The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 11: Bleach

    Looking outside the city gate, they saw a strong man standing before each phalanx.

All of a sudden, the strong man outside the city gate quickly crossed his hands, and then he put his right hand on the ground.

    After a “pop”

After a puff of smoke, huge and strange beasts appeared outside the city gate, and their size even reached a surprisingly high level with the city gate, Even, they saw someone radiating golden light all over his body and turned into a huge golden Buddha.

    “What are they going to do?”

    muttered, Najenda did not want to believe the guesses in her head.

    However, a bang immediately followed, woke her up.

    The city gate was broken open, and big parts of the walls were broken.

    “Your Majesty’s orders!”

    Suddenly, a loud voice reached all the people in the empire.

    Najenda and the others looked up and saw a bunch of people flying on swords.

    “Conquer this world!”

    “make it peaceful and take it easy!”

    “Do not make trouble for your benefit!”

    “Follow the order!”

    Next second, countless Qin soldiers were in good order, but they rushed into the city with a mighty force and conquered everything.

    King’s world, Qin Kingdom.

    Qin Yi was sitting on a dragon chair at this time, drinking tea, and checking Gandalf’s suggestion for the heavenly realm.

quitting the world of Akame Ga Kill, he did not intend to waste much time, he went to such a world, mainly because of his sister.

Gandalf’s opinion on their Heavenly realm is to move some inhabitant Qi-rich islands and turn them into floating islands with the skills of the world of the Immortal swords.

Those who are strong enough to reach level II of Starlight must move to the floating island unconditionally.

    “People on the floating island must also have unified jurisdiction and hierarchical governance.”

    “Of course, the highest rank is naturally a ruling class of powerful people headed by me, called the imperial palace!”

    “The forces under them will be distributed by themselves, will not hinder the establishment of factions, it will encourage innovation and blossom.”

At present, there were three main civilizations in the king’s world. Qin Yi knew that Gandalf’s s suggestion was very good. Under the three civilizations, there are many complicated things. It is very difficult for an individual to become the strongest based on the foundation of civilization inheritance.

    Moreover, after reaching a certain level, the inherited basic civilization is of little use to them. Under such circumstances, it is also necessary to divide some secret scripts into different categories to form families and clan forces in the other worlds.

After all, life in the king’s world is not a mechanical NPC either. They all have their own lives and thoughts, and they have quite outstanding creativity.

Qin Yi, the king, is only responsible for the overall direction and the transition of civilization. He is closely related to the whole country, but he can’t control everyone’s thoughts specifically.

    “Very good advice! Gandalf, you deserve to be my guide!”

    After reading it, Qin Yi sighed.

This new reform plan completely overturned the former king’s political system and entered a new stage!

Divide the whole world into two parts: Mortal realms and the Heavenly realm. As we have said before, The management of the mortal realms is still the same as mentioned before, is still governed by the military and the government. The five continents are separated, governed by each other and do not interfere with each other. The Heavenly Realm is dominated by sects, and the highest is governed by the imperial palace! No matter what kind of civilization people who practice and their strength reach level 2 of Starlight, they can go to the Heavenly Realm and choose to join various sects to learn different contents and systems.

Also, Gandalf established the Qin army system, which is to separate the Qin army and form a whole.

    “the mortal realms is the foundation, the heavenly realm is the pillar, and the Qin army is the main force to conquer the worlds!”

    Qin Yi understood it.

    It can be said that the system is very good. There is a tendency to constitute a complete divine kingdom and even a small universe.

    “It’s just that there is only one world missing!”

    “Ghost realm!”

    Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he pondered.

In the theory of the three realms of the Divine Kingdom, Mortal realms and mortals, ghost realm and ghosts are equally important. It is responsible for the problem of where to go after the death of a person and can realize the perfect cycle of the world. If there was a ghost realm in the king’s world at the beginning, after the death of Kaido, they can make use of this cycle system to revive him, and Qin Yi would not lose such a powerful general.

“The concept of Shinigami World in bleach is better, an independent ghost realm would be better!”

He knew more about the worlds than anyone else here.

Gandalf and other people in the Council chose some worlds for him. They are all separate ghost realms. Ghost realms were not powerful or perfect and can be easily integrated.

However, Qin Yi was not satisfied. All he was thinking about is if he could integrate Bleach if he could integrate the Soul Society.

how beautiful that the strong of Qin can cultivate and become stronger even afterlife.

And don’t forget, the Shinigami (God of death) is also a god, they have divinity, and they are essentially different from people.

But after looking at the world of Bleach, Qin Yi found that the world is a level-7 civilization of Starlight. It will take a long time to go and conquer it.

    “Before that, he had to stabilize everything in the Kingdom.”

After thinking for a while, he decided to go to a movie world first, acquire the technology of it, and then conquer some small worlds to completely complete his king’s world.

“The technology of Elysium can perfectly solve the problem of disease in the world at the moment.”

    “The space station in the outer space of the atmosphere can also be combined with the floating island technology to build a relatively more perfect Heavenly realm.”

    Qin Yi considered it carefully. The Council was responsible for discussing the plan. He combined his knowledge of the world and added it.

“Then to the world of Bleach! Build the perfect Divine Kingdom! “

Once the world system is completed, there will be a qualitative change in the king’s world. The whole civilization will become a body without leakage. it will be strengthening and hardly weakening. Everything inside will circulate on its own, independent of the universe.

    “When the perfect Divine Kingdom is completed.”

    “It is Dragon Ball time!”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

Of course, he doesn’t want to capture the world directly. With his strength for the moment, it’s impossible.

“If we can integrate the bloodline of Super Saiyan and cultivate it in this world!”

With a flash of eyes, Qin Yi is looking forward to it.

    According to his understanding, in a world where powerful power is obtained in a short time, Dragon Ball is undoubtedly the best choice. As long as the blood of the Saiyan people is obtained, the same strength, only a few decades in this world is enough!     Of course, all this is just a plan at this time, and how to change it at that time has to be decided according to the situation.

    At that time, after having strong power, how to advance the integration of civilizations can be chosen by him.