The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 23: Madness

Meanwhile, Kenpachi Chengdui’s body form and his Shihakushō changed.

Around his neck, there is a circle of feather weaved hanging ornaments, and his Shihakushō had changed into white, at the edge of it there were serrated black inlays, and around him was an aura of ferocious beasts’ ghosts rounding.

    And what was even more frightening is the long blade in his hand at this moment!

    It is named the long sword of the madness! (Kyōki no chōken)

This Zanpakuto’s length was two meters. Between the blade and the handle, there is an Asura head inlaid in it. The front of the head is facing the blade and the back is pointing to the handle. When you look at it, the blade seems to be out of the Asura’s mouth. the expression of this Asura is crazy, its eyes are red blood, its mouth shows a crazy strange smile.

This is an unknown Zanpakuto, It’s frightening.

    ” It named long sword of the madness!”

    “This Zanpakuto can send people and Shinigami to hell!”

“Since it was born, it has also been called the Zanpakuto of the doom!”

    Shinigami looked from a distance, they were shivering and trembling.

    The thick and mystical, dark aura began to sweep in all directions centered on Kenpachi Chengdui.

He smirked, and slowly wrapped the chain extending from the handle of the sword on his right hand, making a crisp clanging sound.

    The wound in the left of his chest had healed at this moment, For the Shinigami, their bodies are no longer physical mortals, they are souls. Ordinary attacks cannot hurt them; they heal on their own easily nothing more than some Reiatsu.

    “my Shikai couldn’t keep up with your terrifying speed and the strength of your sword!”

    “let’s try Bankai!”

    “But.” After a pause, he raised his head and looked directly at Qin Yi with cold eyes.

    “I’m afraid that you can’t handle it for a long time, I want to have fun!”

    Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed and slowly raised his sword, facing the other side.     

     “just die!”     Qin Yi said coldly, he flickered forward.  

   ” “Immortal Wind and Cloud Body Technique!”

     Suddenly, his body was like a gust of wind, twisted, blowing forward, reaching the extreme speed.

    “Hahaha, it’s a scary speed!”

“It’s so exciting!”     At the same time, Kenpachi Chengdui also roared, his expression became distorted, and he waved his Zanpakuto and rushed.

 In the blink of an eye, they collided together.

  At this moment, the two swords were waving, and then they collide fiercely.    “Bang!”

 The terrifying Reiatsu and the power of Starlight bloomed at this moment, rotating and spreading around them.

     The ground was cracked and broken, crumbled, all split at this time, and became dilapidated.     

The gale also began to sweep, blowing, the Shinigami were covering their eyes.

“It’s terrible!” 

   “he is holding up against the captain, who the hell is that man!”

The Shinigami were shocked by Qin Yi’s identity.   

  He was just a mortal, and he was strong enough to fight against a Captain, not every captain it’s Kenpachi Chengdui.

     “Hahahahahahahaha, cool, so cool!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui shouted.

    His eyes were opened, bloodstained, like a lunatic.

    “But, did you feel it?”

    “My sword has sealed your power!”

    Qin Yi frowned. He felt that after the sword had collided with his sword, the power of Starlight was sealed, couldn’t work anymore.


    Kenpachi Chengdui revealed a grin.

    “My sword got more than this ability!”

    Qin Yi’s pupils shrank and his eyes narrowed.


Just then, he actually saw the Zanpakuto that collided with his sword, quickly divided into three, and the other two suddenly stabbed him.

    “Puchi!” The sudden attack wounded Qin Yi on the two sides of his waist.

    At the same time, he retreated backward instantly.

    “Three abilities!”

    Qin Yi said after retreating.

    “Yes! My Zanpakuto had three types on the Shikai!”

    “But got one type on Bankai. He combines three into one, which makes the effect more powerful and has special effects that can make me faster and enhance my power!”

“There is no hope for you under this Bankai!”

Kenpachi Chengdui roared.

    “you will Die! Kid!”

    “Dare to come here to my world and try to kill me!”

He said and rushed out again fiercely.

    Almost in an instant, he had reached Qin Yi.

    The latter’s pupils shrank, the true essence in his body couldn’t work, but he still didn’t hesitate to wave his sword fiercely.


When the two weapons collided, Qin Yi’s body shook, and his body was wounded slightly.

    But at the same time, the sealed Starlight power in his body unleashed.

a white light suddenly bloomed out of Mortals-Slayer, then the light became more brilliant. Chengdui glared at it, then the light shot him.

    “Bang!” A

The huge impact sound came out, Chengdui got violently knocked out hundreds of meters.

Qin Yi grasped the Mortals-Slayer, it trembled violently at this moment, exuding an extremely exciting fighting spirit.

    “Come fight me!”

    He stepped into the building that was crashing down and slashed out again.

    Kenpachi Chengdui leaped quickly, trying to wave his sword, but it was still too late.


    Another huge wound appeared on his chest, making Kenpachi Chengdui’s eyes tremble crazily.


    He roared, at this moment, he brandished the sword abruptly.

    This sword also pierced Qin Yi’s body easily, but Qin Yi’s eyes were cold.

insane! Qin Yi was even crazier. In the face of a maniac, only the crazier than the other side can win!


With a low roar, he waved Mortals-Slayer.


This time, the void began to shudder, and the Starlight power in his body was humming violently. there was no sealed power anymore.


Kenpachi Chengdui’s face directly cut open, his eyes became extremely ferocious.

Intense pain, made him roar, this was the deep pain in his soul, after abandoning his physical body, the feeling was more obvious.

    “Ah ah ah!”

Howling loudly, Kenpachi Chengdui’s waved his Zanpakuto again.

Qin Yi’s eyes did not blink, nor did he paid attention to the coming sword, and continued to wield his sword.

    He is going to cut this guy in front of him! into thousands of pieces!