The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 10: The Qin Show

The huge power immediately let Esdeath spew out a mouthful of blood. she fell involuntarily and knelt on the ground.

    At the same time.

the frozen space-time around them was directly split into ice chips.

Esdeath was so shocked that she suddenly looked up at the man in front of her.

In the world, there is a man who can split her ultimate skill.

“Now, you kneel in front of your king, and you can only yield, or you will die!”

    Qin Yi said.

    Esdeath gritted her teeth and glared with anger.

    “It is impossible for me to yield!”

    “then die!”

    Qin Yi waved his sword and cut her neck directly, and the bright red blood sprayed out.

In this bloody chopping sister’s world, he doesn’t mind beheading one or two girls.

    What’s more, he didn’t like this sadistic arrogant bitch.

The soldiers and members of the Night Raid organization who watched the fight from afar all opened their eyes and mouths at this moment.

They even doubted the authenticity of the scene. this young man beheaded Esdeath.

This cruel, bloody scene, but let fear pass into everyone’s heart.

Who is Esdeath? The youngest and most powerful general in the empire was the goal that countless people respect and admire. She was a symbol of strength and the embodiment of the strength of the Empire.

    However, at this moment, she was beheaded!

    “The power of this world.”

    “Disappoint me!”

    Immediately afterward, they heard the man who had beheaded Esdeath sighed.

    He stepped forward, one hundred meters, and after a few steps, he had come to the soldiers.

    He waved the sword, bursting out of starlight, and everything within 100 meters was smashed. In an instant, the soldiers were dead.

     In front of such a powerful force, no one can stop Qin Yi.

In just a moment, he was surrounded by corpses.

“So, is that all right?”

Qin Yi turned around slowly and asked softly in front of the Night Raid.

     “You.” Najenda was speechless. After killing Esdeath, the man in front of her destroyed the Jaegers members and tens of thousands of troops.

    How terrifying is his power?

“The power of the Empire has been completely destroyed by you. I will inform the revolutionary army to enter the city immediately.”  Najenda finally took a deep breath and said quickly.

“Hmm!”     Qin Yi nodded.

He was clear in his heart that he was invincible in this field. The strength of crushing civilizations allowed him to ignore everything.

     it just depends on how much time he wants to play in such a world.

All of a sudden, just at this time, a roar of the sky rang out.

In the Royal Palace opposite him, a huge armor rose slowly and appeared in front of the public, sending out a huge wave of power.

     ” Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer!”     Shouted Mine, she was tense.

“The rebels will die!”

The Imperial Guardian was far away from here, but its huge body could be seen clearly by all people.

The atmosphere began to tremble at this moment, and the dazzling light was glowing from the mouth of Shikoutazer, the Imperial Guardian,  he gathered energy.

Qin Yi slowly turns around, with a strange light in his eyes.

As far as he knew, the young emperor has been beheaded by him, and the dead could not summon that dude. So who released this Guardian?


At this time, the bright and dazzling golden light suddenly spewed out, pointing straight to Qin Yi.

    “Be careful!!!”

    Tatsumi yelled, his body covered with Demon Armor: Incursion.

    Qin Yi held the sword with an indifferent expression.

The starlight flickered, and at the moment when the golden light reached his eyes, he pointed the sword forward.

   the air began to blow violently.

    Then, all the members of the Night Raid were shocked with wide eyes.

    They saw that the extremely powerful blade light touched the light emitted by the Imperial Guardian, and the golden light was actually cut off, divided into countless rays of light and projected in all directions. and the power of this strike was not over yet. It cuts off the beam all the way and finally hit its head into the neck of the Imperial Guardian.


The Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer, the most powerful Teigu created by the first emperor was cut off and then collapsed.

    Shocked, panicked!

    At this moment, everyone is afraid of Qin Yi’s power!

They also knew that Esdeath was able to fight with this man for a while, just because he was playing.

    “He even has the ability to destroy this world!”

    Leone muttered.

In the Imperial Palace in the distance, the Imperial Guardian collapsed, and the general Budo, whose body was bleeding, was desperate and powerless.

“Who can resist that power?”

    After solving the last hidden danger, Qin Yi returned the Katana to Akame, and then looked at Qin Xiyao.

    “Things in this world have been solved!”

“Come back with me.”

“you were about to die.”

    Qin Yi said lightly.

    The latter was silent, experiencing the three worlds had made her grow up, and she had seen too many life-and-death situations and made her understand the cruelty of this universe.

Seeing that Qin Xiyao didn’t say a word, Qin Yi glanced around the imperial city.

    “As for this world, let’s integrate it into our country!”

A light sentence decided the fate of Akame Ga Kill’s world.

    Then, Qin Yi took Qin Xiyao and stepped out, and their figures disappeared in front of everyone.

Three days later, the revolutionary army had occupied most of the territory of the Empire, and the flames of hope were burning more and more. Both civilians and the revolutionary army were celebrating the birth of the new empire at this moment.

Najenda, Akame, Mine Tatsumi, and the others stood at the top of the palace, looking at the new empire. it was a vibrant atmosphere.

They were satisfied and proud. This scene at the moment was just because of their efforts.

It can be said that the new world comes from their hands.

However, at this time, they suddenly saw a group of serious soldiers in strange uniforms in the open space outside Royal City.  and many more of them appeared gradually.

    “What’s that?”

Najenda’s pupils contracted and had a bad hunch.

    All members of the Night Raid were staring outside the city gate at this moment.

They saw that a group of orderly and solemn soldiers appeared quickly, occupying all the open spaces outside the city.

“That, that seems to be!”

Tatsumi swallowed saliva, his eyes were wide open, and his body began to tremble.

    “What is it?”

    Mine asked aloud.

    “It’s Qin Yi’s army!!”

    Tatsumi shouted.

    In an instant, all members of the night raid were stunned.