The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 18: Shikai

    If we look at the Chinese Paladins with a wider perspective the plot of the Chinese Paladin three, the world is wide and contains the three realms system, and in the 9th level of starlight.

This is almost the pinnacle of Starlight level, which belongs to the same level as One-Punch Man world.

As a matter of fact, Qin Yi has doubts about the level of the world of One-punch man. According to Saitama’s strength, it’s sure that he is among the highest levels; though his judgment built on guessing, and the other characters not that strong, the world is concentrated on Saitama, so the overall strength will be around the 9nth level of starlight.

    Bleach World is two levels higher than the Immortal Sword (for the point he reached). It seemed that the gap between them is not big, but the difference inside is far-reaching.

    ” Call Li Yuanli!” after thinking, Qin Yi decided to call Li Yuanli.

It is extremely dangerous to send ministers and generals to the world beyond the current civilization level of the Qin state. But Qin Yi rashly entering, is no longer appropriate to his prestigious kingdom.

As a king, he had to fight in the early days, but with the development of civilization, he wanted to avoid personal danger.

As the leader of a country’s civilization, his life is more important than anyone else.

The bodyguard soon went to pass the message. After about half an hour, Li Yuanli stepped on the Imperial Palace teleportation array and came there.

“What do you want me to do, Your Majesty?”

    Li Yuanli smiled.

During this time, his life was marvelous. In the world of Immortal Sword, his power had grown beyond the previous level. and with the support of the state of Qin, he had recently conquered more than a dozen low-level worlds and supplemented his starlight.

“How is Xiyao these days?”

Qin Yi glanced at Li Yuanli and asked in a deep tone.

“Don’t worry. With my watch, Princess Xiyao is safe now. She is working hard with her friends of the Night Raid.”

    Li Yuan said.

    “very well!”

Qin Yi nodded, then did not waste time, directly said.

    “I need you to go to the Shinigami World.”

    ” Shinigami?”

    Li Yuan froze for a moment, and then looked shocked.    

 “The world of Starlight Level 7?”

     “Yes! Can you do it? I look forward to your twelve realms power!”     

Without waiting for Li Yuanli to say anything, Qin Yi directly opened his eyes and stared at Li Yuanli.

     ” can I refuse?”   

  Li Yuanli said awkwardly.

     He did not want to do such a risky adventure.

    “What about a reward? I can give you something cool!”    

Qin Yi stared at Li Yuanli with a smile and said lightly.

    “If I succeeded, so you will break the seal of the King under a king?”          Li Yuanli said excitedly.

    “If you succeed, I will let you control the realm of Ghost and the cycle of life and death in the Divine Kingdom, you will be our Hades, how cool is that!”     Qin Yi ignored Li Yuanli’s words and said lightly.

     Li Yuanli showed a disappointed expression but did not refuse, shrugging his shoulders.  

   “Whatever, I will try it.”   

There is no doubt that the cycle of life and death in the Divine Kingdom is also extremely important. It can be said that it is already the center of the management of the Divine kingdom.

     “Good, I’ll be waiting for your good news.”     Qin Yi nodded.

    Li Yuan left without hesitation. He turned around and walked out of the Imperial Palace and went straight to Bleach World.

the council set up the emperor harem and make a palace to them, After meeting Yuanli, Qin Yi went to the concubines’ palace.

At this time, the imperial concubines’ palace was vivid. Among them, spirit flame Ji Dang was a maid, and Fū Hōhō was in charge of the planting of flowers and plants.

Qin Yi was not a lecherous person, nor he is insane. he didn’t intend to fool around with all of them.

a month had passed.

On this day, Qin Yi was standing in the window of the Imperial Palace and looked at the land below.

At the moment, the Qin state didn’t look like a void space like it was at the beginning. Looking down from there, the blue ocean, the green forests, the pale yellow deserts, and the large land were visible. It’s a beautiful star, full of life and spirit.

And this vast territory belongs to Qin Yi, his world!

“Li Yuanli!”

    “do you hear me?” The

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he whispered.

He sighed and looked worried.

    “Your Majesty!”

    Inori approached him, with her tender fingers, he massaged his neck and relaxed his mood a little.

“I’m fine. I’m just worried.”

“What are you worried about?”

Inori asked curiously.

In her opinion, the state of Qin is a real Divine kingdom. Its huge system runs through all over the realms, and its territory is vast. As the king of such a vast territory, what worried Qin Yi?

    Qin Yi looked back and hugged her. After a while, he smiled and said.

    “It’s nothing, nothing!”

Li Yuanli was a king, and his means of survival was much better than all his ministers and generals. What’s more, his power was the first under him at that time.

“Don’t worry. You are the king of the divine kingdom. If you are worried and show your worries, what should the citizens do?”

she put her hands on Qin Yi’s chest and said softly.

“You have a point. I should be calm and cold in any situation.”

    Qin Yi nodded and kissed Inori’s forehead gently.

    At the same time, in Bleach’s world.

    In this world.

    Li Yuanli was wearing a casual suit, with pointed leather shoes and earphones in his ears, was walking leisurely.

He had been in this strange world for a while. He did not act rashly. Even by chance, he saved a Shinigami who was wounded by a Hollow and was on the verge of death. At that time, he did not saw any abnormality on the surface, but in his heart, he knew that he was close to the real power of the world.

“The first step to explore is successful, then must consider how to blend into the Soul Society!”

Li Yuanli also had a good experience after entering the high-level world of Immortal sword.

In a strange world, he must not act rashly and expose his identity, otherwise, he will encounter great trouble. The most taboo is impetuosity and impatience for success, and patient people always win.

    Perfectly, he didn’t violate these two points.

As a king, as long as these two points are not touched, he will have enough time to understand the world and communicate with the world.

All of a sudden, toward the end of the street, Li Yuan, who walked to his home, stopped.

    His face changed slightly, and he stood there without any action.

“A king here? It’s a funny thing. I didn’t expect that anyone else will notice this world

    With cold laughter, someone said, Li Yuan was stunned.

Behind, he turned around, a man wearing a black Shihakushō, Asian eyes, with a Sword in his waist.

    “King?” Li Yuanli said with a deep voice.

“Yes, in this boundless world as vast as a sea, how much the possibility for two kings to met?”

    “it’s destiny; right?”

        The Shihakushō guy sneered.

    Without a trace of a sound, he walked slowly toward Li Yuanli.

    Li Yuanli remained motionless and turned his back to the man.

“identify yourself!”

“hmm, you can call me King Chengdui! My civilization had reached level 5 of Starlight. This world is my goal!”

The guy said.

    “I’m King Yuanli!” Li Yuanli said.

“It’s a great honor to meet you. It’s interesting to see that your Qi has come from Starlight level five world.”

    King Chengdui took another step, closer to Li Yuan.

    Li Yuan narrowed his eyes, and his whole body was alert.

    The king of Starlight Level 5 is extremely terrifying, just look at Qin Yi!

“When the two kings meet, there must be one King rule. Since you arrive first, I will retreat.”

    Yuanli said.

“That would be great. King Yuanli, you are very smart, and you have saved me a lot of time and power. To be honest, I have been in this world for more than 100 years, and I have made great plans.”

    “I really don’t want anyone to disturb me!”

    King Chengdui said with a smile.

“I’ll leave then.”

    Li Yuan said with a deep voice.

    As soon as his body moved, about to leave.

    However, in the next second, the face of King Chengdui behind him suddenly became ferocious and pulled out the black sword from his waist.

in a split second, Li Yuan immediately drew out his sword from his waist and suddenly turned around.

The two weapons collided fiercely, At the center of the sword collision, the ground around them collapsed.

“super perception! worthy of starlight level 5”

    King Chengdui smiled.

“Your despicable plan has been written all over your face!”

    Li Yuanli said coldly.

    “Hahahaha, interesting, really interesting!” King Chengdui laughed, and his face was grim.

    “It’s just that you have come to the wrong world and leave your life here!” he pulled out his sword, and the sharp blade ripped open the air, slashing Li Yuan’s cheek.

    The latter was fluttering quickly and withdrew backward.

“Sword Controlling Technique!!”

his sword, like a streamer, pierces the space and reached Chengdui. The latter waved his black sword, he stopped the flying sword.

    “These kinds of attacks are useless!” The

Chengdu waved the black sword, and the fierce Reiatsu immediately filled the air, and a hundred-meter long sword mark appeared on the ground.

His face was ferocious and his eyes were full of excitement.

At this moment, he is like a maniac!

    “You know, here.”

    “This world belongs to Shinigami!”

Suddenly, Chengdui stepped out, his body flashed like a beam, arrived in front of Li Yuanli.

    “Shikai! Kai”    ” Raitoshīru, cry !” (Raitoshīru: Seal light)

     Li Yuanli was shocked, he saw that the black Zanpakutō in Chengdui’s hands was broken inch by inch, and then turned into a slender long rod-shaped blade with a length of three meters.

    “Seal!” Chengdui waved his sword and a dazzling light erupted from his Zanpakuto to Yuanli.

    The latter waved his sword against the radiating long Zanpakutō.

    But in a flash, Li Yuanli’s eyes narrowed, and Yuanli was sealed, couldn’t move.

    Chengdui smirked: “! Ha ha ha, dare touch my Zanpakuto,”

    ! “You’re dead”

“You can’t use the powers of the different worlds, can you? You have been sealed.”

Running with strides, Chengdui looked ferocious. When he wielded his Zanpakuto, he suddenly rushed forward.

    Li Yuan’s pupils shrank and waved his sword subconsciously.


    “Puchi!” The

They crossed each other.

The blood dripped down to the ground.