The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 19: Avenger

Li Yuan’s pupil shrank and his right hand was shaking.

After this short clash, his right forearm was injured, but just after that, True Essence within his body began to flow, and his energy returned to function.

    “This sealing power is one-off, he needs to hit me several times, and kill me quickly!”

Li Yuanli glared at him and retreated quickly.

instantly, the wound on his arm quickly recovered, and Li Yuan’s look was dignified.

    The sealing ability of King Chengdui could seal even his true essence, the true essence is the highest level of power in the Qin Kingdom, that’s critical.

“Is this Zanpakutō, the greatest weapon of this world?”

Pointing his sword to Chengdui, Li Yuan said.

“ta-da, haha, I didn’t expect that you already know about it!”

    Chengdui raised his eyebrows, pointing his weapon toward Li Yuanli.

    “However, you have to hit me to seal me!”

Li Yuan’s eyes were calm.

He came to this world alone. He was cautious and careful during these days. When he was the Leader of Qin Hua School, he gathered real power, and his character was refined.

“You need to fight in close combat, then, fight in long distance will be enough!”

    Li Yuanli’s sword was like a snake, pointed to the sky, forming a strange posture.

    “Not close!”

    “Haha, so what?”

    Chengdui laughed, and his figure was twisted again, and he would rush forward.

    But at this moment, Li Yuan squeezed away.

“Myriad Swords Art!”

All of a sudden, a shining sword wheel was formed in front of him and rushed directly towards the Chengdui.

The latter’s face was startled, and his rapid pace slowed down. waved his blade and formed a barrier, which destroyed all the swords.

    Seeing that ‘Myriad Swords Art’ couldn’t do anything at all, Li Yuan looked away.

“Heavenly Sword style!”

    A twisted Qi sword suddenly merged with the sword in front and turned into a giant sword. This sword expanded in an instant and reached nearly a hundred feet. It instantly stabbed in front of king Chengdui, hitting him, pushing him forward, Crashing with his body countless houses all the way.

    “Hahaha, yes, really good!”

    “This kind of power makes the King very excited!!” The

    Chengdui laughed, and the black Zanpakutō stood before the heavenly Sword.

    “But, it’s still not enough!” With a shout, he waved his Zanpakutō again.


The heavenly sword immediately cleaved and fade away.

    “Have you forgotten? This is the world of Shinigami!”

“And after all, I am a Shinigami!”

Roaring, king Chengdui was like a madman. He inserted his Zanpakutō into the ground, and the black light began to gather in his right hand.

“Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!”

“93 Hadō! Kurohitsugi”

    With a quick crazy tone, Chengdui’s right hand aimed at Li Yuanli.

The void began to tremble, and the dark light covered all the sight of Li Yuanli at this moment. he was prisoned.


The black coffin was thick and heavy.

At this moment, Li Yuanli couldn’t see anything. There was only darkness in his eyes.

    “What’s this?!”

 Chengdui laughed. He pulled out the Zanpakutō. After a few steps, he disappeared.

    ” I don’t have to use my Bankai to deal with you!”

    After striding, he rushed over him.

    “the gap between the starlight level five civilization and starlight level seven is beyond your simple mind!”

    Mad words, Li Yuan heard in Kurohitsugi, his face was grim, he felt great pressure.

the sound of sword slashes was loud, Yuanli was trying to tear the spell open.

king Chengdui imprisoned Li Yuanli, and he was going to pierce together with this coffin.


Li Yuan was in the Hado. he was waving his sword, but it couldn’t break it. sweat gradually oozed from his forehead.

    This crazy guy freak the hell out of him!

    As if, today, he will die!

“When people in this world die, will transmit into Soul Society!

“But I am very curious about whether people from other worlds will be able to do so.”

“Let you have a try! It’s so exciting and crazy. It’s so fun


the sound of the strange laughter was more and more clear to Li Yuan’s ears, then his eyebrows contracted when he saw the hole in the black coffin, and then with extremely terrible speed, a blade pierced the coffin and, came to him.

    “Uh!” A little black light bloomed, and Li Yuanli was about to dodge it.

    But at this moment, Chengdui shouted.


    Inside the black coffin, Li Yuan’s pupils shrank.

Suddenly, he saw the sharp and long black blade, which split instantly, turned into countless swords, and then pierced him.

“Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff!”

    Li Yuan’s body was shaking and his eyes were wide open from the nineteen stabs he got, the blood splashed all over there.

    The black coffin (Kurohitsugi) disappeared at this moment, king Chengdui smirked, glared at Li Yuanli.

    “How many abilities does your blade have?”

    Li Yuan exuded blood from the corner of his mouth and gritted his teeth.

    ” in this world, Shinigami’s Shikai carry one type of abilities.”

    “But as a king, I got three types!”

King Chengdui smiled.

“It’s a surprise, isn’t it?”

“You should be glad you didn’t see the king’s Bankai!”

    After that, he slowly pulled out his long blade from Li Yuan’s abdomen, blood flowed out quickly and dyed the ground red.

    “Let us see if an outsider’s soul return to Soul Society after he dies!” In a burst of laughter, Chengdui turned and left.

After king Chengdui left, Li Yuan was left with one hand on his sword and one upon his abdomen, his forehead was covered with sweat.

He forced himself not to fall on the ground, but deeply aware that he could not hold on for long.

That sword pierced through his Dantian, and True Essence was stirred up in a mess, and his vitality was rapidly passing by.

    I don’t know how long it has passed before his eyes have begun to blur.

“This time, it’s really bad luck!”

    His eyes gradually closed, and Li Yuanli fell to the ground softly.

“I shouldn’t have promised that bastard.”

  he murmured, but Li Yuan didn’t regret it.

He didn’t get along with that guy for a long time, even though he was forced to submit, but he sincerely admired the man.

In the same world, under the same circumstances, Qin Yi was always much better than himself.

Even, Qin Yi was brave enough to open up all resources for Yuanli and trust him. and he trusted him and made him in charge to take care of the princess.

Although he often talks about rebellion and revolution, in fact, he has already liked the feeling of being relied on. his time as Qin Yi’s friend, was countless times better than before when he was struggling by himself.

    “If possible, I want to accompany you to see the prosperity and power of the future kingdom.”

“It’s just that the king may be coming to this point!”

With the passing of vitality, Li Yuanli could clearly feel that he was getting weaker and weaker, and even numbness was sweeping his body, making him feel hard to move his fingers.

There were more and more blood pools on the ground. Li Yuanli felt very cold as if it was a December night.

“Am I at the end?”

He lay on the ground and did not move anymore.

    “Well, then, it’s the end!”

    ” Qin Yi, please don’t come to this world!”

Darkness, thick, endless darkness, swept Li Yuan’s consciousness.

He fell asleep and lay in the street, closing his eyes as if he would never open them again.

At the same time, on another street next to his street, a Shinigami, wearing sunglasses, was patrolling, suddenly stopped.

    “oh what’s that!”

    Then the Shinigami ran quickly and came toward where it was.

    After seeing Li Yuanli lying on the street, Shinigami’s face changed.


The state of Qin is in the imperial palace.

Qin Yi, sitting on a dragon throne and listening to ministers’ reports on the world’s resources and construction, suddenly he looked shocked.

He suddenly stood up from the Dragon throne, which surprised and puzzled the ministers.

    “Your Majesty?”

Qin Yi did not answer, and his face was gloomy to the extreme.

He heard the last words of Li Yuanli.

    These are the words that are transmitted to his heart through the power of the king, and he instantly realized that something was bad.

    “something wrong happened to Yuanli!”

    Qin Yi took a deep breath and said with a heavy tone.


    “King Yuanli?!”

For a moment, all the faces of the emperor’s palace were shocked.

Who is Li Yuanli? The second strongest man in the state of Qin, he is a king himself. It can be said that his survival rate is the highest among all the people in the Qin Kingdom!

Not long ago, Qin Yi sent him to the world of Shinigami.

    At this moment, he heard that something wrong happened?

    “What’s going on?”

    Gandalf asked solemnly.

“It must be a critical situation; otherwise, he would send information about the enemy!”

    Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

“The only information we have is.”

After a pause, Qin Yi gritted his teeth.

    “do not go to that world!”

All the people in the Imperial Palace were in a daze. Unexpectedly, such a message had been sent out. How dangerous is that strange world?

After that, they heard Qin Yi sigh, and he said.

    “However, if he died, how can I let go of his killer?” The

    the officials’ faces changed, and Gandalf would persuade him in a hurry.

However, Qin Yi just raised his hand slightly. His eyes were already firm, and he was raging and flaming.

    “keep quiet everyone!”

“anyone dares to stop me will be killed!”

he glanced at everyone with cold eyes, and the palace was silent.

    “How could you be a king If you don’t dare to revenge of your own prince!”

Containing endless anger, sonorous and powerful words, spread out, shaking the entire Imperial Palace.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi had already stepped out of the imperial palace.

    “Dean Gandalf!” The ministers looked nervous, and walked quickly to Gandalf, anxiously.

They knew that only the oldest Dean Gandalf had the opportunity to persuade his majesty to hold back.

However, Gandalf sighed slightly and a smile appeared on his face.

“Most kings are merciless and treat their ministers like chess pieces.”

    “But that his majesty is not!”

“Since he wants to get justice for his subordinates, why can’t we take a risk with him?”

“What’s more, his majesty’s ability is extraordinary!”

    Gandalf’s words made the group silent and then dispersed.

There is no doubt that the life and death of Qin Yi are related to the birth and death of Qin State and their safety. However, it is also a blessing for the Qin state to have such a king who cares about them and uphold them and avenge them.

    Today happened to the King Yuanli, what if happened to one them?

How about taking a risk with your king? After all, this country was founded by him, isn’t it?

In the palace of imperial concubine, Inori looked out of the window quietly.

    “her king is gone.”

Fu Hōhō held a watering pot in her hand, said.

“he’s gone. It’s very simple.”

    Inori nodded quietly, without any expression on her face.

“he’s very affectionate.”

    Fu Hōhō nodded and praised.

Inori was silent, and after a long time, she said.

    “Actually, he is just a mortal.”

“It’s too much pressure on him being a king, and there are too many responsibilities on his shoulders!”

Fu Hōhō was stunned.

    Yan Ling Ji come by with a grinning smile and held Inori’s hand.

“It’s not what the imperial concubine should do to say something behind the emperor’s back.”

With no expression on her face, Inori slowly pushed away Yan Lingji’s hand.

“So that’s why I’m the imperial concubine and you’re just a palace dancer!”

    Yan Lingji froze, smiled coldly.

    The imperial palace is big and fancy, but It is lonely and boring to live here.

But as long as there is that young man who curses and speaks dirty words and had the sweetest expressions when he was playing games, she will be satisfied.

That man may not have the slightest kingly demeanor in front of her, however, allowed her to feel clear that this is her husband, her man.

    ” come back alive, dear.”

    Inori whispered, staring at the outside of the palace.

As a king, he should not take risks on his own for the sake of his courtier and go to unknown difficulties. However, as a man, he should seek revenge against those who hurt his friends, brothers, partners.

He should be the first to stand up!

    Inori understood.

In front of Portal, Qin Yi’s eyes were flat, suppressing his anger and stepping in step by step.


    Let me see your world!

And the one who hurt Yuan Li, I will tear you into pieces!