The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 17: Waifu

Inori was the heroine of the Guilty Crown. her light pink hair, dark red eyes, delicate, beautiful face, no doubt that would attract any human eyes.

On earth, Qin Yi was once infatuated with the heroine and shed tears for her tragic experience at the end.

Qin Yi really loved this 2d Girl, she was his waifu.

After coming to the king’s world, the pressure of survival, and the complexity of various worlds made Qin Yi forget his waifu, the dreams of his weeb past. What he needed here was to think about how to survive, and push the kingdom forward, well now he could pass the side complementary tasks to the generals.

His personality was fading and changing by what he had been experiencing in the long process of the road to the top.

What he didn’t expect was that he could see the Waifu of his youth in this imperial palace.


    Qin Yi slowly raised his head with a smile on his face as he mumbled the name.

“You’ve taken a lot of trouble.”

Step by step, Qin Yi was wearing a black dragon robe. His eyes were majestic, his head was towering, and his momentum was magnificent.

    Lifting his right hand and using his index finger to lift the chin of this pink-haired cute woman, Qin Yi stared at her and whispered.

“My courtiers want to choose you as my concubine. Do you have any opinion?”

    Inori stared at the young emperor in front of her, her eyes were slightly fluctuating.

Compared with Shu Ouma, the young emperor was undoubtedly more powerful and domineering. Just looking at him, he could give people a kind of psychological terror pressure.

“They said, marry you, can save my friend!”

her eyes were calm, her voice was gentle.


    Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed, glancing at Gandalf, who only smiled slightly.     

“So, what who is your friend?”

“He is my friend Shu Ouma, and I will marry you as long as I can save him.”

     Inori said lightly.     

Qin Yi smiled. He put down his right hand and returned to his spot. He took up his helmet and put it on his head. He doesn’t look at her anymore.

“You stay here.” 

“Gandalf, the boy named Shu Ouma, can you can bring him back to life.”

“I have agreed to this marriage.”

Gandalf stunned, then chuckled.

     “So, congratulations on your majesty in advance.”

As soon as he turned around, Gandalf was about to walk out of the palace. But at this time, Qin Yi waved his hand.

     “By the way, Gandalf, let them bring me another VR helmet.”

Hearing this strange request, Gandalf had no choice but to smile and shake his head. He knew what his Majesty was going to do.  

A moment later, a guard brought his helmet, and Qin Yi put it in his hand.

Inori was staring at Qin Yi with cute eyes.   

  “Come on, play games ah !!”  

   ” those bastards laugh at me all day long. I’ll show them now. I can get a real pretty Waifu too!”

his face became ferocious, Qin Yi took the helmet.

He wanted to get rid of the disgrace he got, showing that waifu


Inori was stunned, and all of a sudden she found that the young emperor who was on the top was just like a simple man at the moment.

When she listened to Qin Yi’s words, put on her helmet, set up an account, and married Qin Yi in the game, Inori felt that the young emperor’s interest was beyond the ordinary people’s understanding.

    Qin Yi took Inori to the peak of the game’s world and gathered as many people as he could and announced his marriage with her, showing her real-life face, making countless people jealous, now he could sleep comfortably.

    Qin Yi was proud, standing on the platform at the top of the world, giving his middle finger to everyone, and the two then went offline.

    “Did you see that!!!”

    Qin Yi was laughing.

“Your Majesty, is the mission of the princess to play games with you?”

    Qin Yi smiled and all of a sudden hugged Inori.

    “Of course not. As a princess, there are too many things you have to do!” he whispered in her ears.

    Standing up, stretching out, then smiled.

    “However, Inori!”

    “I like you, and I want to take It slow and let our relationship grow naturally..”

    Inori smiled and showed a lovely expression.

“Sing me a song.”

    Qin Yi suddenly said.

“What song would you like to hear, your majesty?”

Inori asked.

“Just be happy.”

(I think that’s the one:

Qin Yi said.

Inori wondered but did not hesitate.

    With Inori’s angelic voice, even if it is a children’s song, Qin Yi closed his eyes and enjoyed it…

 Qin Yi loved the idea of his council bringing him a waifu especially Inori.

By the way, Qin Yi knew that Madara went to Shushan Mountain, he didn’t react, he just smiled and were waiting quietly for the result.

    Many kings he was admiring before in his previous life, and all of them share the quality or didn’t care much, he had to control his emotions and desires, they are just some flavors in the king’s life. Rights, women, and wealth are all at your fingertips. The true king only focuses on power, and on the level of his world’s civilization.

    After another three months, the generals returned.

” We conquered the world of The Outcast, Fu Hōhō is coming to the Imperial Palace!”

“The Legend of Qin World was conquered, flame spirit Ji obey to your majesty!”

“we conquered Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki Ken is willing to serve your majesty.”

“we conquered Shingeki no Kyojin world, and the Ministry of scientific research developed Titan Gene Potion, and can be released and used at any time!”


One by one, the planned worlds were quickly conquered.

    Qin Yi was sitting in the imperial palace.

    At this time, the Heavenly Realm had been transformed and lifted into outer space, establishing a huge space station!

“Well done, generals!”

“Central Personnel Institute, on merit and work, distribute rewards to all generals! “

    Qin Yi ordered lightly.

Then, his right hand slowly extended, and the power of the king erupted out.

In a flash, a sea, a desert, a forest, and some strange landscapes all appeared in the king’s world.

This time, however, three hours before and after, he completed the whole heavenly realm.

At this point, Qin Yi’s King’s world was completely established, integrating multiple worlds and civilizations, forming an incomparably powerful Divine kingdom with two separate realms!

“Then next, it’s time to complete the Ghost realm.”

With sharp eyes, Qin Yi looked excited.

 The Shinigami civilization is Starlight seventh-level, he knew this task is not easy.