The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 7: Impossible


After a couple of seconds, all the people on the scene were shivering, looking at the scene in front of them, unable to believe it

Najenda and the others thought that was a dream. They looked at the front, the huge gap on the city wall, and the hole on the ground. They are shocked to the extreme.

With one stroke, Qin Yi split the front gate directly.

The armored general standing in the center of the gate had disappeared. As for the soldiers, they were also wiped out by this hit.

On the ground, the scorch mark spread and extended directly into the city.

“Look, this is the way out.”

    Qin Yi said lightly, striding out.

    “awesome, so strong!!”

    Leone said with amazement.

As she walked, she looked at the huge opening in the front wall. She still couldn’t believe that such a scene was caused by a stroke. Even if it’s a bomb, it can’t blow away the wall with a thickness of more than ten meters! But this man did it easily!

At this moment, the rest of the soldiers were shaking, they didn’t know how to deal with Qin Yi.

They have every reason to believe that this man is beyond human beings!

    “stop it!”

“Like general Esdeath, the big numbers are useless against him!”

At this time, an officer’s forehead was covered with sweat, shaking to warn everyone.

    Slashing the city gate with a sword, such a force, as far as he knows, even General Esdeath can’t do it!

Qin Yi stepped into the city wall with the crowd, and he stopped.

    ” Can you remind me again what’s the original plan?!”

    Najenda took a deep look at Qin Yi and quickly said.

“Kill minister Honest! He is the root of the country’s troubles! “

     “And be careful…”

Before she had finished speaking, Qin Yi had already stopped her.

“Is it just one person? That’s too easy. “

He raised his right hand, threw the katana to the air, then, the katana was floating in the air, the people there were stunned.

    “This is?”     Qin Xiyao seemed to see something, and she looked excited.

     “Xiyao, I have a legendary sword named Mortal-slayer!”

   “It’s just that this world is too weak. If I kill a chicken with an ox knife, will be stupid, I will use this awesome Katana instead!”

The Katana suddenly burst out of Starlight, Shaking violently.    

“Xiyao, since you want to see the method of the flying sword.”

    “I will show you.”     After that, With that, Qin Yi pointed forward with his index finger.


 All of a sudden, between the twinkling stars, the Katana soared to the sky with incredible speed, almost in a blink of an eye.

This scene stunned Akame and others, they have never seen such a magical scene.

the Katana is out of hand and can fly by itself.

“I have some limitation for the moment but, but it’s easy to stand here and behead minister Honest in the palace!”

    Qin Yi led everyone forward.  

   He walked, completely ignoring the armies, more and more soldiers were on both sides of the street.

    After a while, Qin Yi’s brow suddenly wrinkled.

“There are more and more flies!”

    Najenda was nervous, and Tatsumi and others were sweating in their foreheads. The number of soldiers in a short time has almost reached 20,000!

“Then, you can have a good sleep!”

    Qin Yi stepped out suddenly, his pupils bloomed at this moment, and a mighty king power rushed out and rolled towards the void ahead.

In an instant, the air pressed down and began to twist. The wind blew swiftly.


A mighty wind swept in all directions, and every soldier it touched, it turned his eyes white and then fell to the ground softly.

    “The majesty of the king!”

After transforming all the energy in his body into the power of Starlight, Qin Yi could use this technique without any effort.

    In an instant, the storm was clamor, spreading vigorously around.

    “Bang Bang Bang!”

No one can stop the terrible majesty and the will of the king.

    “Why, what’s the matter?”

    “What’s going on? What happened to them?”

    The soldiers who hadn’t been affected yet screamed in horror.

But soon, they followed suit, fell to the ground, and passed out in a coma.

    “This time, it’s much cleaner!”

    Qin Yi said.

He continued to open the road in front of him. At the moment, Najenda and others in the rear didn’t know what to say. The young man in front of them had far exceeded their expectations. Even, they were thinking in their minds, whether this man is a man or a god! well,  he is a king, bitches!

It’s amazing! If it’s human, how can it be so powerful?

    After taking another ten steps forward, Qin Yi’s pace suddenly slowed down.

    “Oh? Found it!”

    “There are three people!” in the Imperial Palace.

Minister Honest, who was with the little emperor at the moment, with general Budo.

“General bud, it’s said that the Night Raid has launched a blatant attack outside the city.”

“Why don’t you get rid of those rebels?”

Honest said with a grin as he bit off the meat in his hand.

    “This country is what it is now because of you, Honest!”

    General Budo sneered.

    “When I annihilate the rebels, I won’t let you go!”

Honest’s pupils narrowed, and then he said with a smile, “please, general Budo, go back soon!”

“To serve the emperor and the empire is what you, as generals, should do!”

At this time, the young emperor said with a smile.

“General Budo, I heard you are the most powerful man in our country. You must come back triumphantly!”

“I’m waiting for your good news!”

    waiting for your good news here!” Budo snorted angrily. Facing the emperor, he had no choice but to bend down and obey.

Then he turned and was about to walk out of the palace.

    But at the moment when he turned around, Budo’s pupil contracted suddenly.

    “Be careful!!!”

    Budo shouted.

    At first glance, a brilliant light was still in the air outside the palace, but instantly, it had already rushed into the palace.

He was so shocked, he turned around and looked.


he just saw the starlight around Honest’s neck.

Come on! It’s too fast! It’s as fast as light, humans simply cannot respond.

Even then, Honest’s face was still cold with a smile.

    “General Budo, What’s wrong with you?” The little emperor asked.


    General Budo was shocked.

Then Honest head fell off his neck, and the red blood sprayed the little emperor’s face, making him suddenly startled.

At the same time, the sword was shining with starlight.

“Since I met you, I’ll kill you all!”

    Qin Yi, who had just stepped into the city gate, looked indifferently and said.

The point of the sword in the palace turned and aimed at the little emperor.

    Budo was chilled, and he felt great panic.