The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 9: Weakling

    Esdeath was riding a horse, when she heard what Qin Yi said, her face suddenly became grim.

    “You’re very brave to dare to talk to me like this!”

“I will make you kneel before me and lick my shoes!”

There is no doubt that Qin Yi was teasing her.

Even, the next second, Esdeath had jumped up from the horse, pulled out her sword, and stabbed ahead.

    The frost immediately spread out on the ground, and the cold air struck Qin Yi.


“Then, you will be a maid at my feet!”

Qin Yi slowly raised his sword and his eyes became cold.

The king’s power rushed out and formed a substantial attack, smashing the frost in this place instantly. The majestic pressure, even at this moment, made the air of the whole capital suffocate.

    At the same time, his figure flew forward.


    Najenda shouted.

She has seen the power of Esdeath with her own eyes. Although Qin Yi’s power hasn’t been shown, the powerful power fluctuation just broke out is not imaginable.

The Night Raiders quickly retreated behind, and then they were far away.

At the same time, two people moving at high speed had collided fiercely.


The huge power came out at the moment when the swords collided, making the ground crack.

“You are the first man to dare to talk to me like this!”

    Esdeath said coldly, her eyes were full of murderous intent.

    “You are also the first woman who dares to talk to a king like this!”

    Qin Yi’s eyes were serious.

At this moment, the two were tit for tat. The next second, the two swords collided again.

The brilliant starlight glittered. With a startled face, he cut off her sword directly. she leaped back.


 It’s the first time she’s met someone who has the upper hand in a face-to-face fight.

.     “I really have a strong interest to kick your ass!”

There was a ferocity in her eyes, and Esdead raised her right hand.

     instantly, the freezing ice spread out in all directions, appeared here out of nowhere and swept away towards Qin Yi.

At the same time, ice thorns were flying to Qin Yi.   

“Is that your strength? you Let me down, Esdeath.”

Qin Yi’s face is indifferent. The starlight was shining on the katana in his hands. he pointed it forward.

The place trembled for a moment and the ripples spread. In an instant, the layers of ice in front of it all crumble. With a buzzing sound, the ice flakes were all over the place.

     “One strike!”     “He broke the ice attack of Esdeath with just one strike!”


Najenda shouted with excitement.

    This scene was unexpected to them. Qin Yi’s appearance did not indicate that he was so strong.

Qin Yi stepped forward slowly with the sword in his hand.

“If that’s all, I don’t want to waste my time!”

Esdeath was stunned, and the strength of the other side was beyond her imagination.

But she can’t admit defeat like this!

she released a thick ice sword in front of her and waved it.

    The latter waved his sword and the ice skate was easily crushed.

    “The hardness of this ice is comparable to steel, and he smashed it easily!”

Esdeath’s eyes narrowed and she realized that the enemy in front of her was different from what she had encountered before.

The next second, a gust of wind passed, and a sword appeared in front of Esdeath.

    In an instant, she shouted and placed a thick layer of ice in front of her.

    Her Teigu’s ability allows her to control the ice, to defend and attack. The thickness of this ice, comparable to steel, is the best offensive and defensive props.

    However, what shocked her was just a pause.

The black sword easily cut through the ice and then appeared in front of her eyebrows.

Reflexively, Esdeath stooped back with her head up and the tip of his knife almost skimmed her head.

The cap was cut in half, and several blue hairs fell, creating a sense of panic to Esdeath.

Death, at that moment, she felt the real meaning of death!


With the help of the power of bending back, her body glided backward, and she escaped Qin Yi’s sword and the attack range.

“Good reflexes, but that’s all.”

“Is this the power of the most powerful person in your empire?”

    Qin Yi said indifferently, he stood still.

Esdeath was humiliated.

The power of the man in front of her was beyond her imagination.

After that, he stepped forward, and the sword appeared in front of Esdeath in an instant, which made her scared. This time, the hair in front of her forehead was cut.

    fast! It is too fast!

    Esdeath retreated, and once again opened the distance with him, staring at Qin Yi.

    She didn’t see him from the high speed at that moment.

After taking a deep breath, Esdeath looked serious, and she decided to release the hiding power she had mastered.

    ” Mahapadma!”

This is a skill that can freeze time and space. Although it lasts for a short time, she can finish her attack at a speed far faster than the enemy. Although it can only be used once a day, it is her trump card. As long as it is used, it can defeat most enemies. It is almost invincible!

In an instant, with Esdeath as the center, a cold storm swept in all directions. Instantaneously, everything around her body had been frozen.

The power of freezing had frozen time and space, forming a terrible absolute zero.

Qin Yi stood in the space covered by freezing ice, his body seemed to be slightly stiff, without expression.

    “You are already dead!”

    Esdeath said.

    The man in front of her with similar momentum made her sick!

As a super-s, what she loves to control and hate men who are more arrogant and crueler than her!

     Esdeath took an Ice sword and ran toward Qin Yi.

Soon, she was two meters away from Qin Yi and raised the ice sword in her hand.

However, at this time, Qin Yi, who seems to be frozen in the opposite, suddenly smirked.

    Esdeath’s eyes narrowed and were stunned.

    “Is this your trump card?”

But at the same time, the long sword in Qin Yi’s hand came out.

The ice sword smashed, the dark blade swept up the strong wind, and remained steady at her neck, making Esdeath pupil shrank to a point.

    It’s still! Everything is still.

When the sword put on the neck of Esdeath, everything was really still.

    “You are the strongest person in the empire? “

    “weakling, pitiful!”

    Qin Yi said with a smirk.