The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 16: Inori

The spaceship gradually ascended, and Qin Yi and the guys were watching the beauty of the universe.

There was no doubt that the speed of the spaceship was far beyond all the means of transportation in the state of Qin, Even compared with the flying sword.

    This explosive velocity, which deviated from gravity and rushed directly out of the atmosphere, shocked Ace and the boys.

Qin Yi looked straight ahead and amazed by the power of the science fiction world. This kind of science and technology is surpassing the Qin State by many years, it is likable to Qin Yi. Each kind of civilization has its own characteristics. The civilization of cultivating immortals is simple and endurance, the science fiction civilization is magnificent, wide, and huge; he was wondering how his world would be with Magitek combined from sci-fi and fantasy civilizations.

   Qin Yi exhaled; the development of the king’s world is only in its infancy.

    Watching this universe quietly, the spaceship was quickly approaching Elysium.

    The structure of Elysium is very spectacular. Although the movie didn’t show much fighting power, Qin Yi was not willing to take risks. Lately, He was yearning for this mysterious sci-fi world with the medical technologies that correct all human erroneous genes.

    Soon, the spaceship was close to Elysium.

    At the same time, in Elysium.

“Minister Delacourt, I think we’re in trouble!”

The man in a black suit walked quickly behind Delacourt and said.

    Delacourt frowned, and her face looked cold.

    “What’s going on?”

     “unknown people are approaching Elysium.”

The black suit man quickly came to the screen. After a few clicks, the scene of Qin Yi and his group quickly appeared on the screen of Delacourt.

“Who are they?”

“It’s not clear, but there is no doubt that they are all invaders!” the man in the black suit said quickly.

     “Then wipe it out,”     Delacourt said coldly.

“Yes!”     The man in the black suit nodded, then quickly turned around.     

A couple of seconds later, a missile has been launched, piercing the starry sky, directly to Qin Yi’s spaceship.

    “They found us!”   

  “I said it is risky, we will die!”  Spider yelled, sweating all over.   

     “Xiaoyao, stop it!”     Qin Yi was indifferent, he said.

    Li Xiaoyao, who was sitting side by side with Zhao Linger at the rear, immediately stood up: “Yes, Master!”

    “You drive your spaceship, As for missiles, it’s none of your business.”

    Qin Yi said to Spider again.

    The latter was sweaty, crying.

In the blink of an eye, the missile has arrived in front of everyone.

    At this moment, Li Xiaoyao put his hands together, immediately his hands were radiating with light.

“Heavenly Sword style!”

    He roared, the light around his hands was radiating, distorted, and then dissipated from the spaceship.

    After a short breath, Spider’s eyes widened and saw a sword light burst out, and it collided fiercely on the missile.


    Suddenly, the missile exploded into a flame, and the spaceship penetrated the flames.

    At the same time, Li Xiaoyao’s eyes flashed and smiled.

    “Very good, son!”

    Qin Yi nodded, satisfied.

    The missile power of Elysium was also very good. One rocket can destroy a small town. Li Xiaoyao has such strength at this time. His power progress was really rapid.

    “Speed up, rush into Elysium!”

  Qin Yi said.

    Spider was shocked, subconsciously accelerated the spaceship.

    “What? They have stopped the attack?”

Delacourt looked at the screen, startled.

    And when she reacted and ordered to continue the attack, the spacecraft had already broken through the blockade of Elysium and hit the residential area in it, causing the noise.

“Come on! Order the robot to arrest them! “

    Delacourt shouted.

    At the same time, Qin Yi and his party have jumped off the spaceship.

    “Take us to the main system control room!”

    Qin Yi coldly glanced at the trembling spider.

The latter did not dare to resist and began to lead the way in a hurry.

Spider had never stopped studying Elysium in recent years. you can say that he knew everything about Elysium.

On the way, many robots came to arrest them, but Ace crashed them all. Max was shocked by his powerful fighting power.

Along the way, no one can stop them. Even, the main gates with codes were easily smashed at the moment when Qin Yi pointed to it.

In a large-scale war, scientific and technological civilization has great power. However, in this small-scale war, Qin Yi’s civilization individual combat ability took a big advantage.

After just 13 minutes, the seven of them were already standing in the main system room.

Excitedly, Spider pulled down the system panel and yelled, “just plug the chip in here and reset it, and you can reboot everything!”

Without hesitation, Qin Yi ordered his four boys: “stop everyone outside the door, anyone dares to attack, kill him!”


   The four quickly stood at the door.

    Subsequently, Qin Yi took out the chip: “You code, set me as the owner of Elysium.”

    “Then, rewrite Elysium residents, for all citizens of the Kingdom!”

After hearing this, Spider was surprised, and then nodded heavily: “Got it!”

He took the chip and began to operate it carefully.

Qin Yi saw a series of codes flashed on the screen in front of him, and then the screen lit up.

    When the screen in front of him turned on completely, a hint of enlightenment streamed in Qin Yi’s eyes.

    “Elysium, it’s mine!” There was a smile on the corner of his mouth. He smiled and gave the first order.

    “Arrest Delacourt and all other consuls!”

All of a sudden, the robots of Elysium went out to surround and arrest all the officials who were rushing towards here.

At this point, Elysium belongs to Qin Yi.

    Next, he did not stay and led his team back to his palace.

As for Max, of course, there is no need to worry about it. His second command was to cure all the people on earth who have suffered from illness.

    After using the power of the king to transfer Elysium’s world directly to the king’s world, the flames in the altar of civilization bloomed again and rose a bit.

Meanwhile at the floating island in the imperial palace.

Ministers in a daze: “science and technology civilization, this is a good thing!”

“It seems that we have more things to learn and discover.”

When Qin Yi returned, he noticed that Qin State had more territory.

“the world of Slam Dunk joined; the fire of civilization has a trace of entertainment fire.”

    “Very good. In the future, citizens can play basketball, football, tennis, and other sports!”

    Qin Yi smiled and nodded.

the country can’t just be built on fight and war, it will be quite boring.

    Back to the imperial palace, Qin Yi did not manage the conquests of other worlds.

    with a wave of his hand, he merged Akame Ga Kill, Slam Dunk and other worlds, he is a king and he deserved to live a leisurely life for a while and let his ministers work.

Since entering Naruto’s world, he has not had a good rest. Now, Qin Yi can finally give himself a long vacation.

For a year, this time, Qin Yi had a good rest.

    During this year, he went to the end of the Grand Line to see the Devil Fruit Tree and watched the final between the Shohoku High School basketball team and Seirin High College. Even with the integration of the technological civilization of Elysium, Qin State entered an advanced information era. VR games were common, and the entertainment industry developed rapidly.

    Qin Yi loved these games, so he created an account and played on the MMORPG game called Lord of Nations.

    What made him depressed, that he was a poor pathetic player in this game, but as a king pay to win for him was a good option, but anyway he was bullied by these better players.

    Of course, because all this was done anonymously.

    Something happened Qin Yi will never tell his avatar name because of it, someday after he was flirting with some girl avatar online, after many online dates, buy her some gifts… he found that she was a dude with a girl avatar, and the players punked him for a long time.

    A long vacation had brought him back to his earth life.

On this day, Qin Yi was in the palace, playing games.

    Gandalf suddenly walked in with a 17- or 18-year-old girl.

Taking off his helmet, Qin Yi stretched out and looked at Gandalf with a smile.

    “What’s the matter? Gandalf? I’m in a dungeon siege.”

    Gandalf said with a smile: “It’s not willing to disturb your majesty.”

    “It is the generals wanted me to come in.”

    “The battles of the major worlds are in progress.”

    Qin Yi raised his eyebrows: “Oh? What’s the result?”

    “One world has already annexed, named Guilty Crown!”

“Moreover, after the discussion among the generals and the Council, they jointly chose a concubine for your majesty!”

    Gandalf said with a smile.

    Qin Yi was stunned and a little confused: ” a concubine for me?”



Gandalf said, getting out of the room.

    Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly narrowed.