The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 13: Namikaze Minato

“According to your instructions, General Yang and other generals have already planned to separate their armies and fight on multiple lines!”

    Fang Lan stepped out and said aloud.

Today, he integrated the civilization of Naruto, One piece, and immortal cultivation, and had become a strong man with level three of starlight, and his strength was progressing rapidly.

    “Oh? Which world did you choose?”

Qin Yi asked with great interest.

Qin state developed and combined sword immortal civilization, and the civilization level reached Starlight level 5. The next goal is to level up, which requires about six or seven relatively complete single worlds to achieve. The so-called single world is a world that does not include other domains or realms, and it is relatively easier to conquer.

    ” worlds fit our world: Under One Person(The Outcast), The Legend of Qin World!!”

“Entertainment-based worlds such as Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basket, The Prince of Tennis, Captain Tsubasa, and others. are all extremely easy to conquer.”

“Also, attack on titan, Tokyo Ghoul.”

“Finally, Guilty Crown. is one of the target realms!”

    Fang Lan replied in a deep tone.

Qin Yi had set a general framework before, because of his knowledge of many worlds, he avoided some worlds for the moment.

    “Humph isn’t too much..”

Slightly raised eyebrows, Qin Yi was a little surprised.

Of course, there was no need for him to lead these worlds conquest. With the power of the Qin state at this time, it can be accomplished by the ministers and generals. However, what’s shocked him, these generals had such a large appetite that if all these worlds were conquered, their territory and population would be enough to level up.

    “Haha, Your Majesty, with more worlds, we will have more resources and more people!”

    Yang Yi smiled.

    Qin Lin silently nodded. General Yang even said aloud.

“Your Majesty, the more parts of the world we govern under the divine kingdom, the greater the benefits to our country’s development will be!”

“I see!”

    Qin Yi nodded.     

During this period, he didn’t pay much attention to people’s livelihood. when they cultivate, they didn’t consume many resources, the most effective way to cultivate is to consume some enhancement pills.

  “Since the popularization of sword immortal civilization, the demand for the enhancement pills has increased rapidly. Even with the alchemy machines, the resources can not keep up with the demand.”

“After all, the produce of the pills needs years!”

“Therefore, it is also necessary for your majesty to open up the right to go to other worlds so that generals and ministers can attack on their own!”

General Yang said respectfully.

After thinking for a while, Qin Yi nodded: “Yes, but if you are exploring unknown worlds, you must be very careful.”   

  “It can only be carried out after it is submitted to the Council for approval.”

General shouted: “Yes! Please rest assured your majesty!”

     Qin Yi pointed to the place where the Realm Portal was located, the number of soldiers led by generals will be unlimited!  

   The development of the king’s word is not just dominated by the king. As long as he is willing to open his power as a king, his ministers and generals can also conquer the worlds and become the pillar of the founding country!

In the early stage, the domestic strength is insufficient; He needed to do it himself But with the development of the country, ministers can lead some things and snowball.

For example, this time, the matter of conquering these worlds was handed over to these generals.

    He will go only to some worlds he was interested in.

“Well, I plan to go to Elysium. Who would like to go with me?”

With a smile in his eyes, Qin Yi glanced at the officials.

But to his surprise, these ministers and generals lowered their heads and, no one answered.

    This makes Qin Yi feel strange.

“Or can you recommend someone?”

    After a pause, Qin Yi asked again.

    “Your Majesty, sorry but these guys are the backbone of the Qin State, establishing the clans, ruling the Mortal realms. They are all responsible for it, There are few people who can leave!”

Gandalf said with a smile.

    ” and I have a recommendation for some guys have potentials”

    Qin Yi raised his eyebrow, and said: ” tell me who?”

“Recently, there has been a genius in Konoha. He is a young man named Namikaze Minato. He is naturally intelligent and has just been admitted to the Council for an internship not long ago.”

“In addition, your apprentices Li Xiaoyao and Zhao linger are also good candidates. They are now 18 years old, and their strength is Acceptable!”

Qin Yi was stunned. Finally, he remembered that when he came out of the world of immortal sword, he had already adjusted the time ratio to the maximum.

“Besides, I recommend ace.”

“Now he is wandering in the Grand Line as the pirate king. He has a lot of fun. He doesn’t do any serious work. It’s time for him to do something about it.”

    Gandalf said.

“Ace? He’s already middle-aged, isn’t he?”

    Qin Yi was stunned.

    In the end, he said nothing but nodded.

    “inform them. Although the matter of Elysium is not difficult, it is very important.!”

The council meeting was over and everyone left in turn.

Without delay, Qin Yi set out towards the Realm Portal. On the way, he was accompanied by a young man of seventeen or eight years old, golden-haired. he was Namikaze Minato.

    ” Minato, are you sure about this mission?”

“Don’t worry, your majesty. I will try my best to finish the task with my life!”

Namikaze Minato said firmly.

    Qin Yi nodded and was very satisfied. The legendary Hokage the father of the protagonist Naruto is here working under his orders. had to say, he feels very happy.

By the time he arrived at the Portal, Qin Yi had seen a large army pouring into the gate.

“We’re going to go to the low-level entertainment worlds, and then conquer the higher-level worlds in turn.”

    “When your majesty comes back, you will get the reports, please rest assured!”

    Qin Lin said with a smile.

    ” diligent General Qin Lin!”

    Qin Yi nodded respectfully.

From the beginning, leading the army to survive in Naruto, and his own generals have been working hard to be able to accomplish their tasks.

From the beginning, leading the army to survive in Naruto, and his generals have been working hard to be able to accomplish their tasks.

    When finished, behind Qin Yi, Ace was dressed as a pirate, and Li Lingyao and Zhao Ling’er had arrived.

“Well, let’s go first.”

Nodding at Qin Lin, Qin Yi said.

    Qin Lin looked serious, returned a salute, and then shouted to the four people behind him.

    “Protect Your Majesty!”

Naturally, the four men knew the general of the three legendary generals of the state of Qin, and they all answered in a deep tone.

“roger, general!”

All of them stepped into the realm portal and disappeared instantly.