The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 12: Heavenly Realm

In the early morning of the next day, when the sun was shining on every inch of the land of Qin, people suddenly opened their eyes in shock.

   “Boom!” On five continents, everyone felt the ground shaking.

The brilliant Starlight came down from the sky and hit the earth. Suddenly, the mountains rose from the ground, slowly rising into the sky.

“The Himalayas, the Qinling Mountains, and the power-rich mountains around the world were all lifted now.”

   Qin Yi said while sitting in the palace.

It’s not difficult for Qin Yi to control the earth, using the power of the king. This land existed because of him, and he controlled it.

Gandalf nodded: “it’s not hard for the Heavenly realm to form in your Majesty’s way.”

“But I hear that your majesty intends to integrate technology into it?”

“Yes, I’m looking up for the technological means of Elysium. Robots, spaceships, medical treatment, and the establishment of space stations are all quite good technologies!”

   Qin Yi nodded.

The world of the movie Elysium is not huge. It only includes the earth and the space station Elysium. It is not difficult to conquer and make good use of this opportunity. And the integration of science and technology into the Qin civilization will make its rapid evolution. Also, such a civilization is the preliminary civilization stepping into space by science methods!

“Its civilization has reached the level of Starlight, and technological civilization was also a large branch of many civilizations!”

   Gandalf looked at the information in his hand and sighed.

“Scientific and technological civilization is now the shortboard of our country.  their technologies are very useful!”

   Qin Yi nodded.

For example, UAVs, drones, space vehicles, radios, wireless networks, etc, it can play a critical role in the multiverse, Qin Yi has already realized that when he wants to further expand the scale of the king’s world, he needs to leave the land, fly off the ground and enter the space.

he can’t even achieve this level at the moment.

   Although the immortal’s system is powerful, it is still difficult to survive in the complex and changeable space environment.

It’s not difficult to build floating islands. Qin Yi imitated Shu mountain, separated one mountain range from another, reassembled and distributed it, and floated it in the air thousands of meters above sea level, and created an island under it, and set up 999 stone stairs, which extended to the huge floating island. to give the mortals the chance to ascend the sky.

Not all the Qin people are talented. For those that are difficult for them to cultivate a sufficient level just by using the basic things passed down by the fire of civilization.

    that ladder is an opportunity for them!

These ladders have 72 thresholds including wind, thunder, rain, reversion, cold and hot weather. If you want to climb the Heavenly realm, you must cross the 72 thresholds.

Six hours later, the floating island was completely built.  thousands of magical colorful lights were above it.

    “The floating island has been built!” 

  “You can tell those guys to move up!”    Qin Yi said to Gandalf in a deep tone.

   “Yes, Your Majesty!”     Gandalf immediately stood up and made arrangements quickly.

He knew that this a watershed moment of Qin kingdom. it was just a common world, but from this moment on, the foundation of the Divine kingdom has been established. To survive in this universe and establish the Divine kingdom is the first sign for the king to become powerful!

The divine kingdom includes all, gods, ghosts, and mortals. many realms of mortals, and all ruled by the heavenly realm. and a realm of ghosts, which is responsible for the balance and circulation of the whole divine kingdom. the three-point kingdom answers the questions of the afterlife and the creator, this kingdom is independent of the universe and is not under its control!

   It can be said that there are only a handful of kings who can establish this system when they are at Starlight level civilization!

   Gandalf knew this system from Qin Yi’s father’s divine system.

The vast Divine Kingdom has many categories, and its tentacles extend beyond many realms, across endless worlds. The only unchangeable and the center of this is the Heavenly realm and the ghost realm!

Qin Yi was sitting in the royal palace, and all the strong people all over the world who have achieved the second level of Starlight were heading for the floating island one after another.

No one dared to disobey Qin Yi’s orders. Although all of them do not want to be separated from their families and relatives, Qin State stipulated that they must comply unconditionally.

   Instantly, the construction of the floating island began.

The huge Heaven gate stood in the deep of the floating island, and its back built on a huge waterfall. This waterfall rose from the sea to the floating island, forming an excellent magnificent landscape. This scene is the result of Qin Yi directly tampering with the rules of this place. Set the seawater to go up against the sky and fall down the other side of the floating island. (something like the heaven gate mountain google it)

The Imperial Palace, with brilliant lights, it built with many expensive recourses from the state of Qin and all the worlds it occupied at the moment. It was extremely spectacular and magnificent. On both sides of the palace, there are ninety-nine Dragon coiling columns standing, the surface carved with dragons and phoenixes radiate magnificent light.

   Inside it, there were countless pavilions, rockeries, rivers, flowers, trees, and everything.

The huge palace hall gives people the feeling of a heavenly palace.

All this is completely modeled on the mythologies of old Chinese gods. In the hearts of the people of Qin state, Qin Yi’s status is no less than The Jade Emperor or any supreme god of a pantheon!

Besides, most of the Qin army gathered next to the Realm Portal, set up a large army base in the original King City (Wangcheng), and do so on the other four continents.

This is to make it convenient for them to attack other worlds directly, and it is undoubtedly more convenient to enter through the portal.

   At this point, half a month had passed, and the entire Qin Kingdom was completely renewed, with all the immortals separated, and Qin Yi moved in the imperial palace.

   Sitting on the dragon throne, Qin Yi was dressed in a black dragon robe, his eyes were sharp, and his black hair was combed into a hair bun, bound by a jade hairpin, at this moment he was burst out with endless majestic power.

In the hall below, numerous people were standing solemnly.

These were the strong ones whose strength has reached the second level of Starlight. Today, they were not many compared to the whole Qin States, only more than 10000. But over time, the popularization of the method of cultivating immortals will bound to be more and more.

“So, what’s the next world, your majesty?”