

     “flying swords! can you do it?”    Qin Xiyao said excitedly.     

Flying sword! Of course, she knew that in folklore, this flying sword skill was available only to the immortal cultivators. There are many worlds of immortals, and this skill is legendary in anyone of them.

How powerful and shocking is a sword flying out and cutting the enemy head thousands of miles away!

     “yeah it’s true, Qin’s civilization at this moment has already crossed the sword Immortal civilization!”     Qin Yi nodded with a smile, then he said again.    

“When we return I will take you there.”     Qin Xiyao was more excited, she nodded.

     “Then, when will you show your swordsmanship tricks?”    

Her eyes twinkled and she asked.

It can be seen that the little girl was very yearning for the world of cultivation immortal from her childhood. When she heard about the Immortal sword, she was so excited that she even forgot her task at this moment.

    “BOSS.”     After a moment of thinking, Qin Yi didn’t answer Qin Xiyao’s words but suddenly turned his eyes to Najenda on the opposite side.

    “Huh? Your Majesty?”     Najenda said.

    “I have a suggestion.”     Qin Yi said.

    “for today’s missions. how about all of you follow me closely so that I can guarantee that your missions are completed 100%.”

“And no one will lose anything!”

    “How? “

The words stunned them, and their eyes flashed.

“King Qin Yi, we don’t know your power. The one who knows you the most here is Xiyao.”

“So the only person who can decide on this matter is Xiyao.”

    Najenda frowned and said.


Mine yelled out, she didn’t trust Qin Yi yet.

    The latter shook her head and signaled her not to worry.

    “Xiyao, what do you think of your brother’s suggestion?”

“Did he have the strength to end it all!”

Najenda asked, her eyes were very serious.

Qin Xiyao was stunned, and then her eyes were firm then shouted.

“Everyone, give everything to my brother!”

“I believe he is the one who can end it all!”

Two short sentences made Qin Yi smile. Everyone was startled and then silent.

“Now that our second BOSS Princess Xiyao has made a decision, let’s do it!”

Najenda clapped her hands and said with a smile.

“Qin Yi, everything is up to you!”

    “Today we all follow and listen to you and if you need something order it!”

Qin Yi nodded. He raised his hand and the Katana in Akame’s hand flew out of the sheath and he held it.

    “I like this sword smoothly, I will borrow it for a while.”

Akame was stunned, and then she nodded.

“As for your mission!”

“Protect yourself and keep up with me!”

When he finished, he slowly got up with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“Let this knife take some souls today!”

He did not use his sword the Mortals-Slayer, such a world does not deserve this spiritual sword! He doesn’t even have to exert his best efforts.

Civilization level, Starlight Level 5 is too scary to crush such a world that barely can reach Starlight Level 1.

Qin Yi changed a lot after the cultivation, he kinda grew up.

Qin Yi jumped out of the carriage, and the crowd jumped out one after another. When they saw the scene in front of them, everyone was stunned.

    “They have known our route for a long time, so if we followed your original plan we would fail!”

    “Even if it succeeds, it will cost a lot!”

    Qin Yi smiled.

In front, at the city gate and on the city wall, the soldiers were closely guarding.

From the time he stepped into this world, no, from the time Xiyao stepped into this world, Akame Ga Kill’s world had started to change. By the time he got here, the story had changed all over again.

    Of course, he didn’t need to care about these things at all.

    At this moment, his only concern was how to avenge his sister.

    When he saw tears and pain in the strong, brave sister’s eyes, his heart was as if he was poked hard, making it difficult for him to restrain his inner anger.

Now it’s time to release his anger.

    There were tens of thousands of soldiers in front of them, Najenda sighed.

    “We’re surrounded!”

    “We can’t retreat!”

At the back of the carriage, there were also a large number of soldiers slowly surrounding it, that even a fly could not fly out.


    “just Follow me!”

Qin Yi sneered, pointing at the front with his sword.

    “I’d like to see it.”

    “Today, who can stand in my way!” he smirked.

The armored commander on the city wall shouted.

“Kill them all!”

In a flash, all the soldiers went crazy and rushed in with a roar.

    “today, that you all here.”

    “I will kill you all!”

He said, and Qin Yi’s long sword burst forth with a brilliant light.