The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 14: Elysium

Stepping into the portal, immediately Qin Yi and the guys reached Elysium.

“Elysium” can be said to be a good sci-fi movie, the sci-fi world is close to our world, It only describes an imaginable close future when the gap between the rich and the poor is very large, which will lead to political contradictions. Rich people are living in a huge space station outside the earth called “Elysium”, enjoying the fresh air, and perfect medical technology, Their life is carefree and their safety is guaranteed.

However, poor people are living on the earth with serious environmental pollution, lack resources.

    For Qin Yi, the earth, which seems to be gradually moving towards the end, is not useful, and it is not even as resource-rich as any world under his hands.

    All he needs is the technology, more precisely, the establishment of the space station, and the omnipotent medical technology! In the whole movie, what shocked Qin Yi the most was the medical machine that can cure almost all diseases! This is simply a human dream!

At the moment, the five guys were standing on the earth, the particles in the air, the smell of steel decay, let them could not help but frown.

“The air.”

    Minato coughed and said.

Such a degree of air pollution was unthinkable in the state of Qin. If there was a place where the pollution level reaches such a high level, it will be a big deal! Local officials, as well as pollution sources, will be disposed of immediately!

In the civilization development of the Qin state, the environment is the most important thing! Of course, they also have a lot of means to control pollution.

Most of the cities in the state of Qin were built around or crossed by cities and small forests. Beautification and greening have always been the core of the construction of cities in the state of Qin.

    “Be patient, it won’t take long.”

    Qin Yi said lightly.

    The four nodded, all had a bad impression of the world.

    They glanced around, and although they found the world weird, they didn’t say anything.

    “Follow me.”

    Qin Yi turned and said, he immediately found the target ‘Max’.

The plan was very simple. As long as they follow Max into Elysium, Qin Yi will take charge naturally.

In this world which is purely based on scientific and technological power, individual powers are not huge. It can be said that as long as they could avoid the danger of a wave of missiles, there is no problem at all.

    At this time, the protagonist Max, who has just been released from prison, is experiencing the beginning of the plot.

Growing up in an orphanage, Max yearned for Elysium when he was a child. However, the more he grew up, he found that his dream was farther away from him, and he became a  thief and now he is paroled.

In the questioning words and eyes of the robot, Max walked out of the street with helplessness.

    Life is very difficult, but still have to live on, after people grow up, they forget their hope after being microwaved by life.

    When he was young, he might not understand the meaning of this sentence, but when he grew up, it was very clear.

But when Max had just gone a few steps, he was suddenly stopped by a group of people dressed up strangely.


Qin Yi said with a smile.

    “Who are you?”

    Max frowned, didn’t recognize the guy in front of him.

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is that we can help you!”

    Qin Yi said.

    “help me?”

Max was stunned, then bypassed the five and turned away.

“I don’t think I need your help now!”

    just got out of the prison and was angry with the robot. and he naturally had no time to deal with a group of strangers.

    “Your Majesty, why are we looking for him?”

“According to my guess, the space station above the sky is our target for this time, isn’t it?”

    Minato asked doubtfully.

Li Xiaoyao and Zhao linger stood quietly behind, just observing everything around them, everything here was amazing to them.

“Because we can’t survive in space yet.”

    Qin Yi smiled lightly.


    Minato wondered.

space doesn’t have oxygen, contains all kinds of radiation, harmful sunlight, as well as huge pressure, will burst the whole body in an instant. This huge pressure can not be stopped even by those who cultivate Immortality.

“That man, he can take us to Elysium!”

    Qin Yi just explained it a little bit, so he didn’t say much.

    “Then what should we do?”

    Ace wondered.

    ” keep a low profile and protect that person!”

    Qin Yi said.

    then, Qin Yi and the boys found a place to rest.

    Ace was arranged by Qin Yi to protect Max. meanwhile, Max was radiated while working, and he knew that he would die soon. The only option he’s got is to go to Elysium to heal, which stimulated his desire to survive.

    Before this time, as long as he is alive, Qin Yi’s goal can be achieved.

    Time flies by, it was time for Max to get the Med-Bay Exoskeleton.

    Qin Yi knew now that the pace will be accelerating soon.

“Sire, they are fighting! a spaceship for a nobleman of Elysium was taken down. “

    Minato appeared beside Qin Yi and quickly reported.

    “tell Ace to protect Max.”

    Qin Yi’s eyes were closed, said.


    Minato quickly went to inform Ace.

Where the ship fell, there was a fierce battle.

    Max and the boys took the information and the reboot of Elysium from John Carlyle, After a fierce battle, with the robots. However, they met their rival Kruger at this time.

Kruger used to be a special forces soldier with great skills. He worked for the elite forces of Elysium. At this time, he killed Max’s friends with his sword.

Now, he’s heading for max.


Max yelled and found that the people around him were dead.

    Facing Kruger, he had a huge pressure, and the threat of death made him tremble.


Kruger ran, Max was yelling, and he was about to attack.

    But at this moment, a burst of flames, erupting from the middle of them.