The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 24: Pieces


although the Zanpakuto stroke his chest, and his blood sprayed out, Qin Yi looked indifferent and waved his sword.

    At this moment, he forgot about his body!

By lowing down all his senses and concentrated just in his True essence and Starlight power, he weakened the pain to the extreme, Qin Yi was completely crazy.

Mortals-Slayer slashed again toward Kenpachi Chengdui’s head, The brilliant light of the sword made his eyes shrink, showing a look of horror. revealing a frightened expression.

    For the first time, he met a man as crazy as him.

    The duel between the two actually abandoned all the fancy skills, and just slashed each other!

In the twinkling of an eye, the sharp blade had been cut again on Kenpachi’s face, making him howl in pain.

    This time, cut off obliquely the chin of Kenpachi.

  The latter roared, he was outraged, he raised his Zanpakuto and swung it fiercely.

    “Puff!” he slashed Qin Yi’s abdomen, blood was flowing, the deep wound was clearly visible.


His eyes flickered with the sword intent, and Qin Yi’s eyes burst with cold, and he swung out his sword again.

    This slash chop one of the arms of Kenpachi Chengdui, making him roar up to the sky.

    “Ah ah ah!”

Kenpachi Chengdui was angry, crazy to the extreme, roaring repeatedly, he pointed his Zanpakuto forward.

    “Huh!” The

    The Zanpakuto was divided into nine blades, It had a sharp edge and radiating cold light, stabbing Qin Yi’s entire body, causing his whole body to shake, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Without saying a word, Qin Yi waved his sword again.

    This hit chop at Kenpachi Chengdui from his right shoulder to his chest. 

     Kenpachi roared; the pain was unbearable, he retreated at this moment.

    He was retreating continuously, gasping violently.   

glaring at Qin Yi, he was full of fear and anger.  

  “You’re crazy!!”     that was a game that both sides lose.  This opponent is just a lunatic, he abandoned all dodging, even his skills, and just slashed at him continuously with his sword.     

“I will cut you to shreds!”     Qin Yi growled, and he strode forward, blood rushing from his body, pooling on the ground.   

  At this moment, he seemed to have forgotten all the pain, and he had just one thing in his heart, Revenge.     

     “I, I want your life!”     

Before striding forward, Qin Yi’s Essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen) were extremely terrifying despite the blood flowing from his body, and there was no impact at all on his actions and wielding his sword.


    Once again, Qin Yi slashed his sword at Kenpachi Chengdui.   

  The latter’s pupils contracted, roared angrily, and raised his Zanpakuto angrily to resist.    

 onlookers Shinigami were shocked, under this strike, Kenpachi Chengdui was cut off.

    “Boom!” With this impact, dozens of buildings were turned into rubble, the cracking sound was loud, and the dust was flying for hundreds of meters.

    Qin Yi strode forward, one hundred meters in one step, and quickly came to Kenpachi Chengdui.

    “Ah, I will kill you!”

    shouted, what left of Kenpachi Chengdui was struggling.

    But at this moment, Qin Yi waved Mortals-Slayer.


    He split off his thigh, Kenpachi Changdui’s pupils contracted and screamed to the sky.

    A Tragic, bloody, cruel, and terrifying aura, centered on the two, passed in all directions, making countless Shinigami eyes widened in shock and quietly swallow saliva.

    “Die already!”

    Qin Yi roared, waving his sword with his right hand.

    Kenpachi Changdui was lying on the ground, struggling, using his arm, swinging his sword.

    Two sounds came out almost at the same time, Qin Yi’s body was startled, his calf was split off and blood flowed out. The other thigh of Kenpachi was felled.

At this moment, Kenpachi Changdui couldn’t hold on any longer and kept howling miserably. His two legs and one arm were split from his body at this moment, his chin was cut open, and there was a tragic bloodstain on his face. At first glance, it was shocking and extremely miserable.

    “There is one more!”

    Qin Yi muttered while raising the sword.


Kenpachi Changdui shouted when he saw the sword held high, his pupils contracted.

    However, the sword still swung down.

The rest of his arm was cut open, and the Zanpakuto fell on the ground, making a clear sound.


Kenpachi Changdui screamed, and at the moment, his limbs separated, lying on the ground, such a tragic scene.

“There’s only the head left!”

    Muttered, Qin Yi slowly raised his hand, his eyes were indifferent and stern.

    Mortals-Slayer rushed up to the sky, gleaming with the sunlight.

    He abandoned all defenses and tricks, just with his sword, He even ignored his body’s heavy damage. He rushed here for only one purpose, that is to kill the murderer in front of him.

Revenge! Only revenge can fill the anger in his heart and maintain the dignity of a man and an emperor!

   The blade began to fall.

    ” Kenpachi Changdui, is going to die!”

    Zaraki stared from a distance.

This man, who he couldn’t win against him 18 times in a row, would die!

    He saw this battle very clearly. Kenpachi Changdui didn’t die because he was not as strong as his strange opponent but was completely lost by his own hands, with his crazy style he could defeat anyone, however, he encountered an opponent as crazy as him, with much higher endurance and Swordsmanship skill.

    Therefore, he was the first who lost his arms and thighs, losing the basis for the victory in this battle. What is more stupid is that he even gave up Kidō, he was so proud that he stick to the face to face sword battle with the opponent!

It’s suicide!


    However, a Shinigami said and dozens of figures jumped quickly, exuding majestic Reiatsu.

Qin Yi’s face fluctuated for a moment; he knew the identity of the man behind him.

    But he did not hesitate at all, and the long sword hadn’t stopped.


Kenpachi Changdui, was lying on the ground, howling miserably, as he opened his eyes, the sharp blade of the sword cut his neck and cut off his head in an instant!

    “Huh!” he exhaled, Qin Yi’s indifference and crazy aura slowly dissipated at this moment, he retracted his long sword and stood holding it.

    Looking down at the beheaded Kenpachi, he felt satisfied,

Now he can rest in peace.