The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 8: Do You Wear Black Panties?

   In a blink of an eye, the sword rushed out.

    Budo rushed forward. However, it was too late.

    The sword flashed, and the little emperor didn’t respond.

  He is dead!

    Come on! This sword is too fast! It’s beyond everyone’s expectations, It’s beyond imagination.

Even the supreme commander of the Empire, general Budo, could not act.

then the point of the sword turned and pointed to Budo.

the starlight power was shining on the sharp sword, revealing a kind of charming, but at the moment, Budo only felt the cold, the bone-chilling cold.

    “Who is it!”

    he shouted.

It’s horrible to be able to hide in the dark and attack people through such a tool!

    But no one answered the point of the sword rushed toward him.

Instantly, the sword was in front of his eyes.

“So fast!”

Even though he had seen two attacks, Budo’s pupils still contracted, he was shocked.

    He raised his arms in front of his face.

    “Bang!” The tip of the sword hit his arm in an instant, and brilliant starlight and huge force burst out and immediately he flew out, The horrible force made him crash out of the wall beside the palace and rolled on the ground for hundreds of meters before he stopped.


    Breathing heavily, Budo was covered with blood, and his eyes were full of shock.   

  “Who the hell is that?”

   It’s just a blow, he has been hit.

    He leaped up and swung his arm. The blue lightning rushed out of his arm straight to the sword.

The blade was struck by lightning. The blade was shaken a few times, and the starlight dimmed a little.


As soon as Budo’s eyes brightened, he could see that the starlight on the blade was not as strong as it had been at the beginning. It was speculated that the power on the blade had dissipated.

“Come again!”   

With a flick of his arm, the lightning burst out again.

    The sword was struck by lightning, and the starlight dimmed again.

    Afterward, the sword no longer attacked him. The tip of the sword trembled, and after a buzz, It flew towards the sky.

    “the user man is over there!”     “The gate of the city!”  

   Budo stared in the direction where the sword was flying, he frowned.  

At the gate of the city, it seemed to be the direction of the Night Raid organization.

    “Is there such a strong presence among this group of people?”  

   He took a deep breath and shook his arm, which was still sore and bloody at the moment, and his eyes were solemn.  

   A couple of seconds later, Budo’s Face suddenly changed.  

   “No, Esdeath is already there!”

Before he entered the palace, Esdeath was already deploying ambush and encirclement work for the Night Raid organization. Originally, he didn’t care. But at the moment, the young emperor and the minister have been killed easily. This frightening and unpredictable ability was really powerful.

    But Budo was not impulsive, and he pondered solemnly for a moment.

    “The empire must have no problem!”

“It’s my job to protect the Empire!”

    As soon as he turned around, Budo rushed into the palace again. He first pulled off the cloth and wrapped the injuries caused by the sword, And then walked to the body of the little emperor and Honest.

    “The enemy is too powerful, and I must use your strength!”

    muttered, Budo bent down.

    within Honest’s crown, Budo pulled out the Erastone. This is a Teigu of Honest. It can destroy the opponent’s Teigu and the crystal itself. When he grabbed, Budo’s eyes became firm.

    “For the empire!”

    He was not sure of the strange power of the enemy only because of the emperor’s tools (Teigu)…

    He turned again and aimed at the little emperor.

    ” Imperial Guardian, the supreme throne!”

    Taking this piece from the emperor, known as the strongest Teigu, Budo leaned down and saluted the dead emperor.

    “Please forgive me!”

    Then, he carefully used a bottle and took the blood of the little emperor.

This supreme Teigu needs the blood of the emperor to launch, and he must do so to master this Teigu. But this matter is also risky. Whether it can be done or not, Budo is not sure. It is the only chance he’s got.

When everything was done, Budo turned and walked out of the palace.

The death of the emperor and Honest made it clear to Budo that soon, the Empire, which had been powerful for thousands of years, would usher in the strongest storm.

At the same time, at the gate of the city, Qin Yi raised his hand to hold the Katana, his eyes flashed, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“It’s interesting that the general named Budo can stop the sword!”

His words surprised Najenda.

“General Budo is the supreme commander of the Imperial Army, is the other strongest man in the Empire. He is as famous as Esdeath!”

“After killing the little emperor and the minister Honest with this sword, I have not much power left for the technique. I didn’t kill Budo.”


Qin Yi looked at the palace at the highest place in the distance and smiled.

In such a world, there are still some skillful ones. who can block such a powerful technique, even if it is a weak version of the Flying Sword it was powerful and comparable to a strong one of Starlight level 1!

And the First level of starlight had enough energy to destroy a city and an army of 100000 soldiers. In the small world, it is the top strong! Also, according to the performance of the other party, it may be more powerful than he predicted.

    Such a character would be a pain in the ass to the Night Raid!

    Just then, the sound of horseshoes was loud, and a group of people quickly approached.

    Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed and glanced.

    “Esdeath!” Mine said.

Night Raiders were all alert at this moment, they did not expect Esdeath to come now. The youngest general of the Empire, the strongest woman, puts a lot of pressure on them.

    “A few days ago, did you stir the wind and rain in the imperial capital?”

    Esdeath pulled out her long sword and pointed directly at Qin Yi, looking down like a High queen.

    Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, he smiled.

    the momentum was really strong, but, against him, it did not affect.

    “So, are you the legendary Ice Queen?”

    “I don’t know what to say, do you wear black panties?”